CCR 102: Alien Hybrids Among Us with Dr. David Jacobs

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DO ALIEN HYBRIDS WALK AMONG US TODAY? Despite the mountains of data and evidence piling up from folks like author and historian Dr. David Jacobs, the subject matter of UFOs and Alien Abductions remain off limits for the “credible” intellectual community. Nevertheless, the stories and testimonies recorded by Dr. Jacobs reveal a dark and disturbing side to the phenomenon of Alien Abductions which involve genetic tampering and hybridization of humans with “them.”

As Christians, this kind of evidence reflects on a paradigm of the seed war that was described to begin in Genesis 3.

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”~Genesis 3:15

Soon thereafter, the events of Genesis 6 record of an unholy union between angelic beings and human daughters that resulted in a hybrid race, the Nephilim. This eventually lead to the flood of Noah.While Dr. Jacobs will not allow any of these recorded documents as evidence to explain the phenomenon, we can still respect his work of reporting and gathering information made available by Alien Abductees, especially for his ability to stay within the guidelines of the academic world.

In this episode, Dr. Jacobs claims that there are experiences that all, 100% of subjects share. What are those experiences? You will have to listen to the episode! He also discusses what he has termed “hubrids” or human – Alien Hybrids that apparently walk among us now. This alleged breeding program, according to Dr. Jacobs, is the most important topic in the world.

Is this phenomenon tied to the returning of the Nephilim, or at least some component of mythological events surrounding the hybridization of man recorded in so many ancient texts? If so, how long has this been happening? And why is the message of these entities one in the same with those suggested by the new age channelers in communication with the so called “Ascended Masters”? The Bible claims that Satan and his ministers can appear as “Angel of Light” (2 Cor.11:14). Could this be the seed of the serpent, who have ultimately been denied by the victory of Jesus Christ on the cross?


Dr. David Jacobs Website

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 Dr. David Jacobs is a historian with a Phd from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the field of intellectual history. He is well known in the ufology community as being an authority on this subject matter, having written not only his dissertation on the UFOs (which eventually became his first published book back in 1975), but several books since, including the most recent release, the first in 15 years, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity. He taught a course on “UFOs in American Society” at Temple University for 25 years.

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  1. Omar

    This verse came immediately to my mind when I started hearing how these “hubrids” act. ” 4 For when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness, and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even excuse them 16 on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus. ” Romans 2:14. How can a sentient being that is not directly created by GOD have empathy, love or understating in his heart and mind about the most basic human instinct? That’s why probably the Nephalim in the OT were out of control as well. No basic law written in their hearts. Just a thought. God bless.

    1. Jerry Sumpter

      Good point, Omar.

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  3. luke cooper

    1. Ignore the facts 2. Manipulate the facts or 3. Dont know the facts…sounds like what he is doing when any mention of the bible is brought up…

    1. Agreed! That is what I thought too, when I heard this.

  4. michael westall

    hmmm i currently under medical care now due to a state thats determined to be sleep paralysis ‘ i have suffered from this from age 24 ‘im now 34′ and have had at some points up to 14 Attacks in a single night’ i have seen a wide variety of entitys ‘a black onyx like silouette in the shape of our lord praying (knealt) at the side of me in my bed’ ive had an expereience where i thought i was at an open cast mine ‘with a thick dust in the air and lime green lighting and machinery and that event happened during the day to me ‘so naturally i termed it as a nde’ the amount of bizzare ufo and some things i couldnt begin to describe here and yet the only saving grace ive found is scraeming out for jesus ‘what does the doctor think about that i wonder. all the best guys ‘i love your show thanks mikey u.k

  5. grus

    I enjoyed listening to this episode. It was very interesting. The end was a bit annoying though as clearly this man is not a believer or perhaps a nominal Christian with very little knowledge of the Bible. He seemed annoyed when you mentioned it. I was hoping you two were going to suggest that he visit Chris White’s Very awesome site It also seemed odd that he stated that the abduction phenomenon was a relatively new phenomenon. Odd for someone with so much knowledge on the subject to be clueless of the stories of this down through history.

