CCR 077: Zombies


EATING BRAINS IS THOUGHT TO BE A ZOMBIE THING! And our culture today is obsessed with Zombies, almost to a fault. But where did the idea of the zombies come from? And did they always have an association with eating brains? In this October episode of Canary Cry Radio, Basil and Gonz discuss the topic of the brain eating dead, Zombies. The history of Zombies goes back to the Haitian Mythology associated with Voodoo to create human slaves. But over the years, Zombies evolved from an isolated mythological phenomenon, to a westernized cultural staple in entertainment media. The transition was slow and steady but has increased exponentially in the last two to three decades. The reason for such a rise in interest could be because of the rise in dark spirituality as we head towards the end of days. And what about the Bible? Does it have anything to say about Zombies? It would seem that according to the modern definition of Zombies, there might be. Basil and Gonz also cover some other interesting peripheral topics in this episode such as cannibalism, mind control via drugs, a fungus that actually kills insects but brings them back to life, and a whole lot more. Parental discretion is advised for this episode since there were discussions that involved violence and gruesome acts.



-Opening Poem by Jo Fletcher, Homo Coprophagus Somnambulus (Zombies: Tales of the Walking Dead)

-Zombies on WikiPedia

-Zombie Fungus (Cordyceps)

-Gonz’ List of top 30 movies off the top of his head…found on this link here (Boston Globe’s Top 30 Zombie Movies)

-Steve Quayle’s Zombie Info (Steve Quayle)

-Guide to Zombie Apocalypse (Mashable)



-Zechariah 14:12

-Revelation 9:2

-Joel 2

-Daniel 12:2

-Matthew 27:51-54

-Isaiah 14:9

-Ezekiel 5:10

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  1. Sam

    “Coprophagus” is the wrong name? You haven’t heard the half of it! 😀

    The small trial involved 20 people with an active Clostridium difficile infection. The donor’s feces were examined for any disease infection and any allergens. The stool samples were frozen and examined again before being administered to the patients. Each trial participant consumed 15 feces laden capsules on two consecutive days.

    Seventy percent of the participants recovered from the Clostridium difficile after a single treatment. Ninety-five percent of the patients recovered from the disease after a second treatment one week after the first treatment. One patient had the disease recur after treatment.

    Truth beats fiction hands down. Eventually. :O

  2. John McCord

    The Serpent and the Rainbow book was written by Wade Davis. It was also made into a movie directed by Wes Craven. The main ingredients in the “zombie powder” are tropane alkaloids found in plants like datura inoxia you may see in people’s flower beds. Also 5-MeO-DMT is what is found in toad venom. The toad is not licked because of the bufotenin. The venom is ‘milked’ from the toad then dried and smoked so there is no bufotenin.


  3. Aaron

    For a greater amount of information regarding flesh-eating, corporeal or semi-corporeal beings in mythology, I suggest looking into Babylonian epics regarding the underworld. The Asakku in particular had many ghoul-like aspects. Also I would point you to the hungry ghosts of Greek and other cultures. The Ghul of Arab myth are another subject that should be of interest for anyone researching flesh-eating undead.

    Also- I think the name regarding undead poop-eaters is a reference to “eaters of filth” or Offal-Eaters in many cultures. Such terms may refer to the demonic spirits that swarm around the blood of animal and human sacrifices. This claim was quite prevalent in the ancient world.

  4. Viper1Airsoft

    You guys also 4got DayZ,Left4Dead1/2,DayZMod,DeadIsland,Unturned and alot more 😛

  5. 144Ky

    What is up with these one eyed zombies? Are you trying to say that the occult are the real zombies, spiritually dead but don’t realize it, they are dead, yet they keep destroying your brain and killing the flesh?

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