CCR 059: In Search of Noah’s Ark with Dr. Aaron Judkins


In Genesis chapter eight, verse four, it says that the Ark of Noah landed on the mountain of Ararat. Today the mountains of Ararat contains what is called Lesser Ararat, which peaks around 12,000 feet, and Greater Ararat which reaches heights of nearly 17,000 feet. These mountains that border Turkey and Iran has long been known to be monitored and run by what some call the most dangerous terrorist group in the world, the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party). Furthermore, the difficult terrain and harsh weather makes Mount Ararat one of the most difficult mountains to expedite in the world. But this didn’t stop our guest, a modern day Indiana Jones, Dr. Aaron Judkins, from going on the most dangerous and extensive search for Noah’s Ark in known history.

There are several stories of people who claim to have seen what can only be understood to be Noah’s Ark on the highest points of Greater Ararat. The eye witness accounts all share a similar account of a large wooden craft, broken into two pieces preserved in a large layer of ice. This, along with several of the flood myths from all around the world make for an interesting case that the story of Noah’s Ark is true and that we might be on the brink of finding irrefutable evidence for it. While Dr. Aaron Judkins was not able to reveal to us whether or not he found Noah’s Ark due to the fact that a major documentary was filmed in the process, he did speculate that such a finding would be monumental for the Christian worldview and a blow to the skeptics and naysayers who simply label such accounts as pure fiction.

As an off shoot to the impact the findings would have in the world, the fascinating part of Dr. Aaron Judkins is that he shares the views often expressed on Canary Cry Radio about the Genesis 6 Nephilim paradigm. In this conversation, we talk about those issues and how he believes the Nephilim paradigm will also become an even more talked about topic once the existence of Noah’s Ark is confirmed.

Aaron Judkins is a researcher, explorer, and professional Archaeologist with a Ph.D. in Biblical Archaeology. He’s worked with human fossil footprints for 15 years and is credited with mapping the longest dinosaur trackway in the Western Hemisphere near Glen Rose, Texas. He’s the author of The Aliens Agenda: The Return of the Nephilim, Evolution and Human Fossil Footprints, The Global Phenomenon of Human Fossil Footprints in Rock, and Academic Freedom: Exposing Evolution. He was also our guest back on episode 036. He is also heading to Peru with LA Marzulli in 2014 to be the teams archeologist.


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  1. Amber Shafer

    Hey Basil and Gonz, really enjoyed 059, but why does it cut off in the middle of the interview? I want more!!!

    1. Amber Shafer

      nevermind…not sure what happened but listening to the rest now 🙂

  2. Great episode guys. Keep up the good work. I have spent time researching this topic and have been surprised that it all remains so elusive to retrieve substantial evidence about. You are right though, it is a serious game changer and I really was intrigued by Aaron’s take that proving it could usher in prophetic implications all on its own.
    Remember too that we live in a world where 2 Peter 3:5-6 is very true to this day.

  3. Don

    Have you checked out Ron Wyatt’s possible discoveries? Noah’s ark and more. Red Sea crossing site. Ark of the Covenant, etc.

  4. Traci Gage

    I just re-listened to this podcast, and would like to know the name of the documentary that was suppose to come out last spring. Does anyone know?


  5. The documentary film is called “Finding Noah”. It will be out in theaters this late fall/winter 2014.


    Finding Noah is set to release in 650 theaters across the country for one night only on October 8th, 2015. Go to to find the theater closest to you!

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