FLYBY: Canarians on Parade!

WHY DO BASIL AND GONZ PODCAST? It’s because of YOU! In this FLYBY Basil and Gonz just hang out and talk about a bunch of random things, not the least of which, of how grateful they are for the Canary Cry Radio audience. In fact, they are so grateful, that Basil breaks out into song a couple of times, while Gonz doodles on the MIDI Key-tar. Back in March 2012, Basil and Gonz published the first episode of Canary Cry Radio. As they celebrate their 4 year anniversary, they reflect on their journey of how without the support, encouragement and prayers of the people, the podcast would have died many moons ago. The goal for Canary Cry Radio was to build a community where Christians can unabashedly and without fear, tackle the subjects you won’t hear about in church. Topics like alien abductions, transhumanism, conspiracy theories, and the Nephilim, all as it relates the God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. But along the way, the boys have evolved, going from a serious tone to a more uplifting and joyous one. And YOU have all been a part of it!

Other than showing their appreciation for the listeners on this FLYBY, Basil and Gonz ramble on about more shill accusations, the first musical albums they ever bought, and some Japanese stuff like Anime. And make sure to visit their individual ministries:

Gonz’ YouTube Channel:

Basil’s Podcast:



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  1. 144ky

    This network of podcasts and channels are a blessing.

  2. 144ky

    The groups should be of 13 NWO people.

  3. 144ky

    Now listen to me, you know, I mean it, I am here for a reason, you are now talking about anime, check out “one-punch man”, that anime is full and I mean FULL of symbolism, it is almost symbolism with anime not anime with symbolism.

    I have some notes about the first two episodes and I can send you if you want, just mail me.

  4. Timoyhy

    Dude. You guys are awesome! These three podcasts have been INCREDIBLE. Very thought provoking. Totally worth sharing and posting with everyone!

  5. Alice

    Congratulations on four years! Here is to many more. Blessings to you!

  6. Juan

    Really enjoyed the show it’s great to hear you guys just being real. How the rest of the year is a great year for you guys.

  7. Al Dhi

    Hey, you two!

    I just wanted to say that for some reason I can relate to all these throwbacks you’ve experienced ever since August of last year, because I’m going through a harsh time as well. This is probably very superstitious but a part of me believes that we’re in the middle of a major spiritual battle right now which we cannot see, but feel its effects.
    I wanted to finally give in and donate to get my supercool USB drive but it appears that you need a credit crad for that. Oh well, I think I’ll be donating anyway just because both of you have really blessed me over the course of the last 10 months or so. FaceLikeTheSun especially brought me a lot closer to Jesus when I first encountered it.

    About the anime episode.
    Yes, you need to be doing that. Some animes are so loaded with occult motives, it’s worse than reading Rudolf Steiner or Albert Pike. Just look at the phallic symbolism mixed with implied 9/11 appeals at the beginning of this trailer (Sorry for it being in German): .
    This is a clip from the climax of an anime called Code Geass: . I think I don’t even need to say anything about this one. And I’m sure you’ve seen it back in the day, Gonz, but don’t forget about Neon Genesis Evangelion which is probably the master of its “trade”.

    Cassette recorders… Yeah, that brings some memories… In hindsight I feel so bad for every time I ecstatically yelled at my parents because they were disturbing my elaborate radio plays *sigh*. Sometimes I wish I had a more elemental childhood, a more human one. You know, like climbing trees and stuff? Well, I guess it’s only gonna get worse for the following generations. And I already sound like a grumpy 80-year-old. Time’s moving so fast.

    Whatever, keep doing what you’re doing and be blessed by the Lord!
    Until then!

  8. Palwasha

    Hi guys big thumbs up and Congrats on your four years !! I really appreciate this network podcast and all the channels praying for you guys and your protection. May God The Father and Jesus our Lord AND Saviour continue to bless you greatly and may you be a blessing to others.

    Again Congrats and thanks for all you do guys!

  9. Lance

    In the video TAY the RACIST A.I. and BABY X put out by Gonz, he wonders how far they will go with this technology. Revelation 13, RSV, 1952, details how far they will go with this! Those who will not worship and serve the beast, and the image of the beast that is given “breath” which speaks, godlike A.I., those who will not take its mark, are to be “slain”, killed by those who do! One can see how this is going to play out as the New Age e-Government, e-Democracy, and the digital cashless e-monetary system is rapidly being implemented.

    1. Lance

      On a regular basis now it appears I’m being censored through the use of the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” notification. Anyone else having this problem?

      1. Rhonda


        I think they moderate all comments to stop bots. Most WP sites use the same kind of thing. It’s pretty standard. Pretty sure it’s not personal 🙂

        1. Lance

          Ok, I’ll take your word for it.

