CCR 091: Illuminati Unmasked with Johnny Cirucci


TYPE IN THE WORD “ILLUMINATI” INTO A GOOGLE SEARCH and you will be bombarded with some 42 million hits, and hundreds of thousands of conspiracy related websites allegedly exposing the nefarious activities of this elusive group of dark overlords over the society of earth. And while the mockers mock the prospect of such global leaders who pull the strings behind the scenes of the world’s political, economic, military, and even ecumenical movements, others have provided extensive evidence that lead to no other conclusion, but to the undeniable existence of such a group. One man who took on the task of documenting over 2000 sources to build his case for the existence of the Illuminati is Johnny Cirucci, author of the book, ILLUMINATI UNMASKED: Everything you need to know about the “New World Order” and how to beat it! On this episode, Basil and Gonz dive deep into the world of the Illuminati, discussing the nefarious activity of the Jesuits in all sectors of society. That includes the U.S. Government, Zionism, Israel, the Middle East wars, outer space, entertainment media, the list goes on and on.


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  1. JT

    Wowzers! Great episode guys…tons of information in this one but my favorite part was, paraphrasing from Genesis: “…and the nations shall be blessed through you (Abraham)…” Jesus WAS and IS the greatest blessing that any of us here on this earth, including our Jewish brothers and sisters, could ever hope for – the propitiation for our sins! Praise God for the work that he is doing through this ministry!

  2. Isabella

    Guys, the founder of the Illuminati was a former, defrocked Jesuit or never made it to priest from what I have read. A disgruntled former Jesuit. He was Jesuit educated. It is very hard to know what really happened but I find that there is so much negative information propagated about the Catholic Church that there is always more than one version of the story. The Catholic view is Crusades were about protecting Christians in the Middle East and reclaiming land that a militant Islam had taken from Christians. The inquisition was done by royalty however my understanding of the Catholic version is that it was not condoned by the Pope and not many people were actually killed per year and often had a reduced sentence. There was a lot of blood on both sides of Catholics and Protestants in the 17th century. Just Google Irish Holocaust. And why is this truth still not out and accepted? Because it is buried by the powers that be. Freemasonry was condemned by the Catholic Church. If there are Freemasons in the Church, and there are, they are not legitimately there and would be considered to be in mortal sin. Freemasons historically love to kill Catholics and the Catholic Church is their prime enemy. You should ask yourself why that would be for a Satanic organization.

    Being Catholic requires a belief in obedience to God and faith that Jesus will guide his Church. Vicar , Pope is his representative here, not instead of Jesus.

    “[T]he Lord said to Peter, ‘On this rock I will build my Church, I have given you the keys of the kingdom of heaven [and] whatever you shall have bound or loosed on earth will be bound or loosed in heaven’ [Matt. 16:18–19]. ”

    I could definitely see these Catholic organizations being infiltrated and they are, as are other Christian organizations. Jesuits offer a good education though they are known to emphasize service to others. It is no surprise that it would be attractive to people seeking power. Our current pope I believe is the first Jesuit pope. Go wild with that.

    I am very interested to learn the truth about the Jesuits knowing that it is an organization made of humans and therefore prone to corruption. But this is so biased I can’t finish it. Maybe I will buy Father Malachi Martin’s book.

  3. Isabella

    Sorry I got the century of the Irish holocaust wrong, but I do know the fighting was going on for centuries and recall activity from the 17th century that was bad, and in the 19th century escalated to the Irish Holocaust.

  4. Jo Trombley

    Please have him back, he didn’t even get to touch the surface. Great show guys and thank you for being brave enough to have people like him on. God Bless ya both!

  5. Jason

    Firstly, Great Episode! Gonz you really are showing a true professionalism with your work,and Basil you ask great leading questions, especially when you were sick with this one!

    This Episode had so much to it, I think I’ll definitely have to listen again. Once again it opened up a new train of thought, and I guess what I took away is to make sure we all stay as vigilant as possible and be ready with as much information as possible when the times arise. Also to never stop learning, researching and seeking the truth. You guys are helping so much with that. Thank You, God Bless

  6. Solomon De Roth

    Nice information, exactly where my research has lead me. The information is consistent at every level and is therefore the truth.

    The truth is absolute, consistency is absolute and the lord is Jesus the word of God.

  7. Spychiatrist

    Please consider having Vyzygoth, aka, Keith Hansen on your show guys. Vyz was covering this very subject fifteen years ago on his own podcast. He is a wealth of information and he’s an outspoken Christian as well.

  8. Robin

    This guy NAILS it! Explains everything and I really appreciate his “spidey” sense because I got the same exact thing regarding Rebekah Roth. AWESOME!

  9. Ocs
  10. Nolan B

    My school is Jesuit and thankfully i’m moving next year; Thanks for preaching! God Bless

  11. Ryan Ciantar

    This guest was amazing and was on point about everything he said. Good quality guest on this episode.

  12. G.T.

    TYPE IN THE WORD “ILLUMINATI” INTO A GOOGLE SEARCH and you will be bombarded with some 42 million hits, and hundreds of thousands of conspiracy related websites allegedly exposing the nefarious activities of this elusive group of dark overlords over the society of earth.

    And type the word “itanimulli” (“illuminati” backwards) into a Google search and you’ll end up at the NSA. …Thanks to a prank played by this dude, who apparently rejects conspiracy theories and couldn’t think of a better use for $8.

    …Just thought I’d mention it in case you were suckered by that one.

    Haven’t listened to the episode yet, but looking forward to doing so…

  13. G.T.

    Some quite interesting points, but I couldn’t help but be wary of someone who alternates between telling us we need humility and telling us to get off our “butts”, without stopping for breath. Gonz hardly got a word in edgeways for two hours.

    And whilst I’m not a pre-tribber, I would hesitate to declare pre-tribbers heretics — pretribulationism may be an errant teaching, but it’s hardly heresy.

    That said, there were some intriguing connections he brought up during the interview. As for his idea that the Jesuits are the head of the snake, I think that they’re just part of it, and a relatively recent development — the NWO goes back further than they do. Certainly they’re a nefarious outfit, though…

  14. Isabella

    Good article on how the Illuminati were formed to subvert the Roman Catholic Church. Lots of information. Well researched. Also an extensive web site.
    God Bless you all, and may we all get to know the Truth.

    “To Battle Against The Jesuits: The Banker’s Illuminati Was To Counter The Roman Catholic Christians!”

  15. Dr walker

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  16. justin jones

    He’s a flat earther too. Isn’t that a jesuit creation too? Kinda had me until that. What a tangled web of bullshit.

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