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CCR 065: Nanotechnology with Dr. Jesse Adams

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CCR 065: Nanotechnology with Dr. Jesse Adams


UNCLE BEN once told Peter Parker in the fictional Spider-Man series, “With great power comes great responsibility.” While this phrase was meant for the young Peter Parker who soon realized he had superhuman powers, the same mantra can be applied to modern developments of cutting edge science. One of the strands of science in the making of our future is nanotechnology. Scientists have quite literally been able to go deep into the smallest elements of our reality in an attempt to discover the fundamental building blocks of the universe. But the more we’ve learned, the more mind boggling the universe has become. That is, of course, unless one holds to a traditional theistic worldview shared by Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

To get a grasp where exactly we are in the scientific community when it comes to Nanotechnology, Basil and Gonz are joined by Nanoscientist, Dr. Jesse Adams. Dr. Adams is an award-winning speaker, educator, technology developer and entrepreneur who started NevadaNano, Nanolabz, and Nanojems. In late 2013, he led a successful Kickstarter campaign to create medallions which contained the number Pi to a million decimal places right on the face of the medallion at the nano-scale. While he explains the future of art that Nanotechnology can bring, his main research is to create proton lasers that can help cure tumors and cancer. Dr. Adams explains the possibilities and the challenges that he faces as he attempts to develop this technology. The most fascinating part of this conversation is when Dr. Adams shares his spiritual worldview. As a Christian, who also happens to be a scientist, you’ll get first hand look at how someone in the field of the most cutting edge science can also adhere to one of the most criticized worldviews, Christianity.


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