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CCR 070: Homo Capensis with Karen Hudes and Dr. Spencer

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CCR 070: Homo Capensis with Karen Hudes and Dr. Spencer

THEY SAY HISTORY is written by it’s victors. And this might be true…to a degree. But how much established history should we throw out, simply because it’s based on institutionalized academia? In this episode, Basil and Gonz have a discussion with Karen Hudes and Dr. Ed Spencer not only about the hidden hand that guides the world’s banking systems, but also their conviction that our established history has been covering up the existence of a race of large brained hominids termed, Homo Capensis. According to Hudes and Dr. Spencer, humanity is and has been under attack by these large brain hominids who openly ruled the world during the Ice Age and strive to openly dominate the world again, crushing Homo sapiens into a small population controlled by electronic brain manipulation run by supercomputers.

During the conversation, Basil and Gonz do not press on the many issues that Hudes and Dr. Spencer bring up as part of their supporting evidence  for this worldview. However, on this post, we will provide some counter positions so that you can decide for yourself where the truth may lie. First we will look at a list of points made in favor of the Homo Capensis existing, followed by the counter arguments made for each with links and resources so that you can come to your own conclusions.

PRO Homo Capensis

The following is a list of arguments made by Dr. Ed Spencer that he believes serve as data points to support the theory of Homo Capensis.

1-The world was mapped in the Ice Age. They were highly advanced even knowing spherical trigonometry. They must have been the Homo Capensis.

2-Cone Head skulls found all around the world suggest that there is another humanoid race on earth. Brien Forester’s preliminary DNA work shows that they are not human.

3-Megalithic structures build all around the world must have been built by the Homo Capensis.

4-Ruins in South Africa were probably prison cells for humans kept in check by the Homo Capensis who enslaved us. “We’re their pets…” as Dr. Ed Spencer puts it.

5-The brain cavity of a Homo Capensis is 30% larger than the average human, making their IQ much higher. This is based on the Boskop skulls found in the early 1900’s, commentary on those findings by R. Broom (who Dr. Spencer feels has been deliberately covered up) and a recent book written by Lynch and Granger called Big Brain.

6-Andrew Lobaczewski in his Book: Political Ponerology, A science of the study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, reviews the strange mental states of so many of our leaders, thus providing evidence that our leaders are influenced by the Homo Capensis.

7-The UFO-ET story is a cover up to veil the truth about the Big Brain Hominids, who can be classified as Crypto-terrestrials.

8-Akhenaten, an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh is Abraham or Moses, leading to the theory that the cover up of Homo Capensis began back in the days of ancient Israel and that the ancient fathers of Israel may have been Homo Capensis themselves. Such a theory is further considered based on the writings of Eustace Mullins, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, and others to suggest that the same coverup continues today.

9-Thus the Bible is not true and cannot be trusted.

a.) They burned 300 books at the Council of Nicea.

b.) The word “rapture” was added to the Bible.

c.) Circumcision

Counter Arguments for Homo Capensis Evidence


According to Dr. Ed Spencer, the entire earth was mapped during the Ice Age when sea level was approximately 400 ft. lower and there was no Ice over the Queen Maud Land Coast of Antarctica.  The mysterious civilization that did this knew spherical trigonometry. One piece of evidence that he bring up is author Charles Hapgood who wrote the book, Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of an Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age

Counter Argument: According to many who are critical of the work of Hapgood, the research done was shoddy and didn’t take into account alternative information regarding the maps that were investigated. They suggest that the maps aren’t as accurate as Hapgood makes it out to be and that they depend largely on the assumption that different portions of each map examined came from an earlier map, and that there were errors during the copying process. Hapgood also ignores the countless maps made by native americans who explored the arctic. While the speculations made are interesting, there is a reason why much of his research has been dismissed by orthodox science, and it’s not necessarily because of a coverup. Even if it were true that there was a highly advanced civilization during the Ice Age it could be pointing to an antediluvian culture described in the Bible and not necessarily that of Homo Capensis.

One of the maps that was brought up in the conversation is the Piri Reis map. Here is a link by Ancient Aliens Debunked that talks about the Piri Reis map that explains how even the Piri Reis map was just an “Okay map for the time.”



It is true that there are strange skulls that have been found all around the world. Some of these skulls are in the shape of cone heads. According to our colleague and friend LA Marzulli, these skulls are evidence for Nephilim providing evidence that there are beings here on earth that were bred from the unholy union of fallen angels and human women. While Karen Hudes refuted this in the conversation when she said that this was impossible because the DNA did not match, it begs the questions; where did she get the DNA information and how does she know this?

