CCR 087: Cherubim Chariots with Josh Peck


THE BIBLE MENTIONS SEVERAL CLASS OF ANGELS with physical descriptions that resemble nothing of what we see from medieval paintings and holiday cards. Our first three-peat guest, Josh Peck, returns to discuss his new book CHERUBIM CHARIOTS: Exploring the Extradimensional Hypothesis to straighten us all out about what angels actually looked like, what they were made for, and why they appear in the Bible. We explores passages from the book of Zechariah, Ezekiel, and even Revelation, and discuss all the traits of angels mentioned throughout the Word of God. We also explore Josh’s finding of the “topographical space man” where outlines of aliens saluting the Hitler sign were found in locations that reflect the fallen angels of Genesis 6. And in good Canary Cry Radio fashion, we dig out as much as possible from Josh’s next book, tentatively titled Cosmic Creation.

While this episode has all the qualities that you’ve become used to from Canary Cry Radio, there are also some things that you might not expect. Because Josh has been a good friend, not just to the show, but in “real life,” we tend to get off track and just start joking around, which a good portion of this episode contains. For those who might find it offensive, there is a time-code to help you weed out any unnecessary banter. For long time listeners, this might just be the most fun episode yet because of the level of silliness that was on display.


[0:00-4:50] Disclaimer

[4:52-7:00] False Introduction

[7:00-10:22] Music Intro with Ezekiel 1 Audio

[10:22-25:25] More Useless Banter

[25:25-1:22:50] ACTUAL CONTENT with Cherubim Chariots, Quantum Science, and More!

[1:22:55-1:32:45] A Short Intermission with more useless banter

[1:32:45-2:15:00] ACTUAL CONTENT Book of Ezekiel, and the Topographical Space Man!

[2:15:00-2:52:00] Things fall apart and more useless banter


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  1. sonny turner


  2. Will

    Guys this episode was HILARIOUS!!! It’s good to hear brothers in Christ and friends just CUTTING UP and fellowshipping with NO profanity or “Adult Beverage” effects!! By the way, I am from Texas & I forgive you (Don’t worry, I’ll stand in the gap for you THIS time)! LOL

    P.S. I “Get” the art work for this one. Looks like a good chaperone for Basil!

  3. AJ

    Greetings from ‘the future-black hole capital of the world’ – Switzerland!

    Ha, ha….. That was probably the funniest (and funnest) podcast I have ever heard in my life! I couldn’t stop laughing. You guys are hilarious, and Josh Peck’s laugh is truly contagious. (Gonz)…I wouldn’t worry too much about the seeming absurdity of the podcast- we all know how serious you both are deep down, so you’re allowed to let go and get crazy once in awhile.

    Very best regards and God bless,

    P.S. I’ve been listening to you since day one, and it’s my absolute FAVORITE podcast ever!!! Keep up the great work and (Basil)…I’m going to leave a comment on iTunes right now ;-)…….or should I wait to do it after a more ‘serious’ podcast? LOL…..

  4. Stephanie

    I loved this episode, this is totally my sense of humor. It is okay to mix things up once in a while, you deal with many serious, sobering topics so it is fine to keep it light sometimes. It was refreshing to hear brothers in Christ joke in a respectful way about things in the Bible that are very mysterious, like the eyes on the wings. I look forward to hearing more about the accent ministry! Thanks for making my stressful day so much better. God bless you and yours, Stephanie (a 50 year old grandmother) Keep up the great work! Hoping Gary Busey was digging his shout out 🙂

  5. Hyewon

    “I wanna annoy the antichrist.” Oh gosh this is so funny!

  6. Linda White

    ok when you are talking about the universe expanding and we are seeing into the future so it is actually retracting as a possible theory and so on I thought of flying in an airplane and sometimes when a plane is flying under you because of the directions in space it will look like the plane is flying sideways and it always hurts my brain.

  7. Adam

    Hey! just want to say it was hilarious funny to listen to, i will be back for more, Best regards from Sweden

  8. I am Dan, in my office, and I vote Gary Busey all the way. Josh Peck is now your official occasional third host. I have just declared it.
    More please. and oh, honestly my brain is really spinning afte absorbing the whole concept of extra-dimensiol matter in the universe, like light, the moon etc. Have you put much thought into what the ramifications might be of combining the extra-dimensional / quantum stuff with the whole Planet X thing…???

  9. Kathie Boehnemann

    Took me 3 sessions to listen to the whole thing. Hilarious, & some good info to boot. I’m from Texas, did you say something to give offense? Most of us have thick skins when it comes to making fun of Texas, especially from someone from California of all places! ha ha “hey guys, I did not care from that”?

