CCR 098: True Legends with Tim Alberino


CONSTRUCTING THE PAST IN ORDER TO CONTROL THE FUTURE. That is what the nefarious elite of the world have been doing since antiquity. We have been taught in our history and science classes, that mankind is the only civilized species to ever walk the earth. Yet, the Bible, and many other ancient cultures, tell a different story. What many today dismiss as mere myth, may actually be our true history. And what many perceive as reality, may be a facade, a cover up, a grand conspiracy, to keep hidden our actual past. And while the nefarious elite group responsible for the cover up have done so in the world of academia and the down-flow of information through the channels of institution, there remain locations, and structures, left open to be explored, which even they could not hide from the masses. Tim Alberino is the Director & Expedition Leader for GenSix Productions. He is a researcher and explorer who spent 10 years living in the Amazon Rain forest of Peru with interests on many subjects relating to the Genesis 6 narrative, including, giants, the occult, the Nazi regime, ufology, transgenics and transhumanism. It’s strange that it took him so long to get on Canary Cry Radio.

In this episode, we speak with Tim Alberino about the recent release of his film ‘True Legends: Technology of the Fallen.’ But we dive into other subject matters from the strong possibility of a pre-adamic race, to biblical theology framed through the eyes of the supernatural, bible prophecy, and the Genesis 6 paradigm. We discover that Tim’s unique background and experience lead him to explore these strange fringe areas, specifically, an event he wouldn’t share with us in totality, since it is being written down in book form. Tim also shared a story about how he saw what he believed to be highly classified government craft, a mere 30 feet above his head. If true, it would verify much of what many of us alternative conspiracy researchers have been suggesting in the existence of a Secret Space Program with exotic technology that derive from reverse engineering craft from fallen angelic beings. This episode will both challenge some, and reinforce ones faith in others, that the fringe paradigm of Christianity really does make the Gospel message of Jesus Christ shine far brighter.


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  1. Winston

    Tim Alberino and Steve Quayle are Jesuit Coadjutors, false teachers, and only after filthy lucre and that includes the anti biblical preacher they drag with him.

    1. Linda

      Winston pleas elaborate and educate us. Cite your evidence to back up your accusations since you are defaming characters. Your not obeying scripture in throwing out some soundbite accusation.

    2. Sue Robinson

      Add Thomas Horn, Derick Gilbert, Sharon Gilbert, Gary Stearman, Marzulli, and Chuck Missler to your comments as Jesuit coadjutors.

  2. Martha J.

    Just listened to this podcast and it was great, as usual. I’m a fairly new subscriber to the podcast, but I’m glad I found it. I’m just curious, do you guys know anything about Project Bluebeam, and whether or not it’s a real thing? (Is that a stupid question? LOL) If so, do you think some of the UFO sightings be related to that? When I was listening to Tim talk about the UFO sighting he had, all I could think of was Project Bluebeam. It may not even exist, or may have been debunked because I can’t find any information about it that was put out later than around 2012/13.

    Anyway, keep doing what you do. It’s much appreciated. God bless!

  3. FreakWhenSee

    Steve Quayle? oh yeah, that guy that sells silver…
    L.A. Marzulli is the undeniable expert on giants

  4. Martha J.

    PS. I meant to say at the beginning of my comment (before I went off on the UFO thing) that the Gospel message that Tim gives (beginning around 1:14:30, when he talks about our human point-of-view…) is extremely powerful.

    “God loves His Son more than we could possibly comprehend…”.

    Amen! Preach it, brother! :O)

    1. Dr. Barton

      Personally, I thought that it was a little strange that Mr. Alberino emphasized that God made the world for Jesus. Isn’t Jesus God?

      I also thought that it was a little strange that Mr. Alberino talked about a perfect bodily Adam being made imperfect by his sin. Then it was only through the intervention of Jesus that sin was forgiven but that seemed to have no effect on the bodily perfection. Perhaps he simply didn’t discuss that the Fall of Man cause the perfectly spiritually-bodied Adam to become an imperfectly physically-bodied Adam. But that seems to lead to even more theological difficulties than before. It was issues like this that had me wondering if Mr. Alberino understood the theological underpinnings of his religious beliefs let alone of his ancient technological beliefs.

