CCR 096: Freedom with Dr. Kent Hovind


MOVEMENTS usually begin when pioneers go against cultural trends, and explore issues few are willing to address. In the Christian Truther movement, a handful of early exposers of the New World Order launched a genre that has now become effectively an online underground digital church. A select few of these early trailblazers of the Christian Truther movement have been silenced by authorities, who saw them as a threat, not only in exposing their nefarious agendas but also in providing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through this unique platform. One man who many consider is a forefather of this movement, is Dr. Kent Hovind. Dr. Hovind is famous for his biblical views of creation, and his boldness in standing up against the institutional constructs of scientism, particularly in the realm of Darwinian evolution, but is also known for his views on biblical prophecy, conspiracy theories, and his exposure of groups like the Freemasons. In the recent decade, Dr. Hovind served a prison sentence, for what many believe was an unjust ruling in the courtroom. His recent release from prison was an answer to prayer from many in the Christian Truther community.

We want to thank Sam and Dan from God’s Property Radio for joining us and connecting us with Dr. Hovind for this interview. For more information and great interviews with Dr. Hovind and more surrounding information regarding his case, visit their website at God’s Property Radio.


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  1. doctor Kent Hovind and his story was simply INSPIRATIONAL

  2. God save us , what a strong guy the way he talks aboot jail being a blessing cause of what he learnt , wow dude , INSPIRATIONAL

  3. Kent starts out promoting the False Hovind Narrative making my challenge all the more timely and relevant!


    Kent Hovind’s oft-repeated falsehood regarding the law as applicable to his case:

    – From: KENT E HOVIND (06452017)
    – Venue: CorrLinks
    – To: Robert Baty
    – Date/Time: 1/28/2013 8:50:45 AM

    – If structuring requires TWO or more transactions
    – of less than $10,000 on the same day (and it does),
    – that total MORE than $10,000, how can there be 45
    – counts in my indictment?

    Robert Baty’s Structuring Proposal for Discussion

    Withdrawing less than $10,000 in a single transaction
    with the intent to evade bank reporting requirements
    is a violation of the law and regulations and was at
    the time of the Hovind withdrawals in question and
    was the legal standard used to convict Kent Hovind
    of “structuring”.

    – Robert Baty: Affirm
    – Kent Hovind: Deny

    Come out, come out, Kent!
    Or send your champion out!

    I’m waiting.

    I Samuel 17

    And there went out a champion…named Goliath…
    And he stood and cried,

    and said unto them…

    Choose you a man for you,
    and let him come down to me.

    Give me a man…

    When (they) heard those words…,
    they were dismayed,
    and greatly afraid.


    1. icedamascus

      What did he say in the interview that contradicted your comment? He affirmed the law, did he not? Or maybe misunderstood your comment.

  4. SO awesome to have Kent back and right into the fold. Thank you for this!

  5. Rai

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say thanks for this episode and for having Kent Hovind on.
    I have been following him for years, as well a L.A. Marzulli (another broadcast/podcast I listened to) . . .
    In addition to what happened to him and the crazy reasons why some of the people were locked up, I was surprised
    at the silence in reply to what happened to Joe, (Kent’s wife) when she was interrogated and locked up . . .so I was surprised you didn’t comment how awful that was . . .I thought that was pretty nasty.

    I thought it was ironic, –and a good idea– that you guys mentioned the nephilim theory briefly to him during this interview. I have attempted myself to brief him a bit on this and ironically enough I sent him the link to your video “Age of Deceit”. . .well before I ever knew you guys would have him on Canary. Who would have thought?

    God be with you both,


  6. wren

    Truth is rising , the current is carrying us all. I see with new eyes on 7/24/15 I woke up . I am not afraid . so many all ready going and the music has begun. 😉

  7. wren

    Truth has no movement trust us the only act needed now.

  8. wren

    Trust IS the only way

  9. John

    God Bless the wonderful preacher Kent Hovind, who has worked tirelessly for The Lord and endured much suffering along the road. And God Bless you fellas for having this true servant of Jesus on your show, Iet us pray that Kent will continue to spread the Gospel message of Creation and Truth to those who need to hear it.

    Much love from Sheffield, northern England,

    Praise God.

