FLYBY: Apocalypse Update 003 with Natalina

apocalypse update 003

THE END IS NIGH! At least according to Chris McCann from eBible fellowship, an off-shoot from the Herald Camping campaign of 2011. In this FLYBY, Apocalypse Update 003 we have Natalina in the third chair to share with us this story and many others that are out there talking about the end of the world, and especially the things that are trying to kill you that you will not hear about in the main stream media. We even get into how you might be able to mine for gold in someplace much closer to home.


Chris McCann and eBible Date Setting

VOX Report of things that cost more than Space

Pope Half Miracles

Spinach Pizza Recall

Mine for Gold in Poop

2,000 Geese Dying

Wooly Mammoth Clone

Die With Dignity

Long Beach Port





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  1. Isabella

    Hi. I haven’t finished listening yet, but had a moment to comment about St. Januarius’s blood. I read an article about it where the one priest said that it meant that St. Januarius loves them the pope replied ‘it means he only partly loves us.’ I thought that was an odd somewhat cynical response. I think the pope is troubled, he believes the prophecy of the popes and often refers to having a short pontificate. He also said it was a possibility he would be killed but ‘just don’t let it hurt.’ There is Marian prophecy that says he will flee Rome and die a cruel death, if it is him. There is also La Salette which I have been looking at the original pamphlet. Many believe the consecration of Russia by name requested by Our Lady at Fatima has not been properly done. I think this pope is possibly serving two masters and St. Januarius’s blood liquefying is God working through the blood to give him the grace to do the right thing. A very interesting video I just found Regarding Putin and Fatima. While I personally am Catholic, our church is definitely in confusion and wounded. But I do not feel called to desert it but to pray for it and the pope. That is my comment, I am not well chatechized like most in my generation, but I am a bona fide Catholic! God bless. Oh, and thank you for your excellent show!

  2. Jerry from Portland

    Hi guys!
    I am enjoying the podcast and just wanted to chime in regarding the e-bible group (with Chris McCann) that claim salvation ended in 2011. I can’t know his heart (and I’m not sure I want to), but strategically, this could be a rather clever — intentional— deception… claiming the voice of Christian prophecy and then deflating hopes in Christ’s return just seems like a tactic of the enemy to me. If Mr. McCann honestly believes in Jesus and is earnestly trying to help our one true God, why would his tactics lead to a loss of faith? Can anyone honestly claim to find any of this slant in the bible…a silent judgement where no one knows they’re being judged? I’m so glad you guys and gals are bringing up these issues. Many false prophets out there… Jesus warned us there would be. Love and blessings, Jerry

  3. Nathan

    Fecal transplant is an enema transplant. Not oral capsules. Thank you for that while I was eating by the way.

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