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FLYBY: Canarians on Parade!

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FLYBY: Canarians on Parade!

WHY DO BASIL AND GONZ PODCAST? It’s because of YOU! In this FLYBY Basil and Gonz just hang out and talk about a bunch of random things, not the least of which, of how grateful they are for the Canary Cry Radio audience. In fact, they are so grateful, that Basil breaks out into song a couple of times, while Gonz doodles on the MIDI Key-tar. Back in March 2012, Basil and Gonz published the first episode of Canary Cry Radio. As they celebrate their 4 year anniversary, they reflect on their journey of how without the support, encouragement and prayers of the people, the podcast would have died many moons ago. The goal for Canary Cry Radio was to build a community where Christians can unabashedly and without fear, tackle the subjects you won’t hear about in church. Topics like alien abductions, transhumanism, conspiracy theories, and the Nephilim, all as it relates the God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. But along the way, the boys have evolved, going from a serious tone to a more uplifting and joyous one. And YOU have all been a part of it!

Other than showing their appreciation for the listeners on this FLYBY, Basil and Gonz ramble on about more shill accusations, the first musical albums they ever bought, and some Japanese stuff like Anime. And make sure to visit their individual ministries:

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