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CCR 083: The Shinar Directive with Dr. Michael Lake

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CCR 083: The Shinar Directive with Dr. Michael Lake

ep083THE SON OF PERDITION is prophesied to be Satan incarnate on earth in the days leading up to the end of the age. The spirit of antichrist, through the fallen cherub Satan, has been groomed in various archetypes throughout the centuries. But no one best resembles the future global leader of the New World Order, than the original, the prototype, the leader of the first human rebellion against God in the post-flood world, Nimrod. In this interview, Basil and Gonz are joined by the author of The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition’s Return, Dr. Michael Lake. They discuss the events in Dr. Lake’s life that lead him to study the occult and dark corners of our history and our world today. His experiences opened him up to the study of biblical prophecy, including the influence of Nimrod and the tower of Babel in almost all of the occult history of our world, especially in the modern era. The very climate that established the Shinar directive back when Nimrod walked the earth, is being fulfilled right before our eyes, and it will be the remnant who will maintain the truth that is the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.


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