CCR 100: Basil and Gonz’ Excellent Adventure


EPIC! LEGENDARY! HEROIC! DARING! 100! Welcome to Basil and Gonz’ EXCELLENT ADVENTURE! Time and space limit the ability for humanity to travel great distances in creation faster than the speed of light. But in this episode, the laws of physics are broken, and the impossible becomes possible!

For many years, Basil, the whimsical co-host of Canary Cry Radio, had been hard at work in his lair to create an operational machine that bends time and space. Today, he succeeds in at least one compartment of his goal; teleportation. Meanwhile, the astute Gonz, the other co-host of Canary Cry Radio, is invited into Basil’s lair to join in on the test drive. As Basil and Gonz enter into the promptly named “Teleportator-Nator,” the pair go on a most EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!

In the lifetime of the Canary Cry Radio podcast, both hosts and the audience were blessed by the presence of some of the most brilliant guests to discuss everything from Angels, Aliens and the Antichrist, to the Supernatural, Paranormal, and Extra-Dimensional, to the New World Order, Illuminati, and Mystery Religions, to Eugenics, Genetics, and Transhumanism, to Noah, Nimrod and the Nephilim, and so much more. Viewed through the filter of Bible Prophecy and the joyful hope that is found in the work of Jesus Christ, Canary Cry Radio has been one of the most unique Bible based podcasts to ever be produced.

So in honor of these wonderful guests who made Canary Cry Radio so unique, Basil and Gonz went out on a limb, and attempted something that had never been done in the history of podcasting. Interview not one, not two, not three, but over twenty relevant guests in a single Podcast Episode! That’s right! On this, the momentous 100th episode of Canary Cry Radio, Basil and Gonz travel in the “Teleportator-Nator,” to visit TWENTY-SIX past guests, future guests, and some good friends of the show. The result? The longest, most intense, most EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!


Here is the guest list in order of appearance, the time-stamp, as well as links to their work:

0:00 – Prelude

4:00 – Intro Music “A Revival for The Hour” Composed by Gonz

7:50 – Basil’s Lair (Unleashing the Teleportator-Nator)

12:15 – Brian Godawa (The Chronicles of Nephilim –

28:45 – LA Marzulli (Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural –

40:00 – Tommy Poland (Bigfoot)

49:30 – Dr. Aaron Judkins (Man vs. Archaeology

61:35 – Jim Wilhelmsen (Echoes of Enoch –

74:10 – Rob Skiba (Seed the Series/Testing the Globe – )

88:00 – Mark Sargent (Enclosed Earth –

105:10 – Leonard Ulrich (The Illusion of Money –

118:05 – Doug Woodward (Mars, Russia, Geopolitics –

129:45 – Doctor Future (Futurequake/The Holy War Chronicles –

145:30 – Cris Putnam (Exo-Vaticana/Supernatural Worldview –

158:50 – Yvonne (NDE/His Heavenly Armies –

171:40 – William Ramsey (Crowley and 911 –

179:10 – Dan Duval (Higher Dimensions –

191:45 – Adam Sayne (Conspiranormal –

201:00 – Doug Elwell (Planet-X/Nephilim –

217:25 – Stan Deyo (Pure Awesomeness –

236:35 – Dr. Jesse Adams (Nanotechnology)

252:10 – Josh Peck (Quantum Creation/Cherubim Chariots –

264:20 – Tom Horn (SkyWatch TV –

283:30 – Rev. Christopher Benek (Christian Transhumanism –

302:15 – Derek & Sharon Gilbert (SkyWatch TV/PID Radio –

322:25 – Natalina (Extraordinary Intelligence –

340:00 – Sam (God’s Property Radio/Media –

366:00 – Isa (End Times Mama –

380:50 – Dr. Mike Heiser (Unseen Realm/Divine Council –

391:00 – Return of the Teleportator-Nator

396:00 – “Think Outside The Cage” EPIC Outro Music (Composed by Gonz w/special guest voices…YOU!)

400:10 – Postlude Ramble


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  1. Yeeeesssssss!!!!!! I’ve been checking for this all day! You guys did it, episode 100 before 2016. 😀
    This is going to make for one epic New Year’s Eve.

    1. admin

      Thanks Carissa! Enjoy and Happy New Year!

  2. Josue

    Awesome guys, thank you so much and I’ll be busy the next 6 and a half hours.. You went crazy on this one, happy new year and i wish you a blessed 2016.

