FLYBY: Apocalypse Update 002: Obamapocalypse

apocalypse update 002 THE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US! Well sort of. While Basil and Gonz do believe that the end of the age is nearing, and the return of Jesus Christ is upon us, it would be wrong not to mention all of the crazy things happening in the world without providing the stance of hope that we have. There are many things currently in the news which are terribly concerning, including the ebola outbreak, the new war in the middle east, and the United States getting further away from its founding principles. For a serious look at these topics, Gonz and a team of authors and scholars of Bible Prophecy have put together A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, a Bible Prophecy Conference to be held on November 14-15 in Dublin, Ohio. Gonz will give a keynote on the topic of his book currently in the works called THE COSMIC ENDGAME: Secret Civilizations, Space Weapons, and the Antichrist War Machine set to release in November. Check out the links below for all the details of how you can participate and be a part of the conference. In this Apocalypse Update 002, Basil and Gonz talk about the many recent news items that include Obama. The fellas understand that the word “apocalypse” simply means the unveiling. And perhaps what is really going on, the apocalypse of Obama in the main stream media. With a talk at the U.N. about the ebola outbreak, visits to stonehenge, and the possibility that his wife Michelle is actually a man, it seems there is nothing short of sensationalization of our current president. Nevertheless, we ought to pray for Obama and folks who are in our political offices because they are being used as pawns for a greater scheme. But if they would search out God, they could turn things around in our nation, and the world. But one thing that Basil and Gonz truly reports about in this episode, is the real life threat of reptilians. And this isn’t some sideways conspiracy theory. This is actual fact. The reptilians have come down from outer space in a craft…and they are Russian. You’re just going to have to listen to understand what in the apocalypse we are talking about.


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  1. Basil autotuned…. That absolutely made my day. 🙂

  2. Brian

    “Don’t let Pyuutin control your internetz.” LMAO!

  3. billie boyd

    How do you call you wife, the mother of your children, the wrong name? It is beyond comprehension unless that is her “real” name.

  4. Susan

    Do you have a schedule of speakers? Not sure if I can make the whole event, but would love to hear your lecture on secret weapons of the antichrist, Gonz.

  5. Mandy

    Will CCR have a Halloween episode this year?

    1. admin


  6. Sim0n

    You guys are at your best when goofing off. Love it!


    Alex Jones made a mention of the Ebola victims in Africa that were resurrected, once in his radio show. He said clearly they were buried before they were dead. And that the writer of the article he had got the story from was obviously backwoods Never once did he say they were zombies, get it right. Headlines of articles can be misleading. If you actually read the articles, you would see that. And If you actually listen to Alex, instead of just attacking his character, you would see that more of what he says is real and relevant, then you would ever believe.

    1. admin

      Ummmmm I don’t recall ever attacking AJs character.

      And just to throw to back at you, look at the episodes we’ve done. We are very well aware of the things AJ talks about. Don’t get too hasty on your judgments.


        I listen to all of your episodes, and I admit it’s a nice break from AJ. But I also listen to AJ everyday, and I truly feel you both serve the same purpose. To get people thinking for themselves. What you guys were doing was no better then MSNBC saying The Boston Bombing was AJ’s fault. That’s all I’m saying. Carry on the normally great work. God Bless. And by the way. I truly LOVE your Age of Deceit films, and try to awaken my friends with them.

  8. This was a great episode – lots of serious LOL moments which is good when talking about the end of the world!

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