CCR 093: War Stories with Byron Rodgers


AS CONSPIRACY REALISTS, we are highly critical of the Military Industrial Complex, and we see the deception that drives the war machine and the unnecessary deaths to hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children all around the world. And while we rant and rave about this conspiracy to perpetuate war, it can be easy to forget that there are actual people like you and I, on the ground, putting themselves in harm’s way with the mandate of protecting our nation’s freedom, at least here in America. As American’s celebrate Memorial Day, we thought it might be appropriate to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be one of the service men or women out there in hostile territory. This isn’t your glorified Hollywood depiction of war, this is the real deal. In this episode, war stories, that’ll both strengthen your faith in God, and put you right in the thick of war.

We are joined by Byron Rodgers, who served in the Marine Corps in the mid 2000’s with two deployments to Iraq. The stories he brought back with him are both fantastic, unbelievable, and undeniable proof that there is a God, and that He speaks to His children. Today, Byron is a motivational speaker and soon to be author, with a keen focus on helping veterans recognize and achieve their purpose in life. This isn’t the shallow “Purpose Driven” life as promoted by some modern mega pastors, rather it is a method to help people, especially veterans, get their life on track and headed in the right direction. With his “Meaning After the Military” program, Byron hopes to serve and inspire veterans and evangelize to them by living out Gospel truth’s. Not only is Byron a war veteran himself, but he also happens to be up to speed on most of the fringe topics that frequent Canary Cry Radio. And he’s also neighbors with Gonz. This special episode should not be missed, especially if you are interested in hearing first hand accounts of the war in Iraq.


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  1. Darrell

    Wow great to you guys..keep up the great work.. and make sure that God is glorified on high..

  2. Alana

    Thanks, always encouraging to hear God stories that bring Him glory.

  3. Tim

    Powerful. Simply powerful. God is so good.

  4. Norm the Robot

    Wow. Totally gripping interview! Among your best interviews to date, right up there with the Dan Duval interviews.

  5. Jess

    This episode was really fantastic. It’s really wonderful to hear that regardless of our political and earthly leaders, if our allegiance is with the One True God – He will deliver us. Amen!
    @Gonz awesome job with the audio, it brings the story to life!!

  6. Emmy

    Great episode, I really enjoyed hearing his perspective. The editing really enhanced his stories. Thanks guys!

  7. Hey everyone, thank you 1 million for the encouragement, positive feedback and recognition…I really do appreciate it! It truly is an honor and a privilege to be here by the grace of God. Thanks again Canary Cry team for all that you’ve done, you guys rock!

  8. Brian

    This really is a great interview. As a veteran who has been in the civilian world now for a while it has been challenging, and nearly impossible to explain to my church friends. Byron lays it out quite effectively and Basil and Gonz do a great job condensing this into an excellent, flowing, concise-but-letting-it-breath show. There is a whole lot I could say on this topic, but I’ll spare you all.

    Gonz, the effects really did help with this interview. I wouldn’t do that for most interviews (like earlier days of CCR), but it really was well placed and helpful in this interview.

  9. sonia

    I appreciate this episode. My brother is also an Iraq war veteran, and this episode helps me to better understand. Thank you for your testimony, Byron and may God continue to use you. Thanks CCR.

  10. Absolutely phenomenal work on this one! The sound editing was expertly done and definitely helped me visualize the different scenarios Byron described. Thank you for all the care and precision you used in crafting this episode Basil and Gonz.

    Byron, thank you for coming onto Canary Cry for this interview. You are an excellent storyteller and the way you describe listening to the Holy Spirit’s voice was an immense encouragement to me. It is always good to be reminded that He speaks and that His children know His voice. Your story also helped me better understand why it is so difficult for soldiers coming out of the military. The loss of camaraderie, of a defined mission or goal, and even of a physical regimen must be magnified in a society that is almost completely bereft of community, and is obsessed with self and personal gratification/success/happiness. You helped me better understand the strength the military has in building a unified team and how that specifically validates and fulfills certain parts of male nature especially (even though it is obviously flawed and can be used for nefarious purposes). Blessings in the work you are doing now. I’m praying that the Lord would open up many opportunities to share the only One who can give meaning to our existence. I know that He is shining through you even when you may not get the chance to explicitly talk about that with each person you help.

    This episode also reminded me of how much this type of camaraderie and having a sense of a defined mission or goal is needed in the church! We often have lots of time in the church to rest together, to hang out at barbecues or worship together, but unless tragedy strikes a certain congregation, we don’t have many opportunities to work together or fight together. And it is in working and fighting together that community is built. And there IS a common purpose or goal we’ve been given, to spread the gospel and disciple believers. And part of that should include fighting and resisting the enemies attacks against that specific goal, both individually and as a unit!

    Again, great work on this episode everybody!

  11. Adam Mitchell

    I cook for the military, we are not putting anything in the food. I can see why they would think that, but we are not. Must be all the shots. The food is crap all full of preservatives and GMO’s I am sure. Most of it is fresh from a freezer, fast food quality.

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