  10. Lance

    I used to buy stuff on the Internet, but not anymore. I use cash, or one of my two bank cards, or just trade one thing for another, but even these things are going to soon no longer be accepted as a form of payment. Increasingly it appears the only way one will be able to buy or sell in the very near future will be through the “cashless” electronic e-monetary system. All over the world today there are all kinds of electronic payment systems, but they are all tied directly into the Internet. How long will it be until one has to have an electronic “mark”, which is to be placed “on the right hand or forehead”, so that the system can recognize a person, and “authorize” that person to “buy or sell”? I don’t know, but its going to occur much sooner than 2020 based on the information available. Could this be tied in with the “high tech advancements in life extension” to artificially “enhance the human immune system”, using some type of DNA/nanotech/biotech “innovation” placed “on” the human body, in the form of a patch, assay, or tattoo vaccination? Sure looks like it to me. Anyway, some things to consider as time accelerates toward the “end of days”.

    1. Lance

      [ youWare ] A digital ID for the real world

      1. Lance
        1. Lance

          I am not a “bot”! I’m a real person! Oh, wait, there’s no way for you, or it, to know for sure, so I guess I’ll need to get some type of electronic tattoo put “on” me so the you and it can know whether or not I’m a human, right?

        2. Lance

          Almost 24 hours now and my comment is still awaiting moderation?

        3. Lance

          2 days now and still my comment is awaiting moderation? Yeah, right, sure.

          1. Lance

            Tell me again why my comment is still awaiting moderation? Its been 4 days now.

  11. SusanLynn

    Four years?!!! That is just fantastic. What can I say? I just love, love this podcast and the interaction between the two of you. Peas and Carrots, meat and potatoes, pen and paper, fish and chips, surf and turf, ebony and ivory, spongebob and patrick, Basil and Gonz. Dynamic duo extraordinaire.

  12. Lance

    Top Ten Cybernetic Upgrades Everyone Will Want
    by Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board member Michael Anissimov.

    I don’t want any of these “Upgrades”, thanks. How about you? How many of those around, including your family members and friends, are already singing the praises of these “Upgrades”, especially the ones promising immortality?

  13. Lance

    Brain-Computer Interfaces for Manipulating Dreams
    by Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board member Michael Anissimov.

  14. Lance

    Bill Gates named 2015 Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award Winner

    The world’s greatest humanitarian!

    A “humanitarian” is one who believes, “…the doctrine that Jesus Christ was merely a man and not divine.”

  15. Lance
  16. Lance
  17. Lance

    IBM’s ‘brain-inspired’ supercomputer to help watch over US nuclear arsenal

    (Just brilliant, aren’t they?)

  18. Lance

    Aren’t many “birds” chirping about the information in the comments I’ve posted. Not sure why, but there are numerous possibilities as to why, some of which I’m sure you know of. In any case, soon, it won’t matter. Those who are being deceived deserve to be deceived! Why? Because they refused the love of the TRUTH (Jesus Christ) so as to be saved! It is for this reason that GOD gives them over to their passions, in whatever form they may be! Seen the ad by eye-bee-mmm where “it” tells you how you can “pursue your passion” by creating your own website? Don’t you need a name and/or number in order to create your own website? What global organization oversees the creation and allocation of website names and/or numbers? Oh, yeah, they International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN! Why do you think they want everyone to have their own website? Just for the fun of it, right? Yeah, right, sure.

    1. Lance

      Why do you think they want you to “create your own brand”? (brand? Don’t they brand or mark cattle? Get it yet?)

  19. Lance

    One more little tidbit of information concerning the “mark” all will need to have in order to “buy or sell” in the very near future!

    A Digital Tattoo Implanted Under Your Skin

    Soon, its not going to be “optional”!

  20. Lance
  21. Lance

    h+ Magazine: Synthetic Biology — The True Savior of Mankind

  22. Lance

    Oh, by they way, the digital tattoo will be used to control the mind of the person its put on. This way “it” can “cause” people to do what “it” wants them to do.

  23. Lance

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Selects Salesforce for $100 Million Blanket Purchase Agreement

  24. Lance

    Direct neural interfacing is described in detail here. Its not a fantasy or science fiction anymore!

    1. Lance
  25. Lance
  26. Lance

    According to the Abjad alphabet, an ancient system of letters and numbers which dates back to before the 8th century, the number for the letter W is 6.

    Based on this information:

    1. It appears that WWW = 666.

    2. It appears that the World Wide Web, or WWW, is the “name of the beast”.

    3. It appears that the “number of its name” is 666.

    Few people understand, or realize, the following:

    1. The nations of the “World” have been divided into “Ten Global Regions” (ten horns).

    2. There are “Seven Technical Councils” (seven heads) the members of whom oversee all developments in biometrics, electronic design automation, nanotechnology, sensors, systems, and technology management in the Ten Global Regions.