  3. Arron Swan

    WOW 7 Hours of Canary Cry I can’t wait to listen this shall be interesting!!!

  4. Juan

    You did it!!! I wasn’t sure which would come first Jesus or episode 100. I was hoping for Jesus lol!!! Super exited about this!!!!

  5. Audrey RV

    Hey guys! This was awesome! As a podcast junkie I have to say that Canary Cry Radio is in my top 3! Looking forward to the next 100 and possibly seeing you guys at some more events in the future!

  6. James Simpson

    I enjoyed this episode so much. Thanks for the work you did for all 100 episodes.. It’s been a blessing

  7. Joel

    Awesome Super Episode for your 100th , God Bless , keep on fighting the good fight

  8. Omar

    I just finished listening to ALL 6 hrs straight! Do I get a medal? Jk,Jk, that was some impressive podcasting. Congratulations, it was worth the wait.

  9. Robert Valko

    Perfection Guyz!

    Was the perfect sum total of everything thus far… and was the first day at work I didn’t have to listen to some lame gnostic teaching podcast for lack of anything else.

  10. This was such a great compilation episode! Thank you Gonz & Basil for the work you guys do, and for bringing such great minds together for one show… God bless you and your ministry! -M

  11. Patty Varra

    Your 100 Pod cast was Awesome very well done and so worth the wait. God Bless you for being so committed.
    I Live in Alaska and my husband about 8 months ago had downloaded some of your Pod casts on his IPod and I listened at first I thought yeah this is not for me, but I really like the guests you have had on and I enjoy the freedom and sense of humor you have is wonderful. God Bless you both


  12. Justin

    Wow!…I haven’t even made it half way through this episode yet but wanted. To stop and tell you guys how much of a blessing your ministry has been to me over the past few years. As far as what I’m most interested in checking into from what I’ve heard so far, it would have to be Basil’s new YT series, The Joyspiracy Theory…it’s so easy for all of us who look into these darker areas of discernment to get caught up in the negative aspect of what our society is up against. Thankfully, we recognize that God does not give us a spirit of fear and all things are made and controlled by Him and are ultimately subject to Him and His righteous judgements.

    I can’t say thank you enough! Keep up the good fight!!!

  13. FreakWhenSee

    gotta Back to the Future feel with the production value. okay.

  14. Myrna

    I made it through Gonz and Basil’s 100th show and all I got was this t-shirt. Lol

  15. garret

    Epic. Way to bring it guys. God has blessed you guys with amazing talent.

  16. Jerry S

    Awesome work you guys! I had to pace myself on this but very happy to be able to wish you 100 happy podcasts!
    I know that finding your podcasts was no mistake… and like Isa (End Times Mama) said, your ministry has had a major impact on my life.

  17. luke cooper

    What an awesome episode!! Only took me 3 days to finish haha oh and by the way…191:45 – Adam Sayne (Conspiranormal – the URL is spelt wrong…there is an I not an A…

  18. Hey guys EPIC SHOW!! It was awesome see! I loved it! If every episode was this long. … Yall would never have time for real life,… But isn’t my happiness worth it? I’m jus sayn.. Lol jk guys! It really was a great show! Enjoyed it so much! Love yall! Xx God Bless in Jesus Name!

  19. Dejmien23

    Great job guys!!!
    It is really nice to listen to it.
    Rob Skiba needs to research the geocentric model, it’s full compatible with the Bible and science.

    God bless you, Gonz and Basil 😀

  20. Anna

    I discovered this at 10:30 pm and I don’t think my current insomnia will go for 6 hours straight. But this will provide me informative and fun listening for days to come. Thanks for all the creative work you do.

  21. Arron Swan

    now thinking about it where did Basil get the TARDIS… LOL XD

  22. Arron Swan

    now thinking about it where did Basil get the TARDIS?… LOL XD

  23. Jamie Whittaker

    Ron Wyatt found Noah’s Ark along time ago, yet the main stream Christian Church doesn’t know about it and the Christian “Truther” community pretends he and all his finds never existed…

  24. E_Ronius

    Mark Sargent is a shill

  25. Shannon O'Brien

    What is the name of the gentleman who is speaking during the intro music who talks about the pulpit not doing their job and teaching repentance to the sinners?

  26. Shannon O'Brien


    Gonz: Bleep blop.
    Basil: Bleep blop bloo.

    Most. Epic. Conversation. Ever.

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