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CCR 085: Planet X with Doug Elwell

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CCR 085: Planet X with Doug Elwell

ep 085IS PLANET-X REAL? Perhaps the most enigmatic and debated objects that may or may not be soaring through the cosmos, on a collision course with earth is the celestial body, known to some as Nibiru, the 12th planet, Nemesis, or simply Planet X. On this episode we will explore the possibility that the Bible we hold so near and dear, may have been telling us about the occasional visit from this large planetary body, which may have been the tool used by God for the creation of the earth, and perhaps in the near future, its judgment. But to take on the task, we have some much needed help. Doug Elwell has a dual Masters degrees in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern studies and Marketing Communications from Wheaton College Graduate School, and has been writing on religion, history, mythology, travel, and related disciplines. He is also the head editor at, an online journal dedicated to travel, history, and ancient mysteries of the world. He is the author of Planet X: The Sign of the Son of Man and the End of the Age, and The Riddle of the Sphinx: The Astronomical Layout of the Giza Necropolis and the Mysterious Hall of Records. In this episode, Basil and Gonz talk with Doug Elwell to consider the possibility that the Bible might have contained Planet-X all along.


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