CCR 071: Near Death Experiences

THE THREE BIGGEST QUESTIONS for mankind are 1.) Where are we from? 2.) Why are we here? and 3.) Where do we go when we die? The first two questions have been debated for as long as recorded human history. However, the third question, “Where do we go when we die?” is a bit more difficult to answer and investigate because people don’t normally return from the dead to tell us about it. Or do they? According to those who have investigated the phenomenon called the Near Death Experiences, there is most certainly a life after death. People who have had Near Death Experiences have often reported similar accounts which indicate that there may be something to it.

In this episode, Basil and Gonz discuss some facts and speculations about the Near Death Experiences. They also each tell a stories of people who had some amazing Near Death Experiences.

First, Basil tells a story about a man named Shawn Weed and his Near Death Experience. Shawn was in the military and visited the outer darkness, encountering a demon, and almost went to hell before he was saved by an angel. The story in its entirety can be seen below on YouTube. We took the story and retold it in Canary Cry Radio style!

The second story is told me Gonz from a conversation he had with someone who had a Near Death Experience named Yvonne. Yvonne found herself in a heavenly realm being carried by an angel on her way to where she believed was God’s throne. This amazing story led her to see how corrupted the creation really is. As a result, Yvonne was part of Geoengineering Watch dot Org. Now she runs a website called His Heavenly Armies (


- (International Association for Near Death Studies)


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  1. Brian

    I used to listen to and watch stories of NDE’s often and started generally accepting their experiences as truths. However, I noticed that with some of them, there would be subtle things that would undermine the true gospel. For example, there’s a very popular one on YouTube about this guy that went to hell and said that there are many true Christians that wound up in hell because of making one small sin after they were saved or for doing one sin that they forgot to specifically repent for. This is nonsense and totally unbiblical but it puts tremendous fear and doubt into Christians. I read the comments on these videos and people would say, “Oh my! Am I really going to be saved? Is it impossible to be saved?” So it seems to encourage them back into a works salvation instead of having faith in Christ’s works and sacrifice – which is the true gospel. So frankly, while they are usually very interesting, we should still be careful in putting too much stock in them.

    With that said though, I did find these two stories very interesting and they didn’t seem to contradict anything in the Bible. Even though I haven’t had an NDE, I can relate to Evon when she spoke of how she felt her body was corrupt and preventing her from speaking and acting properly. I always feel that way too and it frustrates the heck out of me! Over the past few years, this world has felt less and less real to me. Some say it’s just a form of depression but I don’t think so. I had been depressed in the past and that was more a sense of hopelessness. I think now it’s more a realization of who I am, where I am, and the awaiting of Christ.

    But anyway… good episode! The music was also amazing as usual. I hope you release all this music for download at some point. Thanks.

    1. Here! Here! – Great episode guys. This has made a huge impact on my thought process when it comes to death and what comes afterwards. My friend just said that her friend’s grandfather died. I heard this news right after I heard this episode. I was able to share this episode with her and I am excited to hear what her thoughts were.

  2. John McCleary

    First of all, In Shawn Weed’s testamony,If you’re going to scare people away from hell, Then the Gospel must be preached! The Gospel is about The Lord Jesus’ death,burial,and resurrection,(1Cor. 15:3-17). In Weed’s case this was not done! The Part about Michael the archangel coming to rescue the man from hell. According to the Scriptures, Michael stands watch over the Jewish people, (Dan.12:1). I’m surprized that in your show, You guys didn’t mention Terry James of the Rapture Ready website,and his NDE a couple years ago. I think his was more credible, Namely he didn’t want to really discuss it at first. I’m not accusing you guys of not using any disernment, But those Brothers and Sisters in the Lord who are still “baby Christians” are going to become unglued hearing this. Thank you guys you do however have a very good show!

    1. Brian

      Hi John, I did not watch his own full video but also do find it strange that a lot of these people never mention the gospel or even Jesus as the savior much in these experiences. Now, it could be that even though he is telling this story, he still hasn’t found the true gospel yet and that’s why he’s still alive. But it’s true that most of these stories seem to be based on a fear of hell and not much else. I also thought it was strange and somewhat unbelievable that Michael in particular would be there to save him. So again, interesting but I’m not going to put much stock in it. Yvonne’s story was much more believable to me as a heavenly experience and she at least mentioned realizing Jesus as the most important thing in this life.

  3. Sim0n

    Wow, pure unadulterated amazing episode. Extremely encouraging to me and I hope other Christians as well. I love the presentation style, music, everything on this episode. I might just say the best episode yet?
    God bless!,

  4. Julian C


    This gave me the spiritual boost I needed. Thank you guys. I was having a little slump. But after hearing these vivid descriptions of the spirit world, I am back in the game 🙂 …….thanks again for the awesome episode!

  5. So powerful. Listening to Yvonne at the end, I just wept. My son walks in the room and asks “Dad, why are you crying..?” 🙂 Not much else to say…. The stories speak for themselves.

  6. Tinatin Shengelia

    Hi there,
    Thank you for the information and the comments.
    I guess, I am the third person to comment, and this is for both – those who passed us (broadcasted) the NDE testimonials and those two people who were first to comment on them.
    Will be brief this time and, if there is anybody interested, can pass the full story. It is not the NDE experience, I would call it AMDP (after my dad passed experience), – he fixed my scoliosis, which is ‘wrong shape spine’. Sounds like all is said, but there is much more to the story. It has something interesting to do with why it was specifically the spine fixed in me (I have other health problems) and in turn, how this relates to the body being corrupt, the physical word feeling unreal and feeling, that the body is a prison (the healthy body, I don’t mean the diseased body, definitely not the common scoliosis problem!!). All these gradually coming together to me and culminated, I think on 3/ 6/ 2014, 3 days after may dad died. Also, yes we should be careful about the stories, as Lion said. I can offer (not push for) the Orthodox Christian understanding how to distinguish between the true and false visions, not that people say untrue, but how true or untrue what they see may be. For now, yes – the two very powerful stories. And Lion, did you mean Shawn’s story when you mentioned the subtle things to undermine the fundamentals of Christianity, or another You Tube story?? If him, then I’ve got an idea.
    Thank you.

    1. Brian

      Hi Tinatin, the video I was referring to was not Shawn’s but this one:

      I’ve also noticed these guys misleading people in other videos about things too. We just have to be super careful about what we hear from experiences or even our own experiences because the demons can seemingly do very similar things. Sometimes they make something mostly believable and true but then mix in a little lie.

  7. Just me.

    Oh man! This is such a huge topic!
    I stop wondering about NDE because only God really knows what is goin on with this experiences.
    When I checked testimonies I started to get very suspicious when I notice that ALL other religions are having NDE too BUT with their twisted religion things! Like purgatory and stuff like that.
    Even Christian testimonies described different things all the time.
    My question is: why is the devil making all this people experience this for?
    I do believe that people in the bible did experience something to the fact of been out of the body and seen visions.
    But we must be very careful.
    I must admit with the second testimony I was crying! I felt so like blissful!! Like in the tv show of V! Lol! But I’m still very suspicious of this experiences.
    May God reveal the truth to us!

  8. I’m starting to not want to watch any more of these NDE’s as they are all based around fear and hell and demons. It’s scaring me and ruining my life. I can’t fucking sleep at night and I’m having hallucinations.

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