FLYBY: Everyone Shill Out!

Shill-Out-FlybyHERETIC! SHILL! LIAR! DECEIVER! GNOSTIC SCUM! These are just some in the plethora of labels that are thrown around in the realm of fringe Christianity. And we’re here to say “EVERYONE, SHILL OUT!” The online space has become a cesspool of division, quarrels, and “discernment ministry” soap boxers, who claim to be edifying the church, while in reality tearing down any ministry that happen to disagree with their particular brand of theology or eschatology. But how are we as Christians to respond in such a highly hostile atmosphere? What is the definition of a heretic? What are the standards to determine a shill?

In recent days and weeks, Basil and Gonz, have seen an increase of folks throwing them, and close friends, under the bus for issues that don’t appear to be as important as the central issues of the Gospel. While they haven’t specifically been called “shills,” (well…Gonz has, and worse…) there have been people making comments and sharing opinions that display a contrary attitude to what Jesus displayed in His ministry. While He also corrected the spiritual leaders of the day, most of His correction surrounding Jesus Christ and who He was!


Heretic Definition

Discernment Definition

Shill Definition

Biblical Response to Heresy

List of Christian Heresies According to Wiki

CARM Discusses Heresies

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2 Peter 2:1, 1 Corinthians 11:9, Jude 1:4, Philippians 4, 1 Timothy 3,

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  1. Jacob

    Fantastic Podcast Guys! Very informative and hilarious. Keep up the good work!

  2. Tony F

    It’s a Flat Earth thing, you wouldn’t understand.

    1. Don’t make fun of my Flat Earth Pet Doctrine!!!

      No, seriously guys, I love you so much and your broad range of guests, which prove how open minded and inclusive you are. I can’t wait to see what the next several hundred Canary Cry Radio episodes are about! Thank you for addressing this issue too as I have also seen an extreme uptick in attack.

  3. Andrew

    Timely flyby guys. In a climate where friendly fire is quickly becoming commonplace we need to remember to major in the majors (the Gospel) and minor in the minors (everything else).

    Not that we shouldn’t discuss or even debate nuances concerning the realities of the world we live in. God forbid. We just need to remember to do so with a good measure of grace & patience despite disagreements. Non-essentials (such as the amount of emphasis you put on exposing the Jesuits) are clearly not grounds for calling someone out as a shill or a heretic. I’m tracking with ya. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Gonz.

    I hear ya, man. So many shills and heretics out there — not to mention antichrists. Sometimes I think that most of the church are devil worshippers, but hey, there’s still two or three of us left, amidst the apostasy.

    Anyhow, as part of my ministry (I’ve been called to be a watchmen on the wall and I have not one but two important discernment ministries), my role is to warn the body of coming deceptions.

    …And I’ve recently discerned a HUGE threat to the body.

    It goes by the name of “ASMR”, but in fact it’s nothing more than WITCHCRAFT.

    I stumbled across it when I was looking for a Russian lesson online (y’know Pootin’s coming to get us, so I wanted to be able to rebuke him when he gets here) — the “Russian lesson” that came up was this one. It looks innocent enough, but after a while, you realise that the woman’s not a Russian teacher — she’s a WITCH and she’s HYPNOTISING you. Check out the comments — she’s made all the females into lesbians and mesmerised all the males (there’s a guy who says he’s been stuck there six months). And that video’s not the worst — there’s this and, perhaps, most dangerous of all, this. If the ASMR devilry gets in the church, it’s game over…

    And I’m writing to you, Gonz, because if Basil ever sees one of these, no amount of coffee will ever get him out of bed. Seriously, don’t let him near this stuff — <A HREF=""you know what'll happen if you do.

    1. Very intriguing, the whole realm of hypnotism and ASMR which is absolutely skyrocketting in popularity now… indeed it reeks of some strange new darkness and it is very enticing for lonely people, so let’s give’m the love of Jesus so they won’t get sucked into these black holes with witches at the center!

  5. 144 Ky

    What is that list? Wow, that seems like the guy was writing his opinions, not “heresies”, although there were some that I think could be “heresies”, it really seems like he wrote his opinions there…

    1. 144 Ky

      I think false prophets are the ones that say they received a personal revelation when they didn’t at all, but the ones that see signs and say, “well, I think the signs point to that date”, I don’t think that qualifies as a false prophet, I mean, you can see the same signs and say, nope, but if somebody tells you he received a revelation, that is a different history, because you can’t think by yourself, you can only trust or not that person.

  6. 144 Ky

    Each member of the Body of Christ is different, I am glad you are a happy man Basil, it is nice to talk or listen to somebody that isn’t so intense, but takes things serious, yet not grumpy.

    1. 144 Ky

      By the way, I hope, if there are timelines, that in some incredible timeline I am like the third element of the Canary Cry Radio and on that timeline I fit perfectly into it and it isn’t awkward at all.

      Gonz, Basil and the guy from Brazil. (Can you see the connection? Perfect, Basil, Brazil)

      Woah, just think about the conspiracies, one of my name start with K, so it would be K, G, B.

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