      I did like that he promoted the idea of considering the possibility that the angels and other supernatural beings had civilizations of their own but, then, I’ve been considering ideas like that for years.

  5. What can I do to get these episodes once a week…I happily tithe, serve my church and grind out my week to make ends meet, barely! (God takes care of me). B

  6. Sooooo the tab key just got the better of me with the help of my 2 yr old daughter 🙂 But now that I’m back…

    I just wanted to say that this fringe ministry is greatly used in my apologetic work in Campus Ministry and High School aged evangelism. Most kids in my city are “truthers” so to speak, they all have a full fledged belief in the NWO, Illuminati conspiracies…and when that’s the case, the biblical worldview should be able to complete the mosaic of their perceived reality. Wars, currency, geo-political maneuvering, secular media, the general perception of Christianity, and the people/establishments behind that anti-christian agenda…it all makes perfect sense when applied to the backdrop of a biblical worldview. Who hasn’t put on Age of Deceit for their agnostic buddy and got them to think twice about the Bible and the person of Christ? This kind of information is to the street what William Lane Craig and Ravi Zacharias are to the scholars. Once we help put the pieces together, we’ll have all the kids quoting CS LEWIS, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see EVERYTHING ELSE.”

    With that being said, I just want to encourage everybody who has had their iron sharpened or seeds watered by this podcast to throw a little cash their way. If God is truly your Lord then he is Lord over everything in your life…including your finances. Show some faith in Him by helping these guys out. Keep this podcast going strong and confidently…it’s being used to bring the kids into the light. And if we are indeed in the last generations (IDK) these kinds of shows will be eliminated quickly, I can promise you that…might be nice to have them on a USB 🙂
    Bless you ALL 🙂

    1. Linda

      I agree with you re. the youth/truthers, but be gentile in painting a wide brush in giving. There are actually some who can barely get by that also enjoy and maybe need this kind of ministry. The ones “who are able”, definitely should help where they can and are led. The others don’t need another person/ministry shaming them into something they can’t afford by insinuating they lack Faith if not. Sounds like something from Kenneth Copeland, or TBN. Times are tough for many today. BTW Great job investing in our youth!

      1. Brandon

        Thanks for your suggestion Lisa…I reread my comments after hearing your perspective and it did ring a little TBNish…Me and my wife tow the line financially and have been in dire straights regarding our bills and how the next few meals need to be carefully parceled out…we have filled the tithes and offerings envelope at church a few times almost giggling at how insane it was that we were letting go of that amount of money considering our situation. “How are we gonna get through this?” with a big nervous smile 🙂 I don’t mean to suggest that if you’re not throwing money at every ministry that asks that you lack any real faith, but I do feel like there are people that have had the holy spirit urge them to contribute yet they cant bring themselves to click the button…I also saw your comment on the flood destroying substance vs what might not be considered substance in that spirits aren’t material..I thought that thought would really help with folks trying to determine multiple incursions and what not…I liked your thoughts and will def check out Dr Micheal Mcdonald!

  7. Sam

    Do you guys know anything about ancient artifacts found in the desert outside of Fallujah Iraq in the summer of 2008?

  8. Linda

    Another great interview guys! I just wanted to comment re. your guest’s ideas re. redemption. Another example is Jesus as Kinsman Redeemer; He had to take on flesh to relate to flesh (second Adam), or He couldn’t redeem flesh. Just like He would have had to come in the form of the various angels to redeem them if chose to do. There’s a powerful message in that story! There were specific requirements to be a Kinsman Redeemer and he met them all.

    There’s a website I think you would really enjoy re. Sonship. Dr. Michael McDonald Intro and then under Teaching. understanding info on “our purpose”: To love God, To think like God, and to labor with GOD. Being sons and daughters as believers now in His family, but then being adopted sons/daughters to carry on God’s Business. It fits in with a lot being said here. You have to listen to the Intro to better understand what I’m saying. a study on Romans to Philemon, Paul’s Gospel to the Gentiles. We have a heavenly purpose and as the guest alluded we will not be floating on clouds, but there is much going on in the Heavenly! God has chosen Israel to redeem the earth as His chosen people (remnant) and Jesus’ “little flock” he spoke to, the Covenant people, and He chose the Grace Believers to redeem the Heavens, that all should be redeemed back to GOD. I hope you take a look, most teachers/preachers as Tim stated don’t really understand the depths of what’s being said in the scriptures and they clump everything together in one big confused mess, so the arguments. Systematic Theology vs Biblical Theology (Gen. – Rev.)

