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CCR 101: Middle-earth with Dr. Mike Heiser

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CCR 101: Middle-earth with Dr. Mike Heiser



WHAT DOES MIDDLE-EARTH & GANDALF HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTIANITY AND DR. MIKE HEISER? Why does Basil think he’s Legolas? And why does Basil think Gonz is Gimli? So many questions. Only one answer. Episode 101.

If you identify yourself as a “Christian,” you might want to grab a warm cup of Joe, and make your brain comfortable. Because listening to Dr. Mike Heiser will make you think deeper about your faith. Why does Dr. Heiser believe that De-mythologized Christianity has caused a setback for the greater church? Could it be that the corporate relationship maintained between the academic Christian world, and the consuming Christian populous, has neglected a growing  segment of the church? Dr. Mike Heiser says, yes, and he calls it, Christian Middle-earth. And he says that we are the dwellers of it.

We are the so called “fringe” Christians, or what Derek Gilbert of SkyWatchTV and PID Radio calls the “alt (dot) Christian” community. We operate outside the conventional church. We dwell in the land between the scholarly realms, and the greater masses; mostly online, the soil of Middle-earth. Our jobs are to be “traffic cops” for those who wander into Christian Middle-earth. We create sign posts and land marks to help those who wander into Christian Middle-earth find their way. We remind the wanderers to use the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) to protect from the Saruman’s and Orc’s. And of course, Dr. Mike Heiser explains why he is considered Gandalf.

We here at Canary Cry Radio would like to think ourselves as the rest stop for Middle-earth. Stop by, take break from the battles, hang out, relax and gain wisdom from scholars like Dr. Mike Heiser. But perhaps our greatest duty is to remind all of you, to think outside the cage!




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