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CCR 093: War Stories with Byron Rodgers

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CCR 093: War Stories with Byron Rodgers


AS CONSPIRACY REALISTS, we are highly critical of the Military Industrial Complex, and we see the deception that drives the war machine and the unnecessary deaths to hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children all around the world. And while we rant and rave about this conspiracy to perpetuate war, it can be easy to forget that there are actual people like you and I, on the ground, putting themselves in harm’s way with the mandate of protecting our nation’s freedom, at least here in America. As American’s celebrate Memorial Day, we thought it might be appropriate to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be one of the service men or women out there in hostile territory. This isn’t your glorified Hollywood depiction of war, this is the real deal. In this episode, war stories, that’ll both strengthen your faith in God, and put you right in the thick of war.

We are joined by Byron Rodgers, who served in the Marine Corps in the mid 2000’s with two deployments to Iraq. The stories he brought back with him are both fantastic, unbelievable, and undeniable proof that there is a God, and that He speaks to His children. Today, Byron is a motivational speaker and soon to be author, with a keen focus on helping veterans recognize and achieve their purpose in life. This isn’t the shallow “Purpose Driven” life as promoted by some modern mega pastors, rather it is a method to help people, especially veterans, get their life on track and headed in the right direction. With his “Meaning After the Military” program, Byron hopes to serve and inspire veterans and evangelize to them by living out Gospel truth’s. Not only is Byron a war veteran himself, but he also happens to be up to speed on most of the fringe topics that frequent Canary Cry Radio. And he’s also neighbors with Gonz. This special episode should not be missed, especially if you are interested in hearing first hand accounts of the war in Iraq.


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