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FLYBY: Cicada 3301: A Cyber Cypher

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FLYBY: Cicada 3301: A Cyber Cypher


There is a mystery on the internet and it’s called Cicada 3301. There are many speculations as to what this strange internet recruitment program is, who it’s by, and why it exists. In this Flyby, we tell the story of one Joel Eriksson, a man who ran into this internet rabbit trail. This internet scavenger hunt created a global phenomenon intriguing computer hackers and codebreakers from around the world to join in. The strange thing is that the content that the codebreakers ran into on their hunt was very much rooted in the occult and esoteric underground where secret societies and dark spirituality is abound. Whoever is behind this effort to “recruit” select minds is clearly highly intelligent. Our speculation here is that this is a group of global elitists who are using these techniques to recruit highly technically skilled minds in order to build the global grid system by which humanity will eventually be enslaved. It ties into all that Canary Cry Radio has spoken about from Transhumanism, to the Nephilim. With the dark alley’s of the internet reaching out to snag away the brilliant citizens in our society, we know that Satan is certainly feeling the heat because he knows that his time is short. Come quickly Lord Jesus.


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