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FLYBY: Everyone Shill Out!

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FLYBY: Everyone Shill Out!

Shill-Out-FlybyHERETIC! SHILL! LIAR! DECEIVER! GNOSTIC SCUM! These are just some in the plethora of labels that are thrown around in the realm of fringe Christianity. And we’re here to say “EVERYONE, SHILL OUT!” The online space has become a cesspool of division, quarrels, and “discernment ministry” soap boxers, who claim to be edifying the church, while in reality tearing down any ministry that happen to disagree with their particular brand of theology or eschatology. But how are we as Christians to respond in such a highly hostile atmosphere? What is the definition of a heretic? What are the standards to determine a shill?

In recent days and weeks, Basil and Gonz, have seen an increase of folks throwing them, and close friends, under the bus for issues that don’t appear to be as important as the central issues of the Gospel. While they haven’t specifically been called “shills,” (well…Gonz has, and worse…) there have been people making comments and sharing opinions that display a contrary attitude to what Jesus displayed in His ministry. While He also corrected the spiritual leaders of the day, most of His correction surrounding Jesus Christ and who He was!


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