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CCR 080: David Ascendant with Brian Godawa

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CCR 080: David Ascendant with Brian Godawa


SIX GIANT ASSASSINS, OUT TO KILL THE CHOSEN ONE. This is the plot for the new fantasy fiction novel, David Ascendant, by award winning screenwriter Brian Godawa. In fact, this is the seventh in a series of books called The Chronicles of the NephilimThe previous six books are made up of, Noah Primeval, Enoch Primordial, Gilgamesh Immortal, Abraham Allegiant, Joshua Valiant, Caleb Vigilant, and now, David Ascendant. Brian uses the art of fantasy fiction, to paint a picture of the biblical account and its characters, in the context of a world that is directly dealing with the Nephilim. While it may be framed in fiction, it’s basis is still on Scripture, which makes the entire experience as a plausible part of what might have really been going on back in those days. The giants are opposed by mighty men, whose mission is to kill and slay the Nephilim remnant. The most popular of these stories is that of David and Goliath. Hardly fictitious, if a giant named Goliath once lived, and was slain by a young king named David, then there was needs to be an explanation for why Goliath was considered a “giant” and who these giants were. In this episode, Brian talks about his approach to writing David Ascendant, and the various themes of the book and the entire story arc.

And one more thing…Basil audition for Brian to be his next voice actor.


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