    1. I agree

  6. Jerry Sumpter

    I appreciate the interview Gonz and Basil. You guys are so patient. Personally, I don’t buy the authenticity of Jacob’s position. I don’t buy it. I’m not in any way superhuman in my ability to read anyone’s minds… but I sense that he’s being deceptive. You can doubt my own sincerity if you like… but I believe he has skin in the game and perhaps he would rather use his position as “primary researcher” to debunk the biblical position on this and move people to accept the alien deception agenda.

  7. Tia

    So, this was pretty interesting but it’s always so frustrating to me when some people who study the alien phenomena from a secular worldview are soooo unwilling to consider alternative explanations. Interesting conversation, though! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  8. Odette

    I don’t understand why an intelligent man like Dr. David Jacobs is obviously deceived into thinking that the Bible is only supposed to be used in a religious framework, and not as the obviously historical, spiritual and multi-dimensional work that it is. In so doing he is discounting a large amount of credible evidence that abductions did take place. In Genesis 6 some of the women did not go with the fallen angels willingly, they were raped. This is the same ‘alien abduction theory’ Obviously the specimens that Jacobs knows that were unearthed of “humanoids fall in line with Biblical and Enochian accounts of the fallen ones raping women and splicing human and animal genes to create different bodies. Clearly, it proves that the Bible is ahead of its time and that modern day researchers are playing catch-up with technology that possibly preexisted the antediluvian world. Space and time travel is something new to us, but not to the Bible. What Dr. Jacobs fails to realize is that abduction accounts effectively make clear that we are in the “Days of Noah” which Jesus spoke about. And I do believe that the governments of the world are in on this, they are not innocent bystanders in this end time New World Order that the fallen ones are going to use these “hubrids” to help bring about.

  9. wendi

    Well, I can say this guy was odd..but ‘interesting!’ Obviously, he was intelligent, hence the ‘ Dr. David Jacobs,’ but so completely illogical at times. He was pretty comical though, more than couple of times during this interview, I found myself wondering, “How much has this guy has to drink tonight??”

  10. Daisy

    Truly an interesting interview…but Dr. Jacob as a historian truly contradicts himself. In a way he says the Bible is a ‘myth’ aka story therefor not to be taken serious, but on the other hand builds his alien and hybrid ‘knowledge’ on people their stories aka myths, which he says is serious business….duh? *facepalm*
    Guys your patience is incredible! greetz from Germany 😀

  11. Morgan Ivanovskis

    I have loved listening to Dr. Jacobs for many years now. We should all definitely be praying for his salvation of course. At one time I had nothing but contempt for the Word of God and became infuriated at the name of Jesus and yet, no matter how far I ran, there the truth would be, staring me in the face. If it were not for L.A. Marzulli, I may have continued to run from Jesus the rest of my life. God used him as a tool to reach me through a subject that I was obsessed with, and that from the worldly approach had ensnared me. I have no doubt that when he is alone, that the Holy spirit may be at work in his heart and mind. Dr. Jacobs has expressed a despair about the future mankind faces. Perhaps, one day, it will drive him into the arms of Christ- I know it did that very thing to me.
    Much of what he has to say is very interesting and important- so long as we observe it through the lens of scripture and use our discernment. Great episode, I have no doubt that God may be using you to minister to your guests as much as your listeners. Even if it appears that it is falling on deaf ears- it is going to work on hearts. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Dalton

    I’m glad you guys don’t take it like a slap in the face when he talks about but biblical history not counting as real history. he counts as part of the thing talking about leaving out evidence he includes himself

  13. Hector Arriaga

    Typical atheist yelling “show me” the evidence and then ignoring it. But he is the “evidence” of the coming great deception. If there’s aliens out there then there is no God. What a joke

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