To get more information regarding these investigations, check out LA Marzulli’s books where he has been documenting his travels with Brien Forester to Peru and other places around the world to investigate these skulls.



Similar to the Cone Heads, LA Marzulli has given his theory as to how these structures were created. It is obvious that the topic of megalithic structures is a fascinating one filled with speculation. While no one can say for sure who made them, the theory put forth by LA Marzulli is that it was the Nephilim. The Ancient Aliens camp suggests it’s the aliens who built all the megalithic structures, and Dr. Spencer is putting forth the theory that it was the Homo Capensis. But what the reality is far more mundane?

In the work of Chris White in his film Ancient Aliens Debunked, counter arguments are put forth against the Ancient Aliens theory of these megalithic structures. He demonstrates that there doesn’t necessarily need to be advanced alien technologies, nor giants to construct some of these structures. In the same way, it would suffice to say that these structures don’t necessarily need Homo Capensis in order for construction either.


The link that was provided by Dr. Ed Spencer on this topic is:

Again, while the prospect is interesting, there is no concrete evidence that these stone structures are anything out of the ordinary. While the website argue that there are astronomical alignments with some of the stones that were placed here, again this doesn’t necessarily serve any evidence to suggest that the Homo Capensis are responsible agents for such construction. In fact, the link provided suggests that it was the aliens who genetically engineered us, based largely on a liberal rendering of the Ancient Sumerian cosmologies. So where or why this necessarily has to be Homo Capensis is again not addressed by Dr. Ed Spencer in the conversation, and should serve as at least a point of skepticism that such explanations are valid.


According to Dr. Ed Spencer, these Homo Capensis had large brain cavities that allowed for larger brains and thus higher IQ. The speculation was drawn from a book called Big Brain by Professors Gary Lynch and Richard Granger. While the proposition is made based on a skull found in Africa called the Boskop skull, modern scholars are skeptical of Lynch and Granger. For example, paleoanthropologist John Hawkes stated this about the book:

“I hate to think that the theme of a 2008 book was pulled straight from a 1958 essay, but I don’t know where else they would have gotten the idea. No anthropologists have written much about the so-called “Boskopoids” since 1958. There is no such thing as an “IQ estimate” for a fossil human; that’s entirely nonsensical. There’s no question that there have been massive cultural changes in the last 10,000 years. But the idea that our brains’ functions have atrophied from some Pleistocene state has been left long behind in the dust of nineteenth-century race studies. So I’m left wondering: Why would two neuroscientists, after going to all the trouble to write a book about the evolution of the human brain, use completely obsolete anthropological information without doing a simple Google search to see if the facts have stayed the same as in 1923?”

Furthermore, we enquired our friend and colleague archeologist, Dr. Aaron Judkins about the Boskop skull and here is what he had to say:

“So called Boskop Man was not a new species, but a variation of modern humans. The original skull was incomplete raising major questions about the quality and interpretation of the finds.”

You can read the complete report on the Boskop skull made by Dr. Aaron Judkins in the PDF provided below:



According to Dr. Ed Spencer, a study from a book by Andrew Lobaczewski called Political Ponerology: A science of the study of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposesshows that in fact, the leaders and elite of humanity are clinically insane. While we agree with this premise, the study has some interesting history, as well as conjectures that is worth a second look.

First off, the document plays off the “it’s been suppressed” dogma based on some historical factors. Mainly that the original research was burned during a raid in Poland. They claim that the second copy which was reconstructed under “impossible conditions of violence and repression” was sent to the Vatican without hearing anything in return. The third copy, which is what we now have, was re-written from memory by one of the original researchers Lobasczewski (the last survivor of the research), but was blocked by Zbigniew Brzezinski for publication.

While there is no hard evidence that any of this is true, it makes one wonder why there was only one copy to begin with, but also why even after the first reconstruction, they would send the one and only copy to the Vatican? And then furthermore, even if it were suppressed for publication by Zbigniew Brzezinski, why would they want his stamp of approval for it? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to simply publish the material? Not to mention the work seems to have been reconstructed from memory.

The content itself is also strife with logical inconsistencies. While the claim of the author is to provide an explanation for evil without any supernatural leanings, it makes the assumption that “evil” itself is real and true without any objective point of reference. Without this reference, such a thing as evil would merely be a subjective phenomenon making it simply something that would support the Darwinian evolution paradigm of “survival of the fittest.”

