CCR 074: False Christ with Chris White

ep074WILL THE ANTICHRIST PRESENT HIMSELF AS THE JEWISH MESSIAH? That’s the question our returning guest Chris White tackles with Basil and Gonz in this episode of Canary Cry Radio 074, False Christ. The discussion is about his most recent book, False Christ: Will the Antichrist Claim to be the Jewish Messiah? 

While many Biblical scholars and commentators have speculated on the identity of the Antichrist, shaped by the contemporary geopolitical climate, Chris White takes the topic and uses only the Bible to present his thesis. Without any influence from the current turmoil in the middle east, or the global conspiracy which we all know and talk about so much, Chris’ view on the Antichrist has evolved from that of a New Age, Alien savior type, to quite simply, a man who will present himself as fulfilling the Jewish prophecies about the Messiah and Messianic Age.

The first thought that might cross your mind when you hear the thesis is, “Isn’t that anti-semitic?” And it’s a fair question that Chris addresses in the episode. The short answer is, No. But there are many other things that can be said about this view. Not only is it Biblically consistent, but it is the view of that was held by the pre-Nicene early church fathers. In other words, the view Chris is presenting is the first view of the Antichrist held by the church. And in terms of logic, it makes sense that if the true Christ was in fact a Jew, then the False Christ would also present himself as a Jew. The discussion deepens as Chris get’s into why he believes that Mystery Babylon is the eschatological Jerusalem; that is the Jerusalem that is ruled by the Antichrist in the end times. Again, this brings out heated comments from those who accuse Chris of being anti-semitic, but a fair shake at his evidence should cause all to reconsider their own preconceived positions about the identity of the Antichrist.


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  1. Rob

    Awesome episode, guys. Chris is a great inspiration to me (and you guys, obviously)!
    I’ve got a paperback of Mystery Babylon and agree that it’s pretty airtight. Not antisemitic in the least!
    God bless and keep up the great work!

  2. Drew Findlay

    Well done, guys. I’m a huge Chris White fan and a huge Canary Cry fan so it’s good to hear everyone together.

  3. Rob

    Awesome episode, guys. I made a bee line for this podcast once I saw who the guest was. Chris is a huge inspiration for me personally (and you guys too, obviously). I have a paperback of Mystery Babylon and agree that it is pretty airtight. Not antisemitic in the least! Keep up the great work Chris and CCR!

    God bless!

  4. Jon

    Thought provoking episode. I disagree with Chris, but I respect his opinion. Also disagree with the pre wrath Rapture view, IMO nothing but the Pre Trib rapture fits the facts. Here is a great article on the AntiChrist

    I have heard most of the arguments concerning these issues and it always seems to me that there are intelligent people looking for their own theory in order to validate their own intelligence, if that makes sense? I hear far more speculation in the Jewish AntiChrist theory and the pre wrath Rapture theories than I do in the Gentile AntiChrist views and pre trib Rapture views.

    Anyway, enjoyed the show. I disagree with Chris on the above but I always find your interviews with him thought provoking.

  5. darryl

    I’ve been listening to chris for a couple of years now. I just recently started listening to canary cry. u guys are really funny and have good shows. I really liked the one with dr future. I noticed at the beginning of the chris white show that yall played a clip of Bro. nathanael. rock on! however, I see a disconnect between supporting bro nathanael, believing antichrist is a jew and Jerusalem is mystery Babylon and at the same time supporting Israel while they blow up little kids. I don’t see anything Christian about supporting Israel or anyone else who kills little kids.btw, bro nathanael certainly doesn’t give Israel such support. I don’t think its anti Semitic to hate Zionism. islamist are also semitic and it seems that its alright to hate their agendas and no one calls u anti-Semitic for that. it just seemed that yall were equating antizionism with anti-Semitism. I am an anti Zionist. I don’t hate jews, I hate Zionism. if I hated jews, I wouldn’t like bro.nathanael because he is jewish. there are after all lots of jews who also hate Zionism, bro nathanael being one of them. I keep hearing people in yall’s circles defend Israel. I am not including dr future. can yall please state clearly how u feel about Zionism in ur next episode?

    1. I too am rather eager to hear either Chris, or you guys, address more specifically how all these prophetical findings (which I am finding myself increasingly in agreement with) are to be dealt with concerning the questions surrounding modern Israel (the political entity) and Zionism, both political and “Christian” Zionism…

      From all I can gather, even if we might prefer to remain more or less agnostic towards being sucked into “the debate” which we all know usually gets pretty nasty pretty quickly, it seems that if the things that Chris White is pointing out in these biblical examinations of the AC turn out to be how it happens, then… at SOME point, (maybe not tomorrow, but eventually) such a reality would inevitably bring us to a head-on collision with the firmly-held convictions of the Hal Lindsey-esque “Christian Zionism” which we indeed do hear being hailed from the pulpits and podcasts all around us right now. I understand that Chris is striving to avoid to coming across as bombastic or seeking to cause controversy for it’s own sake, but when he talks about the very real and inherent “dangers” and potential deception that would accompany a “Jewish” AC, well, then this would be a controversy we really couldn’t very well avoid… Right?