    BTW may I ask here, have you heard from Anthony Patch? It’s very disturbing that he gets a visit and then just drops everything and disappears and his web pg. emptied and Facebook gone after his msg.there..I thought since you interviewed him (great!!) you might know something.

  9. Linda

    Sorry just one more thing, AKJV says Gen. 7 4 For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.
    Substance: the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists and which has a tangible, solid presence.
    I understand the demons are the displaced spirits of the Nephilim and although the flesh (substance/solid physical matter) was destroyed in the Flood their spirits don’t die. When Believers die their flesh dies and their spirits are given a glorified body. So although God slowed down Nachash’s plan it would start up again as they take on new flesh..This would go with the warning by Jesus that as in the days of Noah. . . It makes me think of possession and could one have been possessed such as Ham? His line? There had to be thousands of these spirits from the corruption up to Noah so plenty to go around and possess men/women. They need to be invited somehow, like directly or dabbling in things that allow them entry I thought. That line sure was willing! In any event they fit into God’s plan. He is forming a family of willing children, who Love and Trust Him, who receive His call and spend eternity with Him, these that choose to reject God will have had an opportunity to choose Him, but don’t and with Nachash will be judged to the Lake of Fire. Maybe center of the earth, where their spirits live in torment forever. Then we have CERN and their goals! Tim Alberino sure has us thinking and that’s a good thing!

  10. Brandon M.

    Great podcast here with Tim Alberino. Will be checking out his ministry. Interesting stuff.

  11. John Theurer

    Once again you guys have delivered a scrumptious episode packed with delicious portions of mind-expanding food for thought. I am rarely disappointed with what you two serve up and always hungry for more Canary Cry. Love the Biblical meat smothered in fringe sauce… ok… may the food analogy is a bit much :). Seriously, thoroughly enjoy you guys and and am thankful for your ministry. Topics and guests are almost always interesting and in my opinion informative. Very engaging and love the banter between you two. God bless you and pray the Lord continue to show you guidance and protect you and your families with a spiritual hedge of protection as you press on with this wonderful work. Well done!

  12. Peter

    A little something for Tim, Angels use swords, like our infantrymen use bayonets.

  13. Bailey Omura

    Yay I seriously get so excited when you guys post a new episode , <3 from Seattle

  14. Deborah Farr

    One of the most powerful descriptions I have ever heard about the awesome, incredible majesty of Jesus I have ever heard. Listened while driving my car and I was on fire ..amazing podcast as this canary cry radio just love it…

  15. DWL

    I love your show. That said, this guy is so clearly full of crap. You can hear the dishonesty in his babbling.

  16. Ed Fenech

    One of my favorite episodes. I think I’ve listened to it about 8 times while working; sad I know. It’s an interesting topic and I enjoy listening to Chris, but it’s the bits where you both crack me up. Basil, “…on the Road of the Immortals.” Hahaha 😀 Keep up the great work guys. Looking forward to your 100th episode!! but gotta have the 99th first (hint hint)

  17. I’m very glad they’ve put it on Vimeo since I never can afford to purchase the dvds that most of these ministries put out. But I’d love to see it. I understand that they need not only to recover their costs but to make a profit, yet they seem to forget that many of us either are out of work or employed at a subsistence level. Not that I’m complaining about that…working at all is good, and working for a ministry is better. But it’s hard to wait until someone buys the dvd and then takes the risk to post it on youtube or somewhere that’s free for those of us who can’t afford to pay for it.

  18. jeremy

    col 2:16-18 and genes 11:6 puts all steve quayle and tim alberino works and doctrine in the garbage. FALSE PROPHETS!!!!!!!

  19. denise

    first caught gonz as a guest on project zero- and my spirit leapt at the christian focus. i have since subscribed to face like the sun, canary cry and Alberino’s legends videos. excellent content – although like gonz i was mystified by the flat earth conversation. stuck w/ me for a few days before i could shake it. not that i’m especially gullible, but God is capable beyond our imaginings. keep up the great work, basil and gonz!!

  20. Alicia

    Did Tim ever release his book?

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