FLYBY: Gonz Saw Transcendence

ON THIS FLYBY, Gonz talks about the movie Transcendence starring Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman.


Transcendence is a film chalked full of philosophical and ethical questions regarding the advent of Artificial Intelligence, nanotech, and mind uploading. These questions are posed throughout the film in the various characters that identify with particular positions in the debate. The viewer is taken through this psychological and philosophical journey as clear distinctions between the protagonist and antagonist are blurred as the film unfolds. But at the heart of the film was this quintessential question; What does it mean to be human? In fact, in the end, the film answers that question for you. But you may not have to wait to see it because Gonz totally spoils the movie, but he gives you a good excuse to go see it anyways, especially if you are a movie guy or gal. Gonz also talks about the subtle jabs at religion, specifically Christianity and the Biblical account. Despite these jabs, he also discusses the blatant imagery of the prophetic events spoken about in the book of Revelation about the antichrist, mark of the beast, and image of the beast that were displayed in full effect on screen.   


-Gonz’ full Review of Transcendence (Click HERE)

-AGE OF DECEIT 2: Alchemy and the Rise of the Beast Image [Watch for Free] (Click HERE)

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  1. Dave

    Good review thanks guys. I was listening to a couple of your interviews recently, Hugo De Garis and Dr Jesse Adams. In Dr. Adams interview he asked Gonz if he had seen the T.V. show “Person of Interest. I got the feeling that Gonz doesn’t watch T.V. from his answer but I must say this show is very apropos for the issues you discus here. The 3 seasons have to plots involving AI, govt. intrusion and paramilitary anti technology terrorists. I think you’d find it interesting.

    1. Stephen DeNagy

      Yes, today at my Bie Study a close friend told me the same thing, Person of Interest was relevant he said. Interesting!

  2. Elijah

    Hmm… To me the movie kinda seems like it’s conditioning the public to be aware or prepared for when this hive technological nano future scary thing comes to fruition in the coming years or decades. Makes it look good with all the healing it does. But I have yet to see it. Still, good review though for sure!

  3. G. Ryan

    The clip at the end of the program with Johnny Depp discussing the current state of technology – what was the source of that clip? I’ve watched numerous interviews, etc. but can’t locate it. It’s a great clip, in terms of expressing how far science actually has advanced, since most people don’t grasp that this is more than science fiction. Thanks.

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