CCR 072: Prophecy Update with John Haller

Prophecy Update with John Haller

ccr 072

THE MIDDLE EAST is going crazy and all the media bias is extremely apparent. Yet there is no shortage of speculations on how this might relate to Biblical Prophecy within the community of those who are paying attention. And still, the majority of the Evangelical community are ignorant of the issue, and worse, denounce those who pay attention to the sign of the times. In this episode, Basil and Gonz have a discussion with pastor and lawyer John Haller, the man behind the Prophecy Update on YouTube. They discuss John’s experience of seeing a lack of discernment within church leadership which eventually led him to abandon 15 years of involvement with them as well as 25 years of involvement on the evangelical college and seminary board. John Haller is a graduate of Grace College with a degree in Sociology, Indiana State with a Masters in criminology, and a degree in law from Indiana State’s school of law. He’s currently the co-pastor at Fellowship Bible Chapel (FB Chapel) out in Ohio. He’s been an elder for 15 years at a large church, as well as on the board of Evangelical College and Seminary for 25 years. John is also a practicing lawyer with extensive experience in representing individuals and business clients in complex commercial and business litigation matters involving restrictive covenant and theft of trade secrets, breach of contract claims, securities, finance, lender liability, professional liability and product liability. You can see his weekly Prophecy Updates on YouTube on the FB chapel page.


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    gonz and basil laughing about bombing iran with the guest. how christlike. i believe the jews are definitely the first children of God. but even your own kids can be bullies and dishonor your name. And like your own children, you swear to protect them, but you do not condone their behavior.

    no one bats an eye about tel aviv being the homosexual capital of the world, where abortions are given freely by the state, or that the name of Jesus is blasphemed and disrespected in Israel. but yes, let’s joke about the wars that only satan loves. remember, god does not condone war. God was ashamed of the blood that king david spilled on the battlefield.

    as for the “missiles” lobbed from the palestinians in gaza. does not God say to love your enemies. pray for those who persecute you. give them what they want, your cloak your possessions. doesn’t God say that we are not citizens of this world?

    God has made a promise to protect Israel. The Israel that forsaken Jesus. And even muslims respect the Jesus, calling him a prophet of God.

    All of the early saints were martyred for God. They did not regard their own lives. They did not die for a piece of land.

    God is love and peace.

    1. admin

      Yes. Basil and Gonz are actually patsies for anti-christ, who are trying to pretend like Israel is the most perfect place in the world. And your anonymous handle and self-righteous attitude really does go over well when criticizing folks.

      Your Scriptural points are valid. But you are drawing way too much from a simple comment made by the guest. In fact, if you’re familiar with Chris White’s recent work, then you would know that Scripturally speaking, Mystery Babylon is end times Jerusalem, and the antichrist may very well present himself as the Jewish messiah. So don’t make rash generalizations that the fellas support Israel blindly as some kind of quasi-nationalist pride. In fact it’s far more complex, and I don’t believe Basil or Gonz have ever fully expressed their opinion on Israel as a whole. The simple matter is that there are wars and rumors of wars happening now. And for that, we ought to look up, because our redemption draws near.

      1. I’m very glad to hear you mention Chris White’s work re: Jerusalem and the anti-Christ Gonz, because that was exactly what I was about to bring up…

        I find Chris’s points from the prophetic texts to be most compelling, and the more I gasp them and incorporate that perspective into the way I look at current events, the more I find myself really coming to a major disconnect with this conventional Christian prophetic notion that we are called to “support Israel” because of how we’ve seen prophecy fulfilled in 1948 and so on… Perhaps you and Basil weren’t putting forth a clear pronouncement of your views on the whole matter, but based on the things I was hearing the guest say, he definitely seems to hold that familiar stance of “Not standing with Israel (the political nation-state) is tantamount to being anti-Semitic”.

        And the more I’ve been examining this whole topic lately, the more is has seemed to me that there really are a whole host of assumptions that get injected into all these fulfilled prophecies regarding the nation/state of Israel and the Jews being brought back into the Land etc. Do I agree that the Bible said that this would happen? Yes. Do I believe that in many ways, the reinstitution of Israel as a political entity is a pretty significant “marker” in the timeline of the Last Days? Sure! Do I think Israel and the Jewish people are indeed “central” to all that’s gonna go down before Christ returns? Absolutely. But you can agree that all those things are fulfillments of prophecy, and that “God has had His hand in it”, WITHOUT then having to swallow the assumption that because of those fulfillments, we then have to hail the reformed existence of political Israel as thought it was basically God’s way of supernaturally raising up a force in the world that will actually resist the anti-Christ all the way to the end…

