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THE WORDS JESUS and MUSIC INDUSTRY, don’t seem like they go together very well. Normally, people who are church going Christians listen to worship music to get their spiritual vibes going. Yet there has been plenty of bands and musicians who have touted themselves as “Christian bands” while playing music that seems anything but. In this FLYBY Basil and Gonz discuss the difficulty of being a secular sounding band or musician while keeping the integrity of the Christian message. The conversation is sparked after some comments made by a lead singer of a band called As I Lay Dying, a post-hardcore group that was part of the Christian screamo/metal-core scene that was birthed in the early 2000’s in Orange County. After being arrested a year ago for trying to get his ex-wife murdered, the singer reveals how he kept his “Christian” persona going for the purpose of the band, while he himself had turned to atheism. The guys talk about how the Jesus Music Industry is a great marketing ploy for anyone who wants to make money selling music because of the ability to create a loyal following. They also talk about how easy it is for someone to take a popular style of music and make it “Christian” by changing the lyrics to suit the message. And make sure to stick to the end of the episode where Basil and Gonz provide their own  silly version of a Jesus Music Industry song.


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NOTE: The use of all copyrighted music in this episode fall under Fair Use law due to the nature of the use. Such music was used for non-profit, criticism, reporting, education, or research.

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  1. Shawn Wilson

    Even though old school metal and various offshoots of that is my mainstay music Im with you about the ,”Americana”. I love that old Ralph Stanley style bluegrass…high lonesome.

  2. david

    Haven’t finished the flyby yet. Had to stop and say Destiny Lab(I like em) sounds like Cypress Hill to me- U know…insane in the membrane.

  3. I am a musician, and used to have big dreams about getting a record deal. I am glad it never happened. I do write sometimes, though I haven’t been inspired lately. I post music on the internet. I don’t sell very much, though I think the music is awesome.

    I don’t just through religious terms, and Jesus’ name. I write about what I think I understand. Especially since I discovered the grace of God.

    Anyway, I understand what you mean about the music industry. If you like you can check out some of my music It is more of an r&b style.

  4. dougovermyer

    I was cracking up during the South Park clips.

    But the quotes from the guy who will lay hands on someone and have them pray… makes him absolutely a false prophet and super dangerous spiritually for him and tragic for the kids who are asking prayer.

    “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.”

    When I was younger, I found Christian concerts trite, and no different than secular concerts, except the secular concerts were better mixed and had better music.

    Worship shows, however, are different. Regarding the traveling worship bands that sell out, it truly is inconceivable to me they wouldn’t be believers… Why? Because they usher in God’s Presence (or, arguably, usher the audience into God’s Presence), and the ones I’ve been to, they respond to God’s presence.

    Blimey Cow has a funny video about “Christian Bands” and about how to write a worship song. Pretty hilarious.

  5. Jon

    Great show guys, found the podcast a few weeks ago and been listening non stop.

    Check out a group from Canada called the City Harmonic. Nearly all Christian music is cheesy to me….they are a mix of Americana, Coldplay and classic rock. Best Christian band I have ever heard.

    Keep up the great work fellas.

  6. youtube_archangel

    I too was bummed to find out Michael W. Smith is pretty much a Luciferian. With his runes on multiple album covers and the satanic bands he plays at his music theater. I grew up with this guy! Jennifer Knapp and Ray Boltz embracing their homosexual lifestyle vs deliverance of sexual perversion demons through the power of Jesus Christ.

    With bethel music (culture club) the Christian music genre is growing. With it comes all the temptations of idol worship and being a rock star or teeny bopper for Christ. It’s sad, they have their reward.

    Some artists you may not have heard but are great… Brad Kilman and Isa Couvertier. blessings

  7. Jamaal

    I am curious, have you guys heard the testimony of John Todd? He talks about some interesting stuff about the music industry from a spiritual perspective.

    1. admin

      Hey jamaal. Yes I (Gonz) know about John Todd. He believed how musician basically assign demons into their music etc. he also promoted himself as a former member of the illuminati. Some have questioned his validity but he was one of the earlier Christian conspiracy folks talking about these issues.

      I used a clip from john Todd in one of my first videos I produced on youtube. I’ll link to it f I find it. God bless.

  8. In one word, Theocracy. They may not be you cup of tea. However, they are unabashedly — Christian.

    Yes, the song is about Martin Luther and the 95 Theses.

  9. Rocketman

    I totally disagree that the Skillet song Fire and Fury sounds anything like the Lincoln Park song.

    Also, I was very disappointed when I heard the news about Tim Lambesis from a friend. I listened to a ton of AILD in high school and loved all their music. And now I haven’t listened to a single song of theirs since hearing about all this.

    I suggest that more christian music fans put their favorite artists to a test of sorts. Much like how kids would ask Tim to pray for them and he would wiggle out of it in some way. If they react in a similar fashion then there is a clue right there.

    I recently watched a documentary on the development of a new album for a band named My Epic. It was an excellent video that I’ll could recommend to any christian music fan who might be down on the industry after listening to this episode. Just search for MY EPIC “Arriving” Documentary on Youtube. The album is called “Behold” is now one of my favorite albums.

  10. Really interesting show! Hadn’t heard that about As I Lay Dying, that’s crazy about the guy ordering a mafia hit on his ex-wife.

    ZAO is a really great band. Had some ups & downs over the years, but I still really like their music a lot.

    Their album “The Funeral of God” is a really epic record. It’s about a dream that the lead singer Daniel Weyandt had about God being so fed up with humans that he allows himself to die and go away. At the end of the record it gets into some end times stuff, like the song “Praise the War Machine.”

    Anyway Gonz you should check out that record if you haven’t heard it. Read the lyrics along with the music, it’s really great. Dan is a great writer.

    John Rapp

  11. JMunny

    So there is a guy I found named Matt Minikus kind of does the trubidore type thing like him and a guitar singing about God. He does have a girl that plays piano with him sometimes, but they are a great combo and the subject matter is very scripturally based so check em out!

  12. GirlInsideTheMusicIndustry

    So I’ve been working backstage at Christian music concerts and festivals for 10 years or so, and this is the first time listening to this episode. There are certainly a TON of non-Christians in the CCM industry, on the stages, singing the songs, etc. Right now, one of the top bands in the industry has a lead singer whose been in the industry for years (think 25 or more) who is homosexual… not to say that he actively engages in the lifestyle, but he is certainly same sex attracted and has entertained this lifestyle for quite a while. The last big show I worked was the massive winter festival that goes all over the country, and it was awesome to see the artists openly studying the word and debating theological stances in the catering room. It was not so awesome to hear another artist dropping curse words when they weren’t delivered back to the coliseum fast enough for them to join another artist on stage…

    As for worship artists, I’ve only worked with one group, and they were super secretive, snobbish and straight up acted like they were hiding from Jesus. One of the females in their group was pulled from the pop music industry, and had a “sudden” realization that she wanted to sing for Jesus instead. Not to discount that it could be truth, but their weird behavior only added to me thinking the girl and the rest of the band are fake…

    Regardless, we have to remember that “Christian” artists are human. They battle with flesh just like the rest of us. Yes, they are on a platform that will make them more accountable to the Lord for leading anyone astray. But we need to pray for these people… CCM is a dark industry…. the execs aren’t believers in anything but the Benjamins.

  13. Glory Day by Kate Simmonds will change your life.

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