CCR 106: The Dragon King with Brian Godawa

WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF THE DRAGON? The Bible describes the Dragon as Satan, the serpent, the nefarious rebel and adversary who has his own interest in mind at the expense of mankind. Meanwhile, in the ancient far east, the dragon has been a symbol of authority, royalty and class for a millennia. How might we in the west attempt to understand this seeming dichotomy? Was the ancient far east such as China and Japan influenced by Satan, and thus the dragon imagery? Or is there something else going on? The author of The Chronicles of the Nephilim Series and good friend of the podcast, Brian Godawa, dives into these topics through the Divine Council paradigm in his new book The Dragon King: First Emperor of China. This is the first of the new fiction and fantasy series by Brian called The Chronicles of the Watchers. Brian teamed up with former visual director of Marvel Studios, Charlie Wen, to tell an action-adventure romance rooted in the ancient history and spiritual reality of China. A description of the book reads:

East Eats West It’s 220 B.C. The ancient Western Empire is crumbling. In a desperate bid to save his throne, the Greek Seleucid king over Babylon sends his son, Antiochus, a dishonored warrior, into the mysterious land of the Far East to capture a mythical creature that will give him absolute power: a dragon. Antiochus takes with him his longtime friend, Balthazar, a member of the Magi order of Babylon, responsible for both the religion and science of the empire. But Balthazar also carries with him a dangerous secret that could destroy Antiochus’ plans and plunge the world into chaos. They sail beyond their maps into the mysterious and uncharted Eastern Orient. They are discovered and escorted inland to the empire of Ch’in (now known as China), ruled by the first emperor, Ch’in Shi Huang Di. The emperor is a brutal ruler and is on the edge of insanity in a mad quest to find the elixir of immortality. Antiochus meets and falls in forbidden love with a beautiful concubine of the emperor, Mei Li. But she also harbors a secret that can bring down the mad emperor. It’s the truth of China’s spiritual past that is mysteriously connected to the ancient Hebrews and the Tower of Babel. And there are spiritual principalities and powers who seek to stop them all. These are the Watchers, who have their own plans to rule the world. Finding and capturing a dragon is the least of Antiochus’ difficulties in this action-adventure clash of cultures and war of gods. Part of the Historical Fantasy Series Chronicles of the Watchers The Dragon King is the first book of the Historical Fantasy Series Chronicles of the Watchers that charts the influence of spiritual principalities and powers over the course of human history. The kingdoms of man in service to the gods of the nations at war. Completely based on ancient historical and mythological research.

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  1. 144 Ky

    Another proof that the LORD is the True LORD, in the beginning even China knew it, because once, we were all together and knew the LORD, some didn’t follow Him, but everybody knew, I mean, Adam being 930 years old, there was a lot of time to share that information, some random thought now, if people lived 900 years, how long did pregnancy take?

  2. Denise Norton

    I know that it doesn’t make you feel any better, but you are under attack because you are speaking truth, and some entities not only don’t appreciate that, they resent that. I am grateful you are here, and believe in truth and the ability to soldier on.

  3. Hey guys. Just so you know. X-Men is a creation of Stan Lee from Marvel studios. But during the 90’s when Marvel was going bankrupt they sold the rights to a lot of their characters. X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool are owned by Fox. Sony owns Spider-Man and Venom. Universal Studios owns Hulk (but they loan him out to Marvel). And Marvel owns the rest.

  4. Brenden Blanco

    Another cool branch off to Christianity. Keep up the good works guys. God bless

  5. geofbrewer

    Excellent interview. Read the book. Looking forward to the next. Praying for you, Brothers.

  6. Al Dhi

    It’s weird, I used to do almost nothing but reading during my childhood but completely lost interest in it as I grew older and as I realised that most modern novels were just culminations of nothing, plots void of any meaning, bloated to fill 500+ pages, wrapped in a most infantile language, driven only by the author’s desire to see his name on a bookshelf. On the other hand the classics are often just pure occult brainwash.
    I gave up hope, but after three years of not reading any fiction at all, this episode has finally awoken my appetite for Godawa’s book – Alright, I surrender, I’ll buy it 😀 Let’s see if my instinct for books I like still works. Anyhow, thanks for the episode – It was great!

    BTW, I tried to comment on a FaceLikeTheSun video, but it kept disappearing. Either YouTube has some spam alert mechansims going on (I used some trigger phrases like “New World Order” in it) or Gonz was grossed out by my restless babbling (which I don’t hope).

  7. Lance

    The dragon is a symbol of evil and diabolical tendencies. In the West, dragons guarded the “golden fleece” and the “Garden of the HESPERIDES”. In China, dragons guarded the “PEARL”. The dragon is identified with the “serpent”. Both are symbols of evil and hatred. They are celestial symbols of the “life force” and the “power of manifestation”. In Celtic traditions, the dragon was used as a symbol of the “Emperor”, or a “king seated upon his throne.” The emblem of Wales is the “Red Dragon”. The emblem of the Saxon’s was the “White Dragon”. The symbol of the serpent is used to represent the soul and libido, the “life force”. The dragon, or serpent, is the symbol of an “Old God”, the “God of Nature”, who was dethroned, cast out of Heaven for leading a rebellion. The dragon, or serpent, is one of the oldest representations, or archetypes, of the human soul in every cult/culture on earth!

  8. Lance

    Dragon or serpent emblems, or images, are in widespread use by the militaries of the world. Do a search for military dragon emblems and you’ll see some eye opening results!

  9. Lance

    It has been said that there is something of the serpent or dragon in every human being, especially when it comes to those instincts over which humans have little control. The serpent or dragon is in no sense spiritual. It is a representation of the “great god of darkness”, who is Satan, or Lucifer before the fall. The serpent or dragon has been an image used throughout history by every culture. Every sin originates from the “dragon in the heart of the sea”. It is proud, selfish, and greedy. There is no “good” to be found in it, NONE!

  10. Lance

    “Then I saw another beast which rose out of the earth; it had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound was healed.” (The Revelation To John, chapter 13, verses 11, 12, Revised Standard Version, 1952)

    Note: Versions of scripture that use the word “he” or “him” to describe the “beast” are incorrect and false!

  11. Lance
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  18. Lance

    Is it a coincidence that NATO is holding massive military exercises in Poland while at the same time on the west coast of North America another massive military exercise named Cascadia Rising is happening? Not really.

    1. Lance

      How to cause an earthquake? Strange how the Cascadia Rising military exercise (and this is exactly what it is!) is all about an earthquake occurring on the Cascadia thrust zone along the northern CA, OR, and southern B.C. coastline, which is specifically mentioned in the following 5 year old video about H.A.A.R.P. and earthquake weapons! Just a coincidence?

      1. Lance

        By the way, Region 6, according to the world map on the IEEE website, is the Western US. Look it up.

  19. Lance

    Last comment on this subject. It is written that the deception is great, and so it is! Who’s being allowed to deceive the world? The “devil” who goes by many other names and is represented in many images in every culture! The “devil” was described by Jesus as a “…liar and the father of lies”! Who worships and serves the “devil”? The descendants of Abraham in whom Jesus’s words found no place in them! (The Gospel According to John, chapter 8, Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible, 1952) Time grows short!

  20. Benji

    I love the music that starts playing in the background at around 6:00. Is there anywhere this can be listened to, downloaded, or purchased?

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