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CCR 061: Lying Wonders of the Red Planet with Douglas Woodward

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CCR 061: Lying Wonders of the Red Planet with Douglas Woodward


Some 40 episodes ago we talked about our neighboring red planet of Mars. In that episode we discussed the Curiosity rover, NASA, Andrew Basiago, and where the red planet fits into Bible Prophecy. As we launch a new year, we revisit the topic with a bit of help from author Douglas Woodward.

Douglas Woodward is an author, speaker, and researcher on the topics of the apocalypse, and biblical eschatology, with over 40 years of experience in researching, writing, and teaching on the subject. He has written several books, including Are We Living in the Last Days? (2009), Decoding Doomsday (2010), Black Sun Blood Moon (2011), Power Quest, Book One: America’s Obsession with the Paranormal (2011) and Power Quest, Book Two: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America (2012). He also co-authored The Final Babylon (2013) with Doug Krieger and Dene MGriff, and now he’s written a book about Mars called Lying Wonders of the Red Planet: Mars, Ancient Aliens, and the Great Deception of the Last Days. In our discussion, we bring up several subjects that Mr. Woodward discusses in his book including:

  • Why mars Aids Ancient Alien Theory
  • Life on Mars and the NASA Connection
  • Fantastic Stories of Andrew Basiago Revisited
  • The Occult Connection to Mars
  • Tesla and Marconi in connection to the Red Planet
  • The connection between Mars, Freemasons, and Disney
  • The connection between Mars, DMT, and DNA
  • Mr. Woodwards thoughts on the coming Great Deception
  • David Flynn and Mars in the Bible