FLYBY: LAX Shooting, Russell Brand & DIY Biohacking 11.7.13

In this FLYBY, we briefly discuss the LAX shooting and the propaganda surrounding the way the shooter has been labelled a “Conspiracy Theorist” who had a note on him that mentioned the “NWO” or the “New World Order.” We then talk about a video that went viral of a Russell Brand interview when he expresses distaste in the current political landscape. And finally, we talk about the latest steps towards the human cyborg with a guy who took it upon himself to pursue a D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) biohacking venture.


LAPD Chief on LAX Shooting



Russell Brand Interview with Jeremy Paxman



Experiment with Biochip (DIY Biohacking)



LoFi File

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  1. Bekah

    When you guys mentioned the glowing lights in the arm it reminded me of the new Total Recall. One of the minor characters had glowing tattoos, guess Hollywood thinks that’s where we’re headed too.

  2. Brother P.

    You grabbed the wrong end of the stick with Russell Brand: he is just a whining Left-wing libertine (there are armies of them over here in Britain). He’s every bit as much part of the system as Jeremy Paxman, the guy interviewing him.

    Basil said that it is “interesting a guy at the peak of his career would come out and take a big stand like that”. Yet this was nothing new; it was his conventional schtick — it’s absolutely no risk to him! It plays to the crowd who follow him. (In fact it seems to have done his career no harm at all, since shaking a fist at The Man on TV is popular with the student generation.) And sadly his heart is certainly *not* (pace Basil) “in the right place”: he is one of the godless celebrity set who reject God’s Law in favour of sex ‘n drugs ‘n rock n’ roll. (…And socialism, as you pointed out.) Explain Biblical teaching on fornication or divorce and he’d spit in your eye.

    Don’t be fooled: he’s certainly not on the side of the angels — he’s part of the side-show that will keep people anaesthetised in this wicked culture…

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