Furthermore, even given that evil is real and that such things do occur, there is nothing substantially groundbreaking about the research. It seems to state the obvious such as emotions and environmental conditions influence an individual to commit evil acts. By avoiding any supernatural or even metaphysical agencies or realities as part of the realm of possibility to explain evil, this study was probably not suppressed, but merely dismissed on appropriate grounds that it doesn’t provide sufficient argument for evil. Not to mention, even if the world’s leaders are not psychopathic, why would anyone allow the publication of a work that would jeopardize their political and social influence? It would seem less of a coverup and more of a rational act to protect one’s public perception of character. And if they truly were psychopathic, why would they care if it was publicly known?

And lastly, how does this study in any way shape or form support the premise that the Homo Capensis is behind it? Rather, a more accurate explanation could be stated in that there is sin in the world and that every man is infected with it.



On page 76 of a letter written by R. Broom states this about the Boskop skull mentioned earlier:

But fortunately it is unlikely that any one will, after Elliot Smith’s report on the brain cast, maintain that the large brain of the Boskop skull is pathological and there seems to remain but one conclusion, namely, that in South Africa in very early times there lived a race of primitive man characterized by having a large skull with very thick parietal bosses, a brain of great size and a powerful jaw with incisors and canines much larger than those in modern man. For this type of which we at present only know the one specimen, I propose the name Homo capensis, regarding it as sufficiently distinct from Homo sapiens to be worthy of specific rank.”

The remark was made back in 1918 and has been largely dismissed as a misdiagnosis, largely because they were only working from fractions of the skull. The suggestion of the fringe community is that such a skull is evidence for ET and UFOs. While this is possible, one would have to dismiss all of the evidence and speculation drawn from the entirety of the Ufological community. In similar fashion to the Ancient Astronaut theory, it would have to be said that every strange anomaly or unexplained phenomena is attributed to Homo Capensis. Again, while one should leave such possibilities open, to suggest it as fact without any sort of hard evidence would be taking a leap of faith.


When we first asked Karen Hudes how this entire banking system ties into the topic of Homo Capensis, her response was that Akhenaten, an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, was in fact Abraham of the Bible. Without any obvious logical connection, it would have to be assumed that what she meant was that the Old Testament account was the start of a great coverup for the existence of the Homo Capensis, and that Abraham was not human, or a prophet of God, but rather a Homo Capensis himself.

To begin, the theory of Akhenaten being one of the Biblical characters is nothing new. The speculation has led from the Pharaoh being Abraham, Joseph, and even Moses. The speculation arises mostly from the idea that since Akhenaten seems to be the first monotheistic pharaoh, it follows that the Biblical character of either Abraham, Moses, or Joseph, who touted monotheism, is the same person. For example, an article called Akhenaten: The First String of Monotheism, outright states that such a notion is “…pure speculation to fill the gaps…” even admitting that while there is a written history of the ancient Hebrews, there isn’t evidence outside of the Bible, and therefore the theory can remain a possibility.

But perhaps the most popular account of such a speculation is by a gentlemen named Ahmed Osmon who suggested that Akhenaten was Moses from the Biblical account. While he makes his case in several books, these accounts have not been taken seriously at the academic level, mainly because of his sloppy and inconsistent approach to the evidence. Some of it seems to be outright wrong. In an attempt to get some input on this matter, we contacted Dr. Michael S. Heiser, a scholar in semitic languages. He had this to say to us in an email and a link where he blogged about this topic.

“…there is in fact no evidence for it. There is only conjecture and “correlation-causation” errors of thinking. (Not to mention the serious chronological disconnects). He [Osmon] builds a theory that requires the Bible to be “corrected” to work. Osman is not a credible source…He’s considered a hack by people in the relevant fields.”


9-THE BIBLE IS FALSE (Council of Nicea & the Rapture)

So with all of this speculation, the conclusion that Karen Hudes and Dr. Ed Spencer came to is that the Bible cannot be trusted. While such a position based on the evidence provided is a severe case of inductive reasoning, we still suggest that one keeps and open mind and do their own study and come to their own conclusions. That being said, some key points made by Karen Hudes before she hung up need to be addressed.

a.) 300 Books Burned at the Council of Nicea

The first claim was that there were 300 books burned at the Council of Nicea. After searching for the source, it was discovered that this was a rumor started on the internet with no credible source. The truth was that the work of Arius was rejected and that his works, which reflected Arianism were burned for several years after the Council met. This is a far cry from the suggestion that the 300 books contained evidence for the Homo Capensis. The link below will provide a starting point for discovering the truth regarding this matter.


