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FLYBY: Jesus Music Industry

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FLYBY: Jesus Music Industry



THE WORDS JESUS and MUSIC INDUSTRY, don’t seem like they go together very well. Normally, people who are church going Christians listen to worship music to get their spiritual vibes going. Yet there has been plenty of bands and musicians who have touted themselves as “Christian bands” while playing music that seems anything but. In this FLYBY Basil and Gonz discuss the difficulty of being a secular sounding band or musician while keeping the integrity of the Christian message. The conversation is sparked after some comments made by a lead singer of a band called As I Lay Dying, a post-hardcore group that was part of the Christian screamo/metal-core scene that was birthed in the early 2000’s in Orange County. After being arrested a year ago for trying to get his ex-wife murdered, the singer reveals how he kept his “Christian” persona going for the purpose of the band, while he himself had turned to atheism. The guys talk about how the Jesus Music Industry is a great marketing ploy for anyone who wants to make money selling music because of the ability to create a loyal following. They also talk about how easy it is for someone to take a popular style of music and make it “Christian” by changing the lyrics to suit the message. And make sure to stick to the end of the episode where Basil and Gonz provide their own  silly version of a Jesus Music Industry song.


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