FLYBY: Sochi Surveillance, the Moon, and Mars


In this FLYBY, Basil and Gonz discuss the Sochi Surveillance that is expected to happen at the 2014 Winter Olympics. According to Russian reporters, Olympians who visit Sochi will have little to no privacy, internet will be fully tracked, complete with drones overhead, and tanks surrounding the Sochi area. Then Gonz apologizes for his comments about outer space in the last FLYBY only to almost rescind his apology. Then they bring up a strange anomaly that was found on Google Moon, and then the recent hype about Mars on the 10 year anniversary of the Opportunity rover landing on Mars. And lastly, they bring up the appreciation of the people who have supported this podcast.


Sochi Surveillance:

iPhone Chip:

Strange Find on Google Moon:

JPL on Mars:

CNN on Mars:

Lo-Fi Link

The Prophecy Forum: Decoding the End Times. Click on the Image to visit the website.

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  1. William

    Hey guys, Great Flyby! I’d say stick with the New Age stuff infiltrating the church.


    1. Thanks Mr. Bugg,
      I think I’m going to stick with the new age…it’s almost been a 100% consensus on that front. Also, we know you’ve been a long time supporter of CCR and so I want to personally thank you here! Your the reason why we keep this thing rolling. God Bless brother.

      1. William

        Thanks much! you guys, your ministry and families are on my prayer list too.
        Keep it rolling!
        Hope Basil is enjoying that telescope and doesn’t give it a Vatican approved name… Here’s a hint; follow the ecliptic, the path that the sun takes along the day time sky and at night ya might get to see Jupiter and a few of its many moons…Its easy to spot, especially during the winter months.

        Ps 19:1 😀

  2. Brian

    Yeah, I vote to talk about new age stuff too. I think it’s more relevant to Christianity than space. Thanks guys.

  3. Sim0n

    Sorry to burst your bubble about the moon anomaly but that’s a discrete cosine transform artifact. Just google the term and look at images. The fact that the v shape lines up with the cast shadow should be a clue. You can find these things all over google moon.
    I’d stick to the new age stuff for the talks…there is nothing to talk about with space stuff because, as you can see, it’s filled with mostly goofy uninformed observation and speculation. You start talking about blurry dots on google moon and you end up discrediting your solid work on the new age.

    1. julian

      lol you guys crack me up. Thanks for the flyby.
      I will keep ur family in my prayers Gonz. I cant imagine the stress of being unemployed w/a family.
      My vote is New Age in the church. Its a wolf in sheeps clothing that needs unmasking. BIG TIME!

      Cant wait till the conference!

      I know how difficult it is to put together events (I used to put on secular concerts/events). If you want any help just lmk I’d love to lend a hand anyway I can. Even If you just need an extra body for set up day of. I can take the day off.

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