CCR 092: The CERN Conspiracy with Anthony Patch

ep 092

The DAY OF THE LORD is a future time when God will dissolve and recede the heavens like a scroll, when the barrier between the spiritual, and the physical world will be no more. While this will usher in God’s wrath on earth, there are some today who are attempting to pierce the veil with very large, and expensive machines. If you’ve been following Gonz’ YouTube channel, Facelikethesun, you’d know that he’s been doing a series of videos called CERN WATCH, with an eye on the Large Hadron Collider, which is a particle accelerator situated deep underground in a 27 kilometer magnetic ring, on the border of Switzerland and France in the town of Geneva. In those videos, Gonz has tackled several items from updates coming out of CERN itself, to the various propaganda material, pushing portals and extra dimensions in mainstream entertainment media. One man who was featured on the CERN WATCH videos is Anthony Patch. Anthony has been featured on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, he’s the author of the novel “Covert Catastrophe” and “2048: Diamonds in the Rough” and has become the voice of reason regarding CERN and the LHC by the greater alternative community of truth seekers. On this episode, Anthony Patch and the guys dive deep into the topic of CERN and the conspiracy surrounding it with the planet Saturn, as well as the third strand of DNA in conjunction with the Mark of the Beast.


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  1. Jamie dillon

    Just curious , Gonz and Basil, have either of you heard about the movie “Iron Sky : the Coming race” coming out next year? Or seen the trailer for it? It has so much of what your show talks about in its story. Hollow earth, beings disguised as humans running the planet, etc..

  2. Whoooooooaaaaa….. Absolutely stellar episode! Amazing to hear virtually every conceivable topic you guys have touched on in the previous 91 episodes all being combined together in such a cohesive way.

  3. David

    I’ve been awake for about nine months. I’ve been listening to every podcast I can get my hands on, reading books, praying, watching YouTube videos, etc. Your show is a great resource.

    This episode, however, was mind-blowing. I almost pulled my car over to the side of the road to give myself a breather. You need to have Anthony Patch on again, and soon, to continue interviewing him. His interview style is excellent – it’s dense and organized. Wow! Praise the Lord for Canary Cry, Anthony Patch, and all the researchers out there. I pray for you daily.

    1. Mike

      If you want to hear more from Anthony Patch, you should check out this YouTube channel:

      Anthony Patch appears on most of their videos.

      1. Eric Bowers

        What happened to this channel?

      2. JT

        It looks like this YT channel has been deleted, as I hear, along with tons of other info on YT involving Mr.Patch. He must surely be on to something!

  4. Norm the Robot

    Oh Man, the opening of dimensional portals is nothing to be taken lightly. Have you ever played HALF-LIFE! What a mess!

  5. Spychiatrist

    Awesome show brothers! Your work just keeps getting better and better and this show with Anthony was out of the ballpark. Please have brother Anthony back on as soon as you can. Thank you.

  6. Neal

    Sounds like CERN is a giant version of the Ghostbusters proton packs??? “Don’t cross the streams it will be inherently bad”

    These idiots are messing with powers they cannot possibly fathom. May God thwart their plans!

    1. Corey

      Indeed, but as we know, God is soon going to lift his hedge of protection off of the earth and let man receive the fruits of his false god/idol worship and let them peal back the veil between this world and the dark side and let them open Pandora’s box and bring a horror upon themselves and the entire world as an act of judgment (Revelation 9).

  7. Shane Mangus

    Fantastic show! Anthony Patch is quickly becoming one of my favorite researchers. I hope you guys have him back soon.

    On a side note, I watched a presentation by Geordie Rose about the quantum computers that D-Wave has been developing ( In the lecture, he describes one of these machines as being “an awe inspiring thing,” and standing beside one feels “like an altar to an alien god.” His also describes the machines looking like “giant black monoliths,” which, to my mind, overtly points to the definite Saturnian symbology, and I believe Mr. Patch is spot-on with his observation that the ultimate goal of CERN goal is to reconnect with Saturn to usher in a new Golden Age. If you haven’t looked into Troy McLachlan’s Saturn Death Cult theory, you should. I believe it dovetails nicely with everything Mr. Hatch covered.

  8. Kim Windsor

    Awesome interview with Anthony Patch, he is on the most wanted list for interviewers and I have listened to several in the last few months. Its always exciting because you know Anthony will reveal something you hadn’t heard before that just blows you away! Thanks guys.

  9. Dr. Barton

    An amazing episode. Mr. Patch sounded lucid and coherent through the entire show yet he managed to get wrong or distort nearly every single bit of information that he presented. The experiments that CERN is running are completely understandable and reasonable to just about any college-level physics student. They are extensions of current collider tests (which have revealed much about the atomic and sub-atomic world to us. They have simply moved up to another energy level (with a LOT of hard work!). There is no reason to suspect any secret agenda behind it.

    Yes, there was a possibility of producing quantum black holes but they were quantum black holes and far less dangerous than the nuclear wastes that we currently produce in our nuclear power plants. Not to mention, there are far more powerful accelerator / colliders in the universe (think quasars) and nobody has been able to find evidence of quantum black hole production from them… yet.

    Some of the people who understand dimensional theory may have mentioned that the CERN experiments might give us greater insights into string and super-symmetry theories but, as I remember, they repeatedly pointed out that any direct observations of dimensional effects from string theory were far above the energies available in this experiment. Some direct observations of super-symmetry (evidence of WIMP’s) might be possible but there was no way to know for sure until the new higher-energy round of tests. I don’t believe that any knowledgeable physicist spoke of opening dimensional portals. As far as I know, this isn’t anywhere in the possibilities for these experiments. Please feel free to provide reference on this point. I don’t remember hearing any such thing but I could be wrong.