        And to me, that’s really a key question. Because I’m not sure if you caught it, because Mr. Haller actually alluded to this point towards the end of the interview, when he was answering your question about Genesis 6. He made a comment about how the Nephilim were an attack on the line of the messiah (which we all pretty much agree on), and then made a passing little comment about how the anti-Christ will also attack Israel. (but then he doesn’t elaborate beyond that…) But from what I’ve been able to ascertain, NONE of the teachers/advocates of the “We must support Israel/Satan wants to destroy Israel” idea, who more or less teach that Satan’s “endgame” is to ATTACK Israel, none of them ever really elaborate on what that will look like, all the way to the end, all the way to when Jesus comes back… Is Israel seen as “holding out” against the AC, or is the scenario that Chris White is suggesting even allowed to be considered as a possibility? Because when you step back and look at it all, they really are quite at odds with one another, and I think Chris’s comments in his latest podcast I think really started to highlight what he is seeing as the inherent dangers in Christians being so scared to speak a word against Israel, for fear of being labeled anti-Semitic, or a “replacement theologian”, or whatever else… So, that being said, I suppose I would be curious to really hear your thoughts on the matter, and if see there being some way to harmonize these two ideas, because frankly I’m at a total loss there…

        It’s too bad, because I really like what the guest had to say about the state of the Church today, with occultism and the Emergent Church and the rise of Transhumanism in popular culture, etc. Definitely not trying to disparage the guy because I happen to hold a different view on Israel, I guess what frustrates me more than anything when I hear guys present that basic teaching, is that it feels like the whole conversation is unfairly framed from the get-go, and it’s like you’re being forced into “picking sides” of being “for Israel” or “for Palestine”, that old “right/left paradigm” that we are all too familiar with, instead of being allowed to try and articulate a different perspective on the matter altogether, which is actually what I heard “anon” attempting to do, when mentioning Jesus’ commands to “love our enemies” and “pray for those who persecute you”, even if the comment did perhaps come across as being somewhat aggressive or judgemental. It’s a charged issue for sure, and war is an ugly thing, and we all can get somewhat ambivalent about it at times, and it does amaze me how so many Christians who are so swept up in the “We have to support Israel” campaign that they honestly aren’t even phased by the fact that scores of innocent Palestinian children and civilians ARE being killed, and that SHOULD break our hearts, regardless of our political leanings…

        Personally, I don’t believe Satan is primarily a “reactionary” being, as the guest described him. I tend to believe that he is far more calculated and cunning than most Christians give him credit for, and the whole Israeli/Palestinian conflict that has existed SINCE 1948 I would see as one of his greatest masterpieces, a political paradox, a never ending conflict that can only really end when one side obliterates the other, and a scenario which provides incredible opportunity for all kinds of “terrorism”, which has interestingly enough been one of the main methods of the Luciferian “elites” in their creation of the global power structure and throne for the anti-Christ himself…

        1. Brian

          Well said! That was basically everything I wanted to say on the matter. And yes, war is a very evil thing! When I heard those sirens and bombs at the beginning, I was reminded of just how evil humans can be. As Christians, we should never support this mass murdering from anyone. Christians shouldn’t want to kill anyone – they just want to them to realize their sins and be saved.

          My uncle is very adamant about this topic and rallies at churches to try and get people to realize that they are being deceived by these pastors to send their money and total support to the Israeli Defense Force and such. He even goes to Palestinian peace conferences and occasionally gets Muslims into Christianity. By the way, there are still a pretty good amount of Palestinians that are Christian! So we shouldn’t just assume they are all evil Muslims!

      2. anon

        I felt outraged enough to write in when both of you chuckled when the guest said he would’ve bombed Iran a long time ago.

        An Iran that the US CIA infiltrated and destroyed from within.

        If countries lobbed nukes at every threat America made towards them, we would be a glass parking lot, as the chicken-hawks say.

        So, it was the chuckle that needed to be called out. You may need to loop it and add it to the end of your podcasts for extra entertainment value.

        Sometimes christians need to call each other out. Challenge each other. Not just give a soapbox for clicks and donations.

        1. Rob

          I can’t speak for the guys, but I think the chuckle was more about the way John said it than what he actually said. It’d be like saying “Oh, I don’t mind at all if gays get married… to the opposite sex.”

          Whether or not you agree with that, depending on your sense of humor, you might chuckle. Kind of like how I chuckle when someone says to me: “I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.”

          I chuckle because it was a funny way to put it, not because of what they’re disagreeing with.