      I’ve been wrestling with this issue a lot over the last couple of months, as I’ve basically been ingesting CW’s material via his podcasts, and as a result I’ve been finding myself in this very spot, between the “rock and the hard place” of genuinely caring about the Jewish PEOPLE, as I know Chris and you guys do, but then, it seems that at some point, to give these possibilities any true consideration is to risk being called “anti-Semitic” anyhow, and perhaps that’s the kind of slanderous crossfire we might just have to increasingly endure in order to stay faithful to the scriptures….

      1. David Florez

        That is correct… This video really goes over all of those things you just said about anti-semitism etc… That is the same thing as “political correctness”, its used for anything they don’t want you to say especially the truth.

        Check out this video if you haven’t yet:

        Marching to Zion

  6. Sim0n

    Solid episode guys, I really like Chris white too. I’m hoping you do more episodes about transhumanism though because it’s a fav subject of mine.

  7. Isabella

    Great show I enjoy listening. regarding Mary, Catholics maintain that they do not worship Mary or the Saints. They pray for their intercession much like an angel. The Hail Mary uses words from scripture and asks her to pray for us, as she is alive in heaven. If Our Lady of Fatima was demonic, how do you explain the drying of the crowds clothes after the torrential rains, and the many reported healings and miracles that occurred at the Miracle of the Sun? If a demon can detain an angel, why can’t it detain the mother of God who is not divine? I think discernment is of utmost importance regarding Marian apparitions, but it is important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    1. Que

      Isabella, when the Anti-Christ comes the Bible says he comes with ALL signs and lying wonders. If all that needed to occur at Fatima was to dry the crowds clothes to get them to believe then what a great trick – I’m not saying it’s not supernatural, indeed it may have been, but from what side of the supernatural realm did it come? Throughout the Bible, when humans came into contact with heavenly angels (the good ones) and they began to worship them (recognizing their supernatural status), the angels corrected them and said they were not to be worshiped, but God/Christ alone. That did not occur at Fatima b/c either the entity, which by all credible reports was a spinning disc/saucer that emitted various colors of light, was indeed Christ (but didn’t identify itself as such, very unlike the New Testament encounters with Christ) OR, the more likely option based on the totality of the evidence, it was a “heavenly encounter” from the deceptive side. Have any of you ever noticed the vast number of UFO sightings that occur in predominantly Catholic countries, i.e. Spain and the regions of Central and South America? I think it has a lot to do with the nature of the culture and the Catholic upbringing – regardless how “Catholic” many are or are not, there is a level of superstition and mysticism that is quite pervasive throughout these regions. Many will go to confession and then stop at the palm reader on the way home (maybe slightly exaggerated, but my wife is hispanic and grew up in these regions and can attest to the generality of the statement). Encounters such as that of Fatima, as well as the pervasive UFO sightings are merely playing into these expectations – I’M NOT SAYING THEY AREN’T REAL – but what I am saying is that when/if they do appear, these regions will be more likely to fall for the deception than other less superstitious locales. GRANTED, here in the US, science is our superstition – we will be fed a scientific reason for their appearance and we will gladly swallow the blue pill (or is it the red one, I can’t remember) under “sound scientific logic”.

      Bottom line is, if you’re looking for a sign or something that appears miraculous, the AC is going to give it to you. The Bible states his right hand man, the False Prophet will be able to call down fire from heaven, just like Elijah was able to do while all the prophets of Baal were not able to.

      So, if all you need are a few miraculous tricks, you’re going to be duped. But to really be able to discern truth from deception is going to require study and prayer – “signs” are easy for the supernatural realm, that’s why psychics and the new age are so popular b/c they seek after signs and miracles. Jesus even warned against seeking solely after signs.

      I could go on and on about this b/c I see so many good, precious people – many of them well intentioned Catholics, falling for simple deceptive tricks. “You shall know them by their fruit”

      Blessing to you Isabella. I want you to be a well informed, knowledgeable Christian – showing your self to be studied and well approved.

  8. Thank God someone mentioned that the disheartening and shocking opening rant was by Brother Nathaneal – who has been put out of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, along with the Bishop who has “blessed” his endeavors – the bishop being involuntarily retired. Please know that Brother Nathaneal does NOT represent the views of the Orthodox Church with regards to our Jewish brothers and sisters. I’ve enjoyed CCR from its inception, and have been Eastern Orthodox since 1992, and so was doubly dismayed at the impression you created about a church whose emphasis is on love and repentance, not hate and vilification. Please check and clarify your sources in future so as to not tar a devout and decent group of believers with the black brush of a sadly imbalanced individual who needs prayer more than he needs PR.

  9. Karl

    You guys seem like logical people who search for truth.Why not do a episode on why people are jailed for questioning the official holacaust story .You can talk about any other atrocity in history freely including the deaths of 60 million Christians in Russia and ukaraine under the bolshvick jews and Stalin , but people are jailed all through out Europe for even discussing this subject. This is a conspiracy if there ever was one .Its not antisemtic to search for truth.

  10. Karl

    By the way if you want real bible truth and history go to Lorraine Days site
    Goodnewsaboutgod ,
    Maybe have her on your show ,
    Thanks Karl

  11. what better feather in Satan’s cap than for him to get one of God’s chosen people to be his Anti-Christ!! If he can get a Jew to do his bidding, that would really be snubbing his nose at the Lord

  12. David Florez

    I think this video is an excellent description of what Chris White discussed in this podcast… it goes in even more depth.

    This is by Pastor Steven Anderson called Marching to Zion

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