b.) The word “rapture” was added in the Bible

The second claim made by Karen Hudes was that the word “Rapture” was added in the Bible. To tear down this view is fairly simple. First, it should be noted that the word “rapture” doesn’t exactly appear in the Bible. But the concept is certainly there. And while a point could be made that the modern view of pre-tribulation is in fact something that was more or less” fabricated” by a Jesuit priest named Darby back in the 1800’s, the word and concept itself does come directly from the Bible. In 1 Thessalonians 4:17, the most popular rapture verse in the Bible says this:

Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord.”

The word for “caught up” in the original Greek is “Harpazo.” This word was translated in the Latin Vulgate was “Rapturo” and this is where the english word “rapture” comes from. Thus, to suggest that it was added in the Bible is unfounded.

c.) Circumcision

The final piece of relevant information that supposedly makes the Bible erroneous and evil is the topic of circumcision. Dr. Ed Spencer claimed during the latter part of the conversation that circumcision was in fact a form of mind control and population control because certain hormones in the foreskin were being cut off, and therefore the population of each generation, dumber.

This notion goes against many of the scientific studies reported about circumcision, such as provided in the links below:


However, there are plenty of people who suggest that circumcision is mutilation, or worse, that Dr. Ed Spencer’s speculation is correct. Such a theory comes from a website page that’s titled Hormone Manipulation. Here, an Australian geologist by the name of Jean-Paul Turcaud provides his reasoning for why circumcision is wrong. He suggests that the foreskin contains valuable hormones that help develop the endocrine system which is largely responsible for controlling our emotions, moods, overall hormonal balance, and even chakras. While the study seems to begin with a strictly scientific bent, it quickly dives into pseudoscience when he brings up chakras. But is that weren’t enough, once again, a strong antisemitic fervor is felt when he states:

This discovery of mine is of greatest importance indeed than all my Mining Discoveries & Geological Discoveries and I am handing it out free of charge for the bettering of Humanity ! … and as my Knight Templar’s standards requires me to do ! Of course the case is well documented and at this point in time, this is my duty indeed to impart that knowledge to Humanity at large ! It shows that the whole Semite JIC (Jew; Islamic; Christian ) Sects are in fact a complete fraud, and the matter of importance in the Jew system have been carefully put out of the reach of the Common.” 

…and furthermore…

Unfortunately the Xians children bear the awful consequences of such debased and ignorant way of living… with the typical Coward trait of Christian society. Their propensity to lay low, to crawl in front of authority, to accept as gospel truth anything spoken sufficiently loud & strong!!”

Such a sentiment is not only a sweeping generalization of all people who declare themselves to be part of the Abrahamic faiths, but a comment stemming from blinding pride. Obviously the agenda prior to the study was to denounce the Bible and Christianity and so any “data” that would seem to support such a premise would be used.


As a way to close this post, it would seem that what Karen Hudes and Dr. Ed Spencer were promoting was one perspective to a puzzle that we are all trying to figure out. While no one has the exclusive corner on the market place of truth, there are many presuppositions at work here. On Canary Cry Radio, we work with the presupposition that there is a God and that He communicated to us through his Word, the Bible, and also that Jesus Christ who is the Word in flesh died for our sins and rose again. But for the guests, the presuppositions were a bit more ambiguous, unclear but perhaps touting Darwinian evolution and reductionist materialism as their basis, or even an eastern philosophy that rings of universalism. Either way, it was clear that their agenda was to reject the Biblical account.

The evidence they provided is the same evidence that we can all see. Insert the phrase “Homo Capensis” instead of “Ancient Aliens” and one would seemingly have the same working theory. But regardless of which one is correct, it should be noted that all the evidence that was suggested on this episode comes from alternative research. That in itself is not a bad thing because alternative research in vital and key in unlocking many mysteries that academic scholarship just doesn’t tackle. At the same time, it would be a mistake to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” In other words, there is value put forth by established academia that should be noted and considered. In fact, the very point that Dr. Ed Spencer and Karen Hudes both went to Yale University as a means to suggest their authority in scholarship, but then call the establishment a source for the coverup of Homo Capensis appears contradictory at best. In the end, we are all working from a presupposed philosophy to shape our worldview, and thus it makes it vital that each person do their own homework and come to their own conclusions.

Acts 17:11

Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.”


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