    2. Sim0n

      Muslims don’t believe jesus is god, so ‘respecting jesus’ is really beside the point. And they certainly don’t believe jesus dies for anyone’s sins.
      It doesn’t make Muslims any better than unbelievers to ‘respect jesus’…and your arguments are a touch antisemitic: Israel is not the homosexual capital of the world as you claim, and those “missiles” you put in quotes really are missiles fired from gaza into Israel. I recommend to stop drinking the muslim propaganda kool-aid

      1. Brian

        If you and your family were being bombed and threatened in a prison camp every day, you might go crazy and try to make some missiles to attack your enemies too. Not saying it’s OK, but it’s at least understandable. Israel, the 5 largest nuclear power in the world, is not the poor little victim you might think it is. It seems to be that they are undergoing their own ethnic cleansing program of Palestinians just as the Nazis treated them before because they think that since this land was prophesied to be given back to them by God, nobody else is allowed to live there and everyone else is inferior infidels.

        This documentary may help you understand some things about what’s really going on if you are willing to watch it all:

      2. anon

        Tel Aviv has frequently been referred to by publishers as one of the most gay friendly cities in the world, famous for its annual Pride Parade and gay beach, earning it the nickname “the gay capital of the Middle East” by Out Magazine. According to LGBT travelers, it was ranked as the best gay city in 2011

        As far as Muslims respecting Jesus as a prophet of “God”, but not worshipping him. That’s much nicer than calling Jesus a bastard and a liar.

    3. Jesus is coming

  2. Jon

    The key to understanding Israel in end times prophecy is realizing that God is going to use the tribulation to bring them to the knowledge of Christ as their Messiah. He is not doing this because of anything THEY have done. He is doing it because of HIS own promises to them. He promised to bring them back into their land and he tells us they will be there in unbelief. The Bible is the story of the Jews failing over and over again. They are gathered now in unbelief, a large homosexual population, a lot of atheists. Basically, they are fallen human beings. The difference is God has made promise to them and cannot break His word.

    Should we pray for Israel? Certainly. Should we also pray for the innocent Palestinians caught in the middle, the poor women and children? Absolutely! We are also instructed to pray for our enemies and love them, so we should pray that every member of Hamas and in fact every Muslim will come to know Christ!

    As far as the statement about bombing Iran….we all know that he was talking about the militant and Israeli hating Iranian militant Muslim government. The same Iran which is trying to build nuclear bombs to nuke Israel and the US. To talk about bombing Iran’s military sites in order to stop their nuclear efforts is legitimate. To insinuate the anyone chuckled at the thought of bombed children or women or anyone else is ridiculous, no Christian wants loss of human life. Unfortunately we live in a fallen and terrible world, where it can come down to us or them. I don’t want anyone to be killed or bombed, but if you give me the choice between people who strap bombs to kids and use them as unknowing suicide bombers and those who kill innocents in the name of a false religion, and between a democratic society trying to stop rockets being fired at them and actually warning before they bomb areas….well the choice is obvious.

  3. I wish Mr. Haller defined his definition of ‘mysticism.’ I agree that a lot of churches are implementing new age techniques, contemplative prayer, yoga etc which are dangerous. However, if he is a cessationalist, from his point of view, hearing from God other than through the Bible could be considered ‘mystic’ and wrong. Who doesn’t want to have an experience with their creator? Every character in the Bible had an ‘experience’ with their creator, why should we expect anything less? God gave us all things, even His Son to die for us, but He draws the line with revealing His love in a personal way to us? I think not.

    I am pleased that he touched on the homosexual perversion when discussing the nephilim. I think this sign of the times (the embrace of sexual perversion) is lost when one focuses their ministry solely on the nephilim. Romans 1 is a progression of evil, homosexuality is the step right before the reprobate mind. I believe going after ‘strange flesh’ and homosexuality is cut from the same page. Baphomet is androgynous, those who followed Aleister Crowley like David Bowie pushed androgyny and the destroying of the male female differences, i.e. destroying God’s plan for mankind, just like the fallen watchers in Gen 6. ‘In the days of Lot’ the men in the town wanted to have sex with the angels, was it because they already were going after ‘strange flesh’ i.e. angelic flesh, or was it because the men were beautiful and their sexual perversion was peaked? Perversion is perversion, when you’ve given your flesh free reign, your fleshly desires will have no limits.

    I love LA Marzulli, but he has stated that for God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah it could not be solely due to the wickedness of man, it was due to the human/angelic/later incursions/strange flesh perversion….I have to disagree, it seems that Romans 1 and the PROGRESSION of man’s wickedness to the point of homosexuality is quite serious. 32 “Who knowing the JUDGEMENT of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of DEATH, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

  4. Helen

    I enjoy your show… frequently listen…

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