  10. Ter ber

    We need more humor in these dark days coming!
    The google nazis grounded me for 2 weeks for posting comments on youtube/google plus. Next time I upset them they will suspend my account! I am a Christian nobody! I was debating 4 atheists on an old posting (2013) about God creation. I was on somebody’s Christian channel! Here google allows a satanist channel to put up a video on how to have sex with demons! There watching me, because last month on a dozen Christian youtube channels I posted a call to Christians to pray for The young workers at google plaza, not so much fans of freedom of speech!

  11. Rob.

    This was my first episode ever. Don’t worry its not the last!

  12. MindToAsk

    This was the best episode of CCR I’ve listened to! (also my first one, so I wouldn’t know :P). It took me 3 days driving to work and an hour at the office to finish this podcast. I’m following FLTS on YT and enjoying every post. Gonz mentioned Josh’s book Quantum Creation (in one of the FLTS episodes) which I’ve immediately purchased from his website. I just started reading it, THEN I found this podcast. I’m only at page 7 but I don’t know if I wanna keep going. Just kidding :P.

    Great stuff guys! Keep up the good work! I’m eagerly waiting for the next Josh Peck episode!

    Greetings from Romania!

  13. alfabravo

    This episode was super entertaining. The bonus hour was totally worth exchanging my email for. The three of you are adorbs!

  14. Don’t knock GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program: – it’s a perfectly acceptable substitute for those of us who either can’t afford, or won’t pirate Photoshop 🙂

    Oh yeah, fun episode. You guys rock.

  15. Que

    I’m a Texan:
    Big pickups – yep
    Guns – check
    Cattle – tasty
    A.C. = Totes Gross

  16. Que

    I’m a Texan:
    Big pickups – yep
    Guns – check
    Cattle – tasty
    A.C. = Totes Gross

    Bye Y’all

  17. Yosef

    Did you make that audio Bible clip, or is that from something? I want a superdope audio bible to fall asleep to.

    If you made that clip, you should make an audio bible. The Kool James Version.

  18. G. T.

    I think this episode is best enjoyed when one hasn’t slept for several days.

    And as Bruce says, the GIMP is great — you just need to learn how to use it properly. …Haven’t seen Josh’s efforts, but they sound a far cry from what’s possible with GIMP. MS Paint it ain’t.

    Better too, to use good open source software than to fill the coffers of NWO megacorps like Microsoft or Apple. For a long time I used to wonder why people would ever take the Mark of the Beast, but now I realise that if it’s made by Apple and bears the logo, then the sheeple will be camping out on the high street days in advance in order to get the new iTattoo before their friends do…

    The West’s prideful consumerism will surely drag it down to Hell.

  19. Melissa T

    I just have to say I have been listening a long time and I have heard all your episodes, but I have to say this is still one of my favorites! I think I just listened to it for the 5th time since it has come out. I put this one on when I have having a bad day and need some laughs. It always puts me in a better mood 😀 I just have to say even if everyone else hated this episode (aka Dan from TX) I am claiming this as something that gets me through some rough times and I am thankful for it! Bless you men!

  20. I was totally grossed out by this episode.
    There *needs* to be more comedy in the fringe christian community.

  21. vishal

    i rate the episode Gary busey

  22. Rachael

    Hi guyss! This show was so fun!
    It has taken me two days and about 5 different times to finish the whole show, but I laughed SO much! I am still totally confused about some of the actual content within the show (because, physics) but I plan on purchasing Josh’s book(s) to (try to) gain better understanding.
    I’m a new listener / fan and am SO thankful to have found a Christian program that enriches my understanding of scriptures that are otherwise outside of my realm of thinking and also keeps me from having to listen to my kids Veggie Tales c.d.’s every time I get into the car. (:
    I look forward to listening to more archives and all upcoming shows – thanks from Tennessee!

  23. Nick

    Hey Guys,

    I ;listened to this episode a while back and I loved it. I’m close to catching up to the recent episode, but you had referenced this show again in the 100th and it sounded like you thought you guys had messed up in some way. Well, that is simply not true. Truthfully, humor coming from you both helps balance the show when you are talking about topics that could drag somebody down thinking about all the implications. This type of show needs to happen every now and then. First, it raises everyone’s spirits(Well almost everyone, I know there are a lot of serious people out there). It brings joy and laughter. We don’t wont Basil to lose his edge lol. Second, it tells us more about both of you and also the guest your talking with. So guys, keep this in mind and hope to hear more of this type of show here and there in the future.

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