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FLYBY MUSIC: Dissident Prophet with Andy Jennings

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FLYBY MUSIC: Dissident Prophet with Andy Jennings

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YOU GOTTA DIG FOR TRUTH UNTIL YOU FIND IT! What happens when you take a talented indie rocker from Birmingham England, and hand him the red pill, and a bible? You get Dissident Prophet. Led by the talented songwriter and singer Andy Jennings, Dissident Prophet is just about ready to release their newest album Red Moon Rising, from which we play a few songs on this episode. This is perhaps the longest Flyby from Canary Cry Radio, only because they became friendly “mates” in the process. The discussion was shaved down to a manageable hour and a half for your enjoyment during which time, they discuss Andy’s journey of creating Dissident Prophet, the music industry, bible prophecy, and Andy’s recent trip to Israel. They also share the Gospel the only way they know how, “Thinking Outside the Cage!”


1. Dig

2. Human 2.0

3. Comfortable in Babylon

4. All Coming Down

5. Fly Away


The Album Red Moon Rising is set to release in the next couple of weeks. Check out all the links to find out more.


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