CCR 105: The Babylon Code with Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson

IS THERE A CODE IN THE BIBLE ONLY MEANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD IN THE END TIMES? According to Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson, authors of the book ‘The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End-Times Mystery,’ there certainly is. The characteristics of the culture in ancient times as recorded during the building of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11, eerily mirror the culture and philosophical presuppositions of today. The tools of science and technology have brought us to a point in history where the wildest ideas and imaginations of men become achievable. And since man is fallen in sin, the aspirations for humanity also fulfill the will of the fallen one. Even with the best intentions, it appears mankind will lose control over the steering wheel of scientific advancement, leading to abominable lifeforms to roam the earth again as it once did thousands of years ago. The intervention for this flesh eating spiritual condition was first solved on Calvary, where Jesus Christ hung on the cross and died for our iniquities. But in His resurrection, defying the confined laws of nature by overcoming death, Jesus proved that He was the One who has power over creation. And thus, it will be Him again to return to fulfill the long awaited hope to restore creation, from the dirt, to the soul. This unfathomable future event is the great hope and promise that all Christians have, yet few realize.

The goal for a book like ‘The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End-Times Mystery,’ is to begin tearing down the barrier placed between the truth and the people, with the hope that God would use it to awaken people to the relevancy and power of the Gospel in our current world.


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  1. Jerry Sumpter

    I wouldn’t say that your guests themselves have any nefarious intentions, but as Christians we really must be aware that the enemy will leverage many forms to throw us off track. I don’t have any prophetic powers or special vision–hence I’m also fallible, but Jesus is my rock–and I value greatly the work that you (Gonz and Basil) are doing; you are very inspiring to me. What I want to say–what is most on my heart is the desire to urge patience in discerning the aims of the authors (and their influences). As someone who teaches history at the university level, I’m very nervous that Paul and Troy willingly cite Noam Chomsky (a progressive very much involved in NWO conditioning) as a source of influence in their work. In Chomsky’s philosophy the elite aren’t the illuminati, but the upper middle class (nationalism, Christianity, Western values, land owners) that hinder “progress” toward a new world order. This may be an unintentional oversight on the authors’ behalf, and I plan to read the Babylon Code, but I simply want to urge restraint in embracing ideas that at first appear to be on our side–but that might lead us astray.
    With love,

  2. 144 Ky

    I recommend reading this if you are over 18:

    Do you guys know about the “homunculus” phenomenon?

    It is the literal mixing of seeds (Leviticus 19:19) “meme” (I mean, it is almost, if not the full, fulfillment of prophecy).

    A Russian guy, put his seed inside a chicken egg and left it for a while, then a little “creature” was born.

    Original video (Warning: It is disgusting): “Как сделать гомункула (Homunculus)” (Over five million views)

    The channel’s videos are pretty “occult”, he did 3 videos about the “Homunculus” (I recommend not watching the third one, unless you are prepared to see the last food you ate).

    I don’t agree with the guy that made a video explaining this “meme” (I even disliked the video), but I first heard about this on the video called “THE MOST DISGUSTING INTERNET TREND”, which YouTube recommended me, so you can see this video (I recommend leaving a dislike and a comment rebuking the things said on the video, but that is your choice).

    I think this guy could be part of the “occult” and maybe it is a way they found to push that agenda, starting with a “weird guy” to see people’s reaction or to prepare people.

  3. 144 Ky

    Proud of you, by the way, very nice interview (I already knew your potential).

  4. Lance

    “…in His resurrection, defying the confined laws of nature by overcoming death, Jesus proved that He was the One who has power over creation.”

    I have to disagree with your statement. GOD, the Father of Jesus, The Christ, is the ONE who has power over creation. Jesus was resurrected by his Father, the “Almighty”, the “Most High God”!

    The apostle Paul said, “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death. For God has done what the law, weakened by the flesh, could not do; sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, he condemned sin in the flesh, in order that the requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” (The Letter of Paul to the Romans, chapter 8, verses 2, 3, 4, Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible, printed 1952)

  5. Lance

    The Babylon Code? There is no Babylon code! Yet more babel to lead people astray! Babylon was an evil empire, an evil civilization, and Babel was an evil city, which has had dominion over the “…kings of the earth…”. The nations have played the harlot with Babylon. The judgment and doom of Babylon, and the nations that have played the harlot with her up until today, is foretold in The Book of Revelation, chapter 18, RSV, 1952.

  6. Lance

    Babylon is the opposite or antithesis of Paradise and Heavenly Jerusalem. Babylon symbolizes a vitiated magnificence which is self-condemned because it focuses on the material world. Babylon symbolizes paganism. The rites and rituals of pagans include tattooing, sacrificing children to false gods and goddesses, worshiping and serving “graven images” or “images of anything”, which is idolatry.

  7. Lance

    Hasn’t occurred to any of you that you’re being “used” by the “system” yet, has it, or has it?

  8. Lance

    The ancient Babylonians attempted to construct a tower to the heavens and make a name for themselves. “The native name Babil meant ‘gate of God’. The tower of Babylon was constructed in an attempt to build a “stairway to heaven”. Babil, Babel, and Babylon as it has been termed, was the home of a “religion” centered around the “Temple of Merodach” or the “Temple of Marduk”. Marduk, or Bel, or Jupiter was the patron deity of the city of Babylon. This “god” played a very important role in Babylonian mythology and art. The Arabs, Assyrians (Syrians), Phenicians, Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Canaanites (Amorites), and others all borrowed ideas and customs from Babylon, and In particular, the Hebrews (Jews). They adopted the Babylonian customs centered on “Family Cults”, wherein people of various “cultures” gathered at local shrines, engaged in celebrations, and feasts. They grafted in the worship of “other gods” with the worship of the GOD of the Israelites. This has been, and is, going on still today. This is what multi-cult-ural-ism is all about. The various familial “cults” gather together at specific places of worship (shrines), and engage in festivities (celebrations), and all have days where they gather together to eat and drink (feasts). The “nations” all have various gods and goddesses they worship and revere. They have created all kinds of “graven images” to represent them. The Statue of Liberty is one of them. The Destroyer or Shiva is another. The bronze Bull on Wall Street is yet another. The list is long. All the “nations” have played the harlot with Babylon!

  9. These “Christians” are psyops. This 1% Elite that they and many alt media sites speak of. The Illuminati, and Secret Societies etc are actually satanic jews. Kabalistic Talmudic Jews. These are at the core of supremicism. Rothschild, Rockefeller, all jews. You will see that all the Federal Reserve Chairman are all Jewish. The Western Worlds Mass Media is owned and powered by jews.
    This “chosen people” concept is recent. Scolfield was financed by jews.
    People need to realize that it’s a grave sin to support the modern state of Israel. They were scatteredout of Palestine by Christ’s JuJudgement for conspiring and crucifying Him.

  10. Johnnie Richardson

    Yo I’d like to hear more about push back against the illuminati as the spark for the start of the two great awakenings. I can’t find anything on it searching the web. Even just a place to start in researching this hidden history. That is the first time I ever heard that and I went to a private Christian school for a while growing up. I found some stuff saying Spurgeon was into illuminated freemasonry though…

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