    I don’t know much about the “electric universe”. I’ll have to look it up. On the other hand, unless they have the math and experiments to support their hypothesis, I think that I’ll stick with the more common five-forces universe theory. Gravitational modelling on a solar system scale seems to be pretty good at explaining the current structure of the solar system though there is still a long way to go. I am unfamiliar with any evidence that the planets used to be closer together or that the Earth used to be “electrically” charged.

    By the way, if Mr. Patch’s theory of an “electrically” charged Earth is true then all the genetic manipulation and hybridization that he is proposing is actually just an attempt to re-create lost genetics. It isn’t creating new super-humans. It’s re-creating old super-humans. How do any of you know that this isn’t an attempt to re-create the patriarchal genetics which probably was the nefilim genetics?

    The adiabatic computer that Mr. Patch was talking about must be a super-secret computer because I couldn’t find any information about it. In fact, I couldn’t find any information on a real adiabatic computer. There have been a number of simulations of the math behind it showing that the principle behind the calculations are possible and D-Wave claims to have created a simple version of it but testing of D-Wave’s computer has shown that it probably isn’t a true adiabatic computer and it had nowhere near the computational power of “9 million human brains”. We are working on the technology but there doesn’t appear to be any public acknowledgement that it exists yet.

    Ah, there was so much lunacy going on here that I’ll admit that I hung on to the end waiting for Mr. Patch to trip and lose his grip on the rabbit hole but he didn’t. All-in-all, a very amusing episode. I just hope that none of your listeners come away from it believing anything this man had to say except that CERN and Saturn exist.

    1. Kelly Foster

      The Director of CERN to the BBC in an interview said himself that they might open a portal and we might put something thru or something might come thru.
      The Adiabatic computer was easy to find: Works in temperature as cold as space and they say they aren’t “even actually sure how it all works.” The website link I left has stament end of page.
      So unless it’s a fabrication of a company and page it is real as is multiple references. Maybe you didn’t spell correctly? Or your a shrill.

    2. C

      The average person, who occupies at least 65% of society, is uneducated in science. We’re talking about billions of people. This billions of people furnishes a huge audience (and huge income) for the whackos who produce this sort of garbage. But they are not whackos, they are getting very rich and well known from the patronage of the great unwashed.

  10. adam

    Dr Barton might benefit from devoting some time to research into the subject rather than throwing stones at Mr Patch. Talk about hubris.

    1. Dr. Barton

      Adam, perhaps I am missing something in your point. I have actually done some research on the LHC. I even read a recent synopsis of an article on B meson decay observed at a recent test at CERN (Nature 522, 42-43). I won’t claim that I understood much of the article but it did talk about how the observations both confirmed and disconfirmed the standard model of particle physics.

      Are there specific claims that I made that you would like to debate? What kind of research should I engage in? I don’t mean to dismiss you but your comment is rather vague.

  11. That was an amazing interview with Mr. Patch.
    Looking forward to part 2.
    Here are some interesting links pertaining to the subject.

    CERN / Abyss antipode = Pitt Islands
    11, 22, 33, 44, 66: dis”CERN, Zechariah 11 and the Mysterious Stranger, No. 44″ | forthtell

    CERN at approx. latitude of Death Star concavity / laser centroid –
    D’ CERN The Dark Matter Of The Shiva Star & The Return Of Planet X | forthtell

    Interesting synchronicities
    The Half-Life of Lucerne – CERN – The Other Half Of The Matter | forthtell

    Petting The ‘Delicate Beast’ – D-Wave Quantum Computing – Nightmare Futurescape | forthtell

  12. Kelly Foster

    Comment regarding this September it also happens to be a Jubilee year of the Shmeitah. Every seven years is a Shmeitah (year of rest for land, forgiven of debts etc.) This is the 7 th cycle of 7 years or Jubilee Year. Really big things happen on Jubillee years.

  13. Mike McNeil

    I just happened to be listening to this podcast today. Then, I saw this about Anthony Patch. Hopefully, he is OK.

  14. Pete

    Really? Theres people that buy into all this nonsense ? I bet some of you believe the earth is flat too.

    1. C

      Yes, it’s the same paranoid prepper ignoramus mentality flooding civilization with hype and inaccurate BS.

  15. Melissa

    Just so thrilled to listen to this bc Anthony Patch videos are off youtube. So beyond happy you have this!!
    Good bless,
    Melissa (from Houston)

  16. Thomas W Swaziek

    ExcellinglyGoodInformation (EGI).
    Being able to have a view or perspective on what is available to be aware of…a knowledge of, knowing about current events in Human Relations is important to be able to act rightly in a world going quickly past boundaries intended to be in place…intended by the Creator of the “World”. Being deceived or being aware and NOT fooled by efforts to steal our souls. Very Good Work and thank you to the singing canaries flying outside the cage and the monks watching out speaking out for the love of GOD’s Truth! Amen and maranatha, Lord Jesus!

  17. Jennifer

    Do you think that there are descendants of the original Nephilim that inhabit the earth today? If so, would they be able to be saved? A friend and I agree that there are Nephilim and they are in the form of the elite who currently drive the NWO agenda.

  18. john daugherty

    I appreciate you guys but if i may make a suggestion or two. Instead of rambling aimlessly during your speaking part of the interviews, you could possibly write down the questionthat you want to ask. That would allow your very important gueststo relay more important information and make you two sound a little like beavis and butthead. Also, it is hard to see the end of paragraphs with that send voicemail icon on the side. God bless.

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