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CCR 073: The Gay Episode

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CCR 073: The Gay Episode

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GRACE IS NOT A WORD¬†that you often find associated with Gay. But for Brandon and John of FreeIndeed Ministries, the two words are simply synonymous. In The Gay Episode, Basil and Gonz have a discussion with Brandon and John about their ministry and how they approach the subject matter with the grace that only God can provide. In our current cultural milieu, homosexuality and the “Gay Agenda” is a heated topic with Christians finding themselves right in the middle of the battlefield. On the surface, there are only two sides to the conversation; people in favor of the Gay Agenda and people who are opposed to it.

Often times, those in favor will consider themselves progressive, accepting, and tolerant while those who oppose the Gay Agenda, usually associated as Christians, are considered bigots, close minded, and full of hate. But in fact the reality of the situation is far more complex. Not only are there more than the polarized sides that the mass media would like us to believe, but the political propaganda associated with homosexuality has also muddied the waters, making this subject particularly difficult to navigate. Within the Christian world, the issue is also quite divided. There are some Christians who are outright against anyone who calls themselves homosexuals, calling it a greater sin than any other. These Christians often mention Sodom and Gomorrah, and several other passages that mention God’s disdain for such behavior but what they seem to lack is grace. On other other hand, there are those who justify the Gay Agenda and tout that the lifestyle itself is completely acceptable to God.

Brandon and John toe a very fine line in between these two areas. While they do not see homosexuality as any greater sin than gossip or adultery, they also do not condone the behavior as being particularly Godly. Rather, their ministry purely focuses on the grace of God and to enlighten both Christians and non-Christians struggling with homosexual tendencies with the delicacy, patience, and the love of Christ.


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