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CCR 068: Measuring Creation with Douglas Krieger

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CCR 068: Measuring Creation with Douglas Krieger


AS ABOVE, SO BELOW is a famous occult line of thought believed to have been first written down on the mysterious artifact called the Emerald Tablet. But the systems to measure creation, both from above, and below, have been just as mysterious and overlooked. That is until former math teacher gone Bible prophecy writer Douglas Krieger came around. In this episode, Basil and Gonz are joined by Douglas Krieger to discuss his new book Signs in the Heavens and on the Earth: Man’s Days are Numbered. By using various calculations, Krieger goes through his various equations to show that not only are the sacred units of measure rooted in the Biblical account, but the measurements of the New Jerusalem that all believers are a part of can also be understood. The guys also discuss measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza and who may have actually built them. Hint; it’s not the Nephilim. Krieger also explains why he believes that the return of Jesus will occur in the year 2025.

Douglas Krieger is Co-Editor of the Tribnet since 2004, having written scores of e-books on Bible Prophecy. He has served as Education Administrator for public schools for 20 years, and was the Executive Director of the National Religious Broadcasters National Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel during the 1980s. Additionally, he was a pastor during the Jesus Movement in Berkeley, California. Since 1968, he’s been married to Deborah and has three children who love the Lord Jesus. Doug’s involvement in Christian Leadership led to several White House briefings during the Reagan Administration with the Religious Roundtable and the American Forum for Jewish-Christian Cooperation. He was a co-co-author of The Final Babylon alongside Dene McGriff and Doug Woodward, and he was one of the revered speakers at The Prophecy Forum conference back in February, and he’s recently written a new book called SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS AND ON THE EARTH: MAN’S DAYS ARE NUMBERED.


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Douglas Krieger’s book Signs in the Heavens and on the Earth: Man’s Days Are Numbered (Click HERE)

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Gonz’s Calculations based on Vortex Mathematics

-Earth’s diameter: 7,920-mile (7+9+2+0=18…1+8=9)

-Earth’s foursquare edges: 31,680 miles 3168 (3+1+6+8=18…1+8=9)

-Moon’s diameter 2,160 (2+1+6=9)

-Wall of the New Jerusalem 144 (1+4+4=9) or 302.4 ft (3+2+4=9)

-Hebrew Sacred Cubit 25.20 inches (2+5+2=9)

-Ezekiel’s rod/reed 6 sacred cubits which is 6×2.1 (which if you add the numbers in the equation equal 9) =12.6 feet (which also equals 9)

-Holy City wall according to Ezekiel 4,500 cubits per side (4+5=9)

-Then when you multiply 4500 x 4 = 18,000 (1+8=9)

-5040, Plato’s optimal number of societal harmony (5+4=9)

-The second measure of cubit according to Assyriologist Dr Julius Oppert 39.96 inches (3+9+9+6=27….2+7=9)

-360 day prophetic year (3+6=9)

-Sun’s diameter 864,000 miles (8+6+4=18…1+8=9)

-Sun’s radius fractal 432,000 miles (4+3+2=9)

-6 faces of New Jerusalem 8,640 acres (8+6+4=18…1+8=9)

-43,560 sq. feet one Acre (4+3+5+6=18…1+8=9)

-18 neolithic structures (1+8=9)

-Fractal distance from earth to sun 95,040,000 ft. (9+5+4=18…1+8=9)

-“1728” original cubit inch (1+7+2+8=18…1+8=9)

-2025 your date for the return of Jesus? (2+2+5=9)