  10. Stan

    I have to chime in and rant about the way Basil or whatever his name is treats Mr. Hovind. A man who was in prison for 9 years for Christ should not be treated the way he was treated. Laughing and joking about prison time like its nothing. He has went through a certain type of hell some will not ever encounter. More humbleness and sincerity would be nice. A great way for Gonz to finish his book is to be incarcerated …really. How old are you 18???

    Ditch the immature side act Gonz, you are better solo

    1. David

      It is VERY RARE for me to criticize another because we all have flaws and need the Holy Spirit in this journey of sanctification but I must agree with Stan. There has been many times where I just have to shake my head at Basil’s comments and behavior. Absolutely no complaints regarding Gonz though. Gonz seems to take this podcast seriously and has a level of professionalism that Basil seems to lack. God bless!

  11. David

    I know you may be very busy but I want to ask for your help. I have a co-worker who thinks Reiki isn’t witchcraft and it is from God. I had an experience in college with a wiccan master and reiki master who indeed admitted to me that they were doing witchcraft except I don’t know how to prove this in detail to my co-worker. I am a servant of Jesus Christ and just trying to spread the truth but she is in the dark and I have no idea how to give her a concise explanation of why what she is doing is harmful for her. Act as if you are speaking to her and if you can please address all the reasons why the practice and philosophy of Reiki is demonic and prove that somehow and I will forward this along to her while in prayer so she can see the truth. Thank you


    I asked this question a couple weeks ago and had no response.

    1. Dave

      David – You would probably be better suited to finding out why you think it is not of God instead of having someone making a declaration for you. You will actually grow and educate yourself instead of spitting out someone elses words. Look up Reiki, figure out what practitioners believe and compare that to scripture. we all have to be able to defend our beliefs on our own thoughts and with the help of God. Good luck pal.

  12. Dr. Barton

    I’ll agree with Kent Hovind in so far as the structuring laws can be and are misused. On the other hand, while the seizures are a tremendous hardship on innocent citizens caught up in an IRS trawl, I don’t believe that they are part of the set of primary crimes. They are, I believe, secondary crimes that can add to imprisonment and fines but only after a person has been convicted on other charges. In this way, they are like a hammer. You aren’t convicted under a criminal tools law for carrying around a hammer. However, if you are convicted of threat of deadly force or battery, then carrying (and using) that hammer in committing that crime will result in extra penalties under a criminal tools law. I believe that structuring is considered a financial criminal tool.

    As for Hovind’s other convictions, the records show that he was convicted under a number of – in essence – tax evasion laws. Basically, he seems to have structured many of the financial operations of his amusement park and “ministry” specifically for the purposes of evading federal law. In particular, he seems to have been convicted of structuring his bank withdrawals as part of a plan to evade federal notice that he was employing people in his “ministry” but not paying any employment taxes on those salaries. Those convictions held up through several levels of appeal.

    Legal claims aside, I wanted to point out that Mr. Hovind’s argument that there are only two universal possibilities – God exists or God doesn’t exist – is false. Without further proof of God’s existence, there are a range of universal possibilities wherein God is not omnipotent and is only one among many gods. As a recent meme expressed it, “Over 5000 gods are worshiped around the world but don’t worry! I’m sure yours is the real one.”.

    Also, Mr. Hovind claimed that he often asks a variation on the following question, in debates with atheists:

    “See, if evolution is true, who owns the world? Who makes the rules? How do we decide right from wrong? If man is God, and that’s what humanism means, there is no absolute standard. ”

    First of all, no atheist would agree to the expression “If man is God” except in a very metaphorical sense. Second, he claimed that they were never able to answer that question. If that is the case, then either he had a definition of “right” and “wrong” that allowed for no other origin than God (a version of “Begging the question”, I believe) or he was up against inexperienced debaters.

    Very little of “right and wrong” is absolute, even within the “Bible”. For example, God tells us, “You shall not kill!”, then he repeatedly ordered the Hebrews to kill their opponents. God even specifically provides numerous rules on exactly how to kill people.

    In an evolutionary world, “right and wrong” are not absolute. They are the, generally, consensus views of a culture. They are the “rules of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors” in those cultures and they can be seen even in animal cultures. That’s it, plain and simple. Right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable are simply emergent behaviors in interacting communities.

    Keep having fun, boys!

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