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CCR 096: Freedom with Dr. Kent Hovind

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CCR 096: Freedom with Dr. Kent Hovind


MOVEMENTS usually begin when pioneers go against cultural trends, and explore issues few are willing to address. In the Christian Truther movement, a handful of early exposers of the New World Order launched a genre that has now become effectively an online underground digital church. A select few of these early trailblazers of the Christian Truther movement have been silenced by authorities, who saw them as a threat, not only in exposing their nefarious agendas but also in providing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through this unique platform. One man who many consider is a forefather of this movement, is Dr. Kent Hovind. Dr. Hovind is famous for his biblical views of creation, and his boldness in standing up against the institutional constructs of scientism, particularly in the realm of Darwinian evolution, but is also known for his views on biblical prophecy, conspiracy theories, and his exposure of groups like the Freemasons. In the recent decade, Dr. Hovind served a prison sentence, for what many believe was an unjust ruling in the courtroom. His recent release from prison was an answer to prayer from many in the Christian Truther community.

We want to thank Sam and Dan from God’s Property Radio for joining us and connecting us with Dr. Hovind for this interview. For more information and great interviews with Dr. Hovind and more surrounding information regarding his case, visit their website at God’s Property Radio.


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