    3. There are “Ten Technical Divisions” (ten diadems) and associated “Societies” overseeing operations within these Ten Global Regions. The members of each division are involved in all the scientific and technological developments related to Information Technologies.

    “And I saw a beast (WWW) rising out of the sea (the collective imaginations of carnal man), with ten horns (Ten Global Regions) and seven heads (Seven Technical Councils), with ten diadems (Ten Technical Divisions) upon its horns….”

    It appears that Revelation 13:1, RSV, 1952, (with the letters and words in parenthesis mine for clarification) is reality.

  27. Greg

    Hey guys great job! Just wanted to say that I just found face like the sun YouTube channel and listened to all the episodes. Now I’m working on CCR since I have 9 hours a day to work and listen to your episodes. The great thing about your content is my coworkers walk by and always ask what I’m listing to and what it is about. So it’s my chance to witness to others about Yeshua our savior due to your content. May YHWH bless you guys.

  28. Lance

    Electronic Tattoos

    Look at the one image (g) where the guy has an electronic surveillance device, an epidermal electronic system, or EES for short, which is mounted “on” his “forehead”! Yeah, that “fundamentalist” nonsense about the “mark” which is to be placed “on” the “right hand or forehead” without which you’ll not be authorized to “buy or sell”, written in the Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible in the Revelation to John, chapter 13, is baloney, right? Yeah, sure, right.

  29. Lance

    Be sure to note how the benefits of this technology are always, always, always promoted by those who practice and preach the doctrine of HUMANITARIANISM, which is the “The distinctive tenet denying the divinity of Christ; also, the system of doctrine based upon this view of Christ.” (Original definition!) Every wonder why all who “practice” this “system of doctrine” are called “doctors”? Wonder no more! Wake the hell up!

    1. Lance

      What is a “doctorate”? The answer is:

      What do they teach in colleges and universities? The tenets of “humanitarianism”, and its “system of doctrine”!

  30. Lance

    Be sure to note how those of the HUMANITARIAN mindset are always promoting man’s “independence” through the “application” of their “solutions” and “innovations”. They always contend that man’s obligations are limited to, and dependent alone on, man and human relations, which is why they have developed the platforms of “social media”. They constantly harp on the need to develop “relationships” though “collaboration”, don’t they!

  31. Lance

    What the humanitarian’s of the world fail to tell you about their electronic surveillance systems is how they will be used (and are being used right now) to manipulate and control people’s thinking. Its happening all the time, but most people just don’t realize it. The mere understanding that WE are under constant surveillance manipulates and controls what we think and what you do but, this doesn’t take into account the hidden ways that this is being done through broadcast frequencies! If you don’t agree with what the humanitarian’s want everyone to do, and you express your opposition to their antichrist way of thinking, what do you think they will do to those who don’t go along with the “program”? Stupid question, isn’t it!

  32. Lance

    I think I’ve made my point. If you haven’t caught on yet, you’d better re-examine yourselves and your so-called “Christian” perspectives. That is all. Time grows short.

  33. Jo Trombley

    Hey! Backstreet Boys Rock!!!

  34. Lance
  35. Lance
  36. Lance

    What is a “digital citizen”? Are you a “social media personality”?

  37. Lance

    How can you earn a “badge”? Anyone know the symbolic meaning of the “symbol” being used as the “badge”?

    1. Al Dhi

      Hey Lance,

      I don’t really understand what you’re trying to get out of researching something as random as community badges on some university’s web page.

      The symbol is one of the oldest symbols out there, nowadays called the “Triquetra” (“triangular” in Latin). It’s been used mainly in Celtic and Germanic culture. This is how it’s usually depicted: .
      Its original meaning has been lost. Some scholars speculate that it symbolized the three aspects of a “Great Mother Goddess” that appeared in a lot of cultures. In this case, the three arches would represent female genitalia, and the circle around them would represent their triunion and/or their eternity. I don’t know why the University of British Columbia decided to use this symbol, and why they broke the outer circle up into three lines.
      Keep in mind that this entire subject matter about a supposed pan-European triune goddess predating Christianity is a minefield of speculation. If you want to go down that rabbit hole, start here: .

      What seems clear is that the Catholic Church later christianized the symbol, interpreting the three arches as three pisces (three fish). You will thus find it in medieval artwork as well.

  38. Brenden Blanco

    Truly blessed to have u guys

  39. Shannon O'Brien

    I loved this Flyby. Especially Basil’s singing. I needed a good laugh today and you guys delivered. Keep up the great work.

  40. Christine Coleman

    Your programs are making a difference in my life and outlook in general. Thank you, thank you!

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