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CCR 098: True Legends with Tim Alberino

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CCR 098: True Legends with Tim Alberino


CONSTRUCTING THE PAST IN ORDER TO CONTROL THE FUTURE. That is what the nefarious elite of the world have been doing since antiquity. We have been taught in our history and science classes, that mankind is the only civilized species to ever walk the earth. Yet, the Bible, and many other ancient cultures, tell a different story. What many today dismiss as mere myth, may actually be our true history. And what many perceive as reality, may be a facade, a cover up, a grand conspiracy, to keep hidden our actual past. And while the nefarious elite group responsible for the cover up have done so in the world of academia and the down-flow of information through the channels of institution, there remain locations, and structures, left open to be explored, which even they could not hide from the masses. Tim Alberino is the Director & Expedition Leader for GenSix Productions. He is a researcher and explorer who spent 10 years living in the Amazon Rain forest of Peru with interests on many subjects relating to the Genesis 6 narrative, including, giants, the occult, the Nazi regime, ufology, transgenics and transhumanism. It’s strange that it took him so long to get on Canary Cry Radio.

In this episode, we speak with Tim Alberino about the recent release of his film ‘True Legends: Technology of the Fallen.’ But we dive into other subject matters from the strong possibility of a pre-adamic race, to biblical theology framed through the eyes of the supernatural, bible prophecy, and the Genesis 6 paradigm. We discover that Tim’s unique background and experience lead him to explore these strange fringe areas, specifically, an event he wouldn’t share with us in totality, since it is being written down in book form. Tim also shared a story about how he saw what he believed to be highly classified government craft, a mere 30 feet above his head. If true, it would verify much of what many of us alternative conspiracy researchers have been suggesting in the existence of a Secret Space Program with exotic technology that derive from reverse engineering craft from fallen angelic beings. This episode will both challenge some, and reinforce ones faith in others, that the fringe paradigm of Christianity really does make the Gospel message of Jesus Christ shine far brighter.


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