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FLYBY: Basil Chokes with Rand Paul

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FLYBY: Basil Chokes with Rand Paul

basil chokes flyby

IT’S NOT OFTEN WE GET TO SIT DOWN WITH A U.S. SENATOR. But that’s exactly what happened to Basil just a few weeks ago, when he had a chance to sit down with U.S. Senator Rand Paul. Normally, it takes a formal request to get someone like a U.S. Senator to sit down and chat, especially for a lowly and fringe Christian podcast like Canary Cry Radio. While Basil had mad aspirations to conduct the most groundbreaking interview to hit the alternative media press (with questions about the Illuminati, baby blood, the fall of America, and reptilians on the moon), instead what occurred was something less. In other words, Basil Choked. Check out this short Flyby as Basil tells his story of how he was able to get a brief sit down chat with Rand Paul, and Gonz pokes fun at him, and listen to the actual interview itself, all four and a half minutes of it. In the end, it was more of a learning experience for Basil and his guerrilla style journalism tactics. And while we don’t necessarily side with any particular political wing here on Canary Cry Radio, we do hope the best for Senator Rand Paul, should he run for president, and pray that men like himself and others would restore integrity and truth in our governments, and community leaders.


Basil’s Interview with Rand Paul [9:30-13:55]


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