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CCR 063: Navigating the End Times LIVE!

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CCR 063: Navigating the End Times LIVE!


ON FRIDAY EVENING, February 21, 2014, Basil and Gonz took the stage for their first ever Canary Cry Radio Live event. The topic was “Navigating the End Times.” The discussion was about how we as Christians ought to wade through the various aspects of End Times Bible Prophecy. Many people who declare that we are in the end times do so with a sense of fear and anxiety. But how should we respond knowing that we are close and that Satan’s time is short? Basil and Gonz first talk about Survivalism and the Prepper movement that has become ever popular, both in a positive and negative light. They take a look at Scripture and see if there is a Biblical mandate to prep for a global catastrophe, or if they should simply rely on the Lord for such matters. They then dig into the Mark of the Beast. Basil brings up a hypothetical of what might happen if all the aspects we read about in the Book of Revelation begin to come true, except one small detail; would that still be the prophesied Mark of the Beast?

The neat thing about this live event was the ability to bring up several speakers who were present at the “Decoding the End Times” Bible Prophecy Conference. They included LA Marzulli, Brian Godawa, and Rob Skiba with Johnny Iron from the Iron Show sitting front and center and letting his presence be known.


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