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CCR 100: Basil and Gonz’ Excellent Adventure

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CCR 100: Basil and Gonz’ Excellent Adventure


EPIC! LEGENDARY! HEROIC! DARING! 100! Welcome to Basil and Gonz’ EXCELLENT ADVENTURE! Time and space limit the ability for humanity to travel great distances in creation faster than the speed of light. But in this episode, the laws of physics are broken, and the impossible becomes possible!

For many years, Basil, the whimsical co-host of Canary Cry Radio, had been hard at work in his lair to create an operational machine that bends time and space. Today, he succeeds in at least one compartment of his goal; teleportation. Meanwhile, the astute Gonz, the other co-host of Canary Cry Radio, is invited into Basil’s lair to join in on the test drive. As Basil and Gonz enter into the promptly named “Teleportator-Nator,” the pair go on a most EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!

In the lifetime of the Canary Cry Radio podcast, both hosts and the audience were blessed by the presence of some of the most brilliant guests to discuss everything from Angels, Aliens and the Antichrist, to the Supernatural, Paranormal, and Extra-Dimensional, to the New World Order, Illuminati, and Mystery Religions, to Eugenics, Genetics, and Transhumanism, to Noah, Nimrod and the Nephilim, and so much more. Viewed through the filter of Bible Prophecy and the joyful hope that is found in the work of Jesus Christ, Canary Cry Radio has been one of the most unique Bible based podcasts to ever be produced.

So in honor of these wonderful guests who made Canary Cry Radio so unique, Basil and Gonz went out on a limb, and attempted something that had never been done in the history of podcasting. Interview not one, not two, not three, but over twenty relevant guests in a single Podcast Episode! That’s right! On this, the momentous 100th episode of Canary Cry Radio, Basil and Gonz travel in the “Teleportator-Nator,” to visit TWENTY-SIX past guests, future guests, and some good friends of the show. The result? The longest, most intense, most EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!


Here is the guest list in order of appearance, the time-stamp, as well as links to their work:

0:00 – Prelude

4:00 – Intro Music “A Revival for The Hour” Composed by Gonz

7:50 – Basil’s Lair (Unleashing the Teleportator-Nator)

12:15 – Brian Godawa (The Chronicles of Nephilim –

28:45 – LA Marzulli (Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural –

40:00 – Tommy Poland (Bigfoot)

49:30 – Dr. Aaron Judkins (Man vs. Archaeology

61:35 – Jim Wilhelmsen (Echoes of Enoch –

74:10 – Rob Skiba (Seed the Series/Testing the Globe – )

88:00 – Mark Sargent (Enclosed Earth –

105:10 – Leonard Ulrich (The Illusion of Money –

118:05 – Doug Woodward (Mars, Russia, Geopolitics –

129:45 – Doctor Future (Futurequake/The Holy War Chronicles –

145:30 – Cris Putnam (Exo-Vaticana/Supernatural Worldview –

158:50 – Yvonne (NDE/His Heavenly Armies –

171:40 – William Ramsey (Crowley and 911 –

179:10 – Dan Duval (Higher Dimensions –

191:45 – Adam Sayne (Conspiranormal –

201:00 – Doug Elwell (Planet-X/Nephilim –

217:25 – Stan Deyo (Pure Awesomeness –

236:35 – Dr. Jesse Adams (Nanotechnology)

252:10 – Josh Peck (Quantum Creation/Cherubim Chariots –

264:20 – Tom Horn (SkyWatch TV –

283:30 – Rev. Christopher Benek (Christian Transhumanism –

302:15 – Derek & Sharon Gilbert (SkyWatch TV/PID Radio –

322:25 – Natalina (Extraordinary Intelligence –

340:00 – Sam (God’s Property Radio/Media –

366:00 – Isa (End Times Mama –

380:50 – Dr. Mike Heiser (Unseen Realm/Divine Council –

391:00 – Return of the Teleportator-Nator

396:00 – “Think Outside The Cage” EPIC Outro Music (Composed by Gonz w/special guest voices…YOU!)

400:10 – Postlude Ramble