CCR 088: Bigfoot with Tommy Poland

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THE LARGEST MYTHICAL BEAST that supposedly roams the various mountainous areas across the world, yet remains elusive to many researchers, especially digital cameras, is the enigmatic Bigfoot! But with so many eyewitness accounts, and anecdotes reporting encounters with the hairy beast, it causes one to wonder whether or not they actually exist. To us, the question is, if the Bigfoot does exist, what sorts of implications does it have to the Bible believing Christian?

To discuss the Bigfoot phenomenon, we invited Tommy Poland to Canary Cry Radio. Tommy is a bi-vocational associate pastor for a church plant in Trinity, North Carolina (CenterPointe Community Church), a US Army Veteran from 1990-1993, and an IT professional for over 20 years. He is also an investigator with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization since 2005, and has investigated over 50 local Bigfoot sightings in North and South Carolina. Tommy joins us to discuss his experience as a researcher of all things Bigfoot, and provides thought provoking evidence of scientific value to weigh against our skeptical biases. The uniqueness of Tommy’s perspective as a Christian doing this research, lead him to conclude that perhaps these elusive creatures are a remnant of the Nephilim of biblical lore.


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  1. Eric

    I remember talking to a friend years back about those sort of shows like Finding Bigfoot and just being disappointed with them. Nothing really ever happened. Ever. It was just a bunch of people in the woods at night, wide-eyed and listening intently in the darkness. Anyways, these podcast are so steeped in knowledge and the presentation is great, everything from the site to the sound effects. So great job guys, I really enjoy your work. And also thanks!

  2. Brian

    Good episode! I find Bigfoot to be very interesting. If you do enough research, there is plenty of evidence to show that they do exist. The implications of its existence is quite significant. Christians ask, why would God create something like that? I started making ties to them being Nephilim remnants early on. One thing that triggered it for me was when the Native Americans said it’s more like a spirit. So maybe human/ape/angel mix? The Bible talks of human/angel/animal looking beings in a few places so who knows.

    But I have to say, the idea of seeing a Bigfoot out in the middle of nowhere, especially at night, would be one of the most frightening things ever. No other animal in the world would give me the same kind of terror as that. And I would liken it to seeing a demon. They just seem to give off that same kind of vibe.

    Now I’ve never seen one but my great grandma used to live on a secluded farm when she was young and she said she saw one once. Crazy.

    1. Jeremy

      I tend to agree with Brian on this one. I reside in Ohio which happens to be one of the top four states in the country for sightings. I have not seen one personally, but have seen the tree breaks on many occasions 8 foot up in the trees and heard many unnatural things while hunting in the backwoods. I currently know about three good friends who have seen these creatures, one of whom is a pastor. I have heard the countless stories of Bigfoot told by salt of the earth people. It is just to vivid to discount. I too think there just might be a Nephilim connection. My friends dad believes they are a flesh and blood animal, he seen one back in the early 80’s while participating in a Sasquatch research group. They had been investigating some activity in southern ohio. The reports of glowing eyes and electrical disturbances when they are near lead me to believe otherwise.

  3. john

    this is an important topic. please do a part two.
    I would like to know why they are hairy. Maybe the also are
    related to Esau and the fallen and therefore have a spiritual
    body. I also think that they can eat but dont have to. You tube
    North Carolina man sees Bigfoot. He says he saw one with
    six fingers. Read 2 Samuel 21:20. it tells of a giant with
    six fingers. We have been conditioned to laugh at bigfoot.
    otherwise one might look at the Bible, see whats happening
    and believe and be saved. And we cant have that now can we.
    please do a part 2 and ask questions from comments received

  4. Larry Olson

    Great stuff, thanks. I’ve had personal friends over the years that have told me of their big foot sightings. In the past I’ve written it all off to trans-dimensional (aka demonic) manifestations. Wasn’t till lately when a greater understanding of the Nephalim came to me that switched that view over that of the researcher.

    Having said that, I don’t know that that precludes completely ongoing supernatural aid or involvement from and to the big-foots. If these are kind of “soulless” hybrids then they would probably be a pretty good dwelling place for disembodied spirits. Not something you want to invite home for dinner one night!

    I’ve also seen some of these paranormal tv shows about the different monsters that have been reported over the years in various places. I have to say that a good many of them could not be operating in the realm of traditional physics; thus a demonic apparition of sorts.

    Keep up the good work. I pray you can catch one someday and silence the nay sayers forever.

  5. I think Bigfoot can pull off an upset today.

  6. I listen to this while I sleep, this and the planet x episode. I bet I have heard it a hundred times, awesome. I actually doubt bigfoot exists but I sure hope so. It would be awesome

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