FLYBY: Nine Twenty Three and Me

923andme flyby

THE WORLD HAS ENDED! OR NOT! At least according to you reading it. September 23rd, or Nine Twenty Three was supposed to be, according to some, a day when the rapture of the church was supposed to happen. According to others, it was supposed to be the end of the world! But alas, nothing of seeming impact on a global scale, especially of biblical importance happened. In fact, it appears these predictions made by a few YouTube personalities have spoiled it for the rest of the Christian truther, and general truther community as a whole. Date setting has never been something that is effective, or useful in ministry. Yet, whenever a date is set, there are plenty of things that appear to support the theory. For example, many pointed out the patterns of Nine Twenty Three all over main stream media, suggesting predictive programming. Such examples fed into the mass hysteria that pursued these predictions.

So what better day than to report on the chaos? Basil and Gonz talk about these doomsday predictions in light of Gonz’ own video that went viral. While he did not make a prediction, it did cause a stir in his one corner of the internet. But despite the non event that was Nine Twenty Three, there is still plenty to talk about as the world continues to drive itself into seeming chaos. In fact, “fear mongering” has become pretty much all of the main stream media. But it is under these conditions where the light of Jesus Christ can shine even brighter!


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  1. FreakWhenSee

    CERN plans were depicted in 1963 in Outer Limits Boarderlands episode. Thanks to youtube channel “unplugem” for that revelation.

    recent earthquakes in Chile have correlated with CERN ramping up to it’s highest core levels.

  2. Dr. Steve

    Hey there! Great episode. About the clock, er, bomb-like device. Like others, no doubt it looks bomb like. One thing about the kid, before we start thinking this is deep conspiracy. I’ve done some tinkering as well, and I remember at about that age taking clocks apart and shorting parts to determine some of their function. Lots of sparks, and very dangerous! (That was quite a while ago!) So surplus AC devices can and are used by tinkerers. Bread boards and socket boards are pricey and not all kids think to use such devices unless properly taught. Further, in my experience, and by clients I have treated, lots of future engineers have traits of high functioning Aspergers/mild autistic spectrum disorder. As such, such persons think less of consequences. So, I think there is an innocent explanation. I have worked with kids that were excited about junk they made from such parts. I just pat them on the back and gently guide them on a safer, more sensible path. Now, no doubt the conspiratorial forces are having a field day with this, but I am not so sure the kid is a part of this. Not even the parents, per se. I don’t think such a Machiavellian person could have even predicted a bomb-like non-bomb would make it past the front door. No, this is innocent, but afterwards manipulated. Same difference, though, so it is a minor point. But, looking at that I am not sure he is MIT material! Maybe needs to go to Barry Sotero’s schools!

  3. 144 Ky

    Is there another podcast that is so nice like yours? More than one maybe? Can you tell me about it on the next FLYBY or something?

    I used to like the “StarTalk Radio”, but I don’t trust “science” anymore, so there is no point watching it and they broke my will of watching it when he interviewed a guy that was “god” on Twitter or something like that and he being kinda agnostic/atheist breaks it for me too.

    I love the guy, though. That is the thing with us Christians, we love everybody, even Bill Nye the “science” guy or Elon Musk, but even though I love them, I don’t really agree with them, their view of the world.

    I don’t even remember ever listening to Elon Musk, by the way, but he is rich, so there is that, why am I talking about Elon Musk? Because I had a picture of the three, Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Elon Musk as my computer wallpaper, but then I woke up.

    1. 144 Ky

      I was into “science” and they were “science people”, Elon Musk even had a picture on Twitter with a violin, I was trying to learn violin, but now that I saw it again, it is written “I have absolutely no idea how to play the violin”, so maybe he was just trying to make me like him, even though I am some unknown guy, for most people of this world, from Brazil.

  4. 144 Ky

    Stuff will melt on the Day of the LORD, if I remember correctly.

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