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FREE DOCTOR DINO! Kent Hovind has been a polarizing figure for the better part of two decades, with his staunch enthusiasm for the Word of God, creationism, and even being one of the first in exposing the New World Order from a Biblical perspective. But his ministry was silenced nearly a decade ago, when Kent Hovind was jailed for alleged tax evasion. The public labelled him as just another Christian “nut job,” with his anti-science and anti-intellectualism, ignorant of the laws that bind corporate interests. But was he really unaware of his actions concerning his finances? And does he deserve to be in jail, potentially for the rest of his life over this issue? In today’s FLYBY, Basil and Gonz are joined by Sam from God’s Property Radio, as they discuss among other things, the Kent Hovind situation.

Sam has put together a website called FREE KENT to raise awareness over the Kent Hovind situation, and get him out of jail, and back with his family and ministry where he belongs. While Kent has led several people to the Lord in prison, the information concerning his arrest and jail time is nothing short of the abuse of government and gross injustice to the spirit of God. If you would like to help out, please visit the FREE KENT website and make your contributions.

In addition to the topic at hand, the guys unveil a song that was written by Sam, with additional guitar parts written by Gonz, with the public release of the song that will close the forthcoming film by Leonard Ulrich’s Volume II of NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy. The song is called Baptized in Credit. The song can be heard starting with a description of it at around 57:00 minutes into the episode. The following are the lyrics to the song.


[Verse 1]
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his very soul
when you can’t find another one to buy online?
(And if you’re listening:)
Make money your God and it will plague you like the Devil
If we reap what we sow, are we nothing more than what we owe?
Just a dollar and a dream
Wake up!
[Verse 2]
For everything in the World, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and pride of life
comes not from the Father but from the World
(And if ya’ll hear me:)
God or Mammon?
For the love of money is the root of all evil.
Be careful cashing in before the credit crash cashes you out!
If we can’t save a dime
We might as well spend all of our time
Serving the only one who spent it all to Save you ALL before you cash it all out before your soul gets sold out
Just breathe, repent and ye shall be redeemed.
[Verse 3]
Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth where moths and vermin destroy
And where thieves break in and steal, when things get way too real,
Will we reach out for the guns or will we reach out to God?
(And if you’re with me:)
Saving dollars while we’re losing souls on a whole another level.
They say: “time is money” and you can get more money to find but you can’t get more time.
[Shimura Shredding Bridge]
[Chorus] x2
lyrics and music written by: Sam Swanson
additional guitar parts written by: Gonzo Shimura
“BAPTIZED IN CREDIT” appears on THE ILLUSION OF MONEY (Soundtrack) released May 1, 2015 by God’s Property Media.


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  1. Norm the Robot

    Lol…Gonz is getting all Linkin Park on us! Just kidding. Cool song and very tasty Kirk Hammett sounding solo!

  2. William Bugg

    Gonz… you rock !!!

  3. Daniel

    Whoa guys…mind blown! The current government is a corporation that has been hired to run the country? Are you referring to the Fed? Can you guys do a show on this? I’ve never heard anyone say this.

    Love the show.

  4. Thanks so much; I love your work!

  5. Beth

    Listening to this episode and the whole presumption of our “government’s” case against Kent Hovind, I keep thinking that all of y’all REALLY should watch a film called “Manufacturing Consent.” It features Noam Chomsky, a noted linguistics professor and probably the greatest intellectual mind on earth today, in his reasoned and amazing expose’ of how the U.S. government systematically works to discredit and cause to disappear anyone who attempts to shine a light on the powerful forces that are really pulling the strings. Kent is one of their many victims. I saw if for free on HULU in documentaries. Check it out.

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