CCR 064: Silent Screamers with Dante Fortson


THE BIBLE is full of strange beings and events that give us clues into some of the deepest mysteries of our world today. But many in the church are reluctant to speak about supernatural and paranormal subject matters that are popular in modernity. Such is not the case for Minister Dante Fortson, who believes that the Bible not only provides answers to these issues, but can actually lead to a better understanding of the Bible as a whole. In today’s discussion, Basil and Gonz are joined by Minister and author, Dante Fortson. They tread on topics familiar to most listeners of Canary Cry Radio, including Genesis 6, the sons of God, and the Nephilim. They get into demonology and how these ancient issues are manifesting in our time today.

The guys also discuss Dante Fortson’s latent work, Silent Screamers, a fantasy fiction rooted in the research that Dante has done over the years. By using real mythological beings, and a Biblical framework, Dante tells us about how the end times and the Great Deception may unfold. Perhaps most fascinating is the fact that his main character is an atheist. They discuss how fiction can be a way to not only pique the interest of people to begin research on these subjects, but also to saves souls and lead people to Christ. Dante’s unique ministry is something that is inspiring and informative.

Minister Dante Fortson is a best selling author of several books including As the Days of Noah Were: The Sons of God and the Coming Apocalypse, The Serpent Seed Debunked, Beyond Flesh and Blood: The Ultimate Guide to Angels and Demons, The Lines of Seth: A Brief History of Heresy, and most recently, Silent Screamers: Book 1 The Rise of Bacchus. 


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  1. KevinH

    here is an interesting thought I had. What if the reason for the hair coverings was because of hair color. The Nazis seemed to think that blond hair blue eyes had something to do with back breeding to the Uber-man. What if the reason it was important to cover your hair was because hair color revealed which people had the dna markers necessary to accomplish whatever they were doing. LA also mentioned that the skulls he found had red hair. Perhaps There is something there.

    1. admin

      I think you’re onto something. I definitely think hair color had something to do with it. It’s tough to discuss or speculate without falling into a discussion about racial supremacy. I know neither of us take on that perspective but I can see how people can take our words out of context. It begs the question though of what color hair did the daughters of men have. Or Eve for that matter. Again, somewhat of a moot point but there could be something there.

  2. KevinH

    oh man! I didn’t even really think about that. My thoughts were less about the genetic data being better or worse but more about them being more compatible.

  3. Michael

    I was once on the Iron Show about my experience with these ‘demons’. I’ve regretted it ever since. You can NOT talk about your experience in this field without having some serious repercussions. I BEG YOU Gonz and Basil, I mean this, I’m BEGGING YOU to keep in touch with this man and make sure he’s okay. I’m not, not at all.

    This mans experience mirrors mine to the TEE. It’s literally exactly the same as what happened to me. Even his interests before and after were similar. I’m absolutely terrified of the dark and can ‘feel it’ too. I also wake up if a light goes off or it’s too dark. The ‘presence’ never leaves you. It’s ingrained. I’ve backslid into sin now, and feel deeply ashamed. But if I don’t I don’t get a minutes sleep, or I can’t form coherent thoughts and I’m essentially bullied in my own spirit. I can’t explain it properly, it’s a deep evil.

    The thing I saw, the UFO, was up close and personal. It was there, in my face and I too lost a lot of time. I can’t account for it either. It happened to me STRAIGHT after I talked to Johnny Mcmahon. I was on the top of the stairs before the show and lost 3 hours of my life. I still don’t know how. But I know the fear and the anxiety. The sheer terror and the helplessness of us ‘experiencers’. We need help. I surround myself in Christian topics now in order to feel ‘safe’ but when I’m alone that’s it. I feel overwhelmed with evil. It’s not a paranoid feeling either, it’s literally there in front of me. I’ve been for psychiatric evaluations and consulted counselors and they DON’T HELP ME. The only time I feel peace is in prayer. But even then I become tongue tied and lose my thoughts and have to stop. Is there a help group for this kind of thing. Straight after Johnny tried to help me bad things started happening to their equipment and stuff. They also felt it too, the darkness that is. Please, help us! And PLEASE believe this man, he is NOT lying at all. This is a living hell.

  4. Jonathan

    Listen to this and then listen to the song ET by Katy perry and look up the lyrics. She is having sex with an alien!

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