CCR 107: The 4th Watch with Justen Faull

WHERE IS THE CHURCH IN MODERN CULTURE? According to Justen Faull, film director and host of The Fourth Watch radio program, not where it ought to be. As the world continues to “unite” under faulty premises, it appears we are seeing the marginalization of the Christian church, and an infiltration of mysticism and new age philosophies. Even more disturbing, the mystical side of Catholicism has now built a bridge with the charismatic movement of Protestantism, resulting in what looks to the prophesied Great Apostasy of the church. With the upcoming event to be held in Washington DC called RESET 2016, headed by Nick Hall who is touted as the modern day Billy Graham, not enough Christians are alarmed at the fact that the Pope will be addressing what’s supposed to be this Protestant crowd. The connection between the UN, the Vatican, and now the western Christian church, is unprecedented, and as Justen described in the interview, “Undoing the reformation.” Meanwhile, the elite propagandists seem to continue to push false flag events in an attempt to create the New World Order. With the recent slew of alleged shootings in Orlando, Justen Faull addresses the possibility of it being another false flag, a perfect confluence of central issues of the day: LGBT, gun control, and radical Islam. But what is all this leading to? What is the proper Christian response? In this episode, we address these matters that no one wants to discuss, and more!

You can catch The 4th Watch with Justen Faull here:

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  1. Melissa Cowan

    I watched an episode last night of Myth Hunters – it was the one on El Dorado – they talked about Ghandhi being fascinated with Helena Blavatsky – and Theosophy – Wow! I was blown away – so Ghandhi, obviously was not Christian – that was never a point of confusion for me – but that would be an interesting topic for some one like you guys to explore. Most people revere Ghandhi – but I had never heard of his connection with the Satanist, Luciferian, Helena Blavatsky… that was very interesting to me.

  2. Henrik Larsson

    Hey! Great show guys!

    About the FE topic and the possibility of it being a psy-op and people getting caught up in the latest fads. I think we have to approach every topic with that possibility. Hollow earth, ancient technology, nephilim, big foot, copernican cosmology, mandela effect, lizard people, free energy, aliens etc. Research it and follow the threads, but don´t judge others if they can´t see the way you see about theese various topics. Try instead to produce evidence and avoid name-calling.
    And the biggest one. If you see truth then don´t deny it but work it into your world-picture and move on from there. IE let your ego go out of the way.

    Stay vigilant!
    Peace brothers!

  3. Wish this had lasted 5 hours longer, Great show

  4. Pablo Diaz

    Good topics! Keep em coming 🙂

  5. Mel T

    I loved this episode. I’m totally fine with Justen’s passion coming through. It’s great to hear that in a guest makes them seem comfortable. Hope you can have him on again!

  6. Great episode. Three of my favorite hosts all together! I attended one of the churches discussed one time (not mentioning the name), and they had a guest speaker from a sister church in Washington state that was nothing but “name it, claim it” prosperity gospel… it was saddening! My husband and I left so disheartened, but much more aware of how often the “popular” churches are usual popular because they aren’t teaching truth.

    Thanks guys!

  7. Greg Gay

    It looks like you can no longer download the show. I tried everything. The word download is there but it does nothing. This really sucks because I use to download it first on WiFi and listen to it while driving home from work. I guess I will just have to listen to the devils music on the radio on the way home now. I hope I don’t backslide.

  8. J

    Pretty good show guys. Justen is a funny guy.

    One issue I have with this show and some of your other shows is that you are admittedly not scholars or Bible experts, but rather laymen with a decent knowlegde of the Bible. When I listen to the show with that context in mind, I wonder sometimes what the point is of Canary Cry and also sites like 4th watch. Even though the hosts of these shows are not scholars or teachers, it seems like every show I hear on these fringe type of subjects tend to have a “We are the experts here and everyone else is misled” vibe.

    It is like since youtube and the internet exist, people with a minimal knowledge of the Bible and some skill researching on Google jump in and start “teaching” on what they believe about prophecy, and the fringe area of prophecy is fertile ground for someone without a lot of knowledge, but someone who can tell a joke and discuss the latest word events.

    I will say that I have found Canary Cry pretty interesting, because you all have always kept an open mind and you simply bring up the subjects and discuss them. You don’t generally pick any viewpoint and try to sell it, which can be both refreshing and annoying, because I am unsure where you really stand, but then again, I can see where you don’t want to offend you audience.

    One particular point of contention is when the Rapture gets brought up. It is the same every time. There is a little bit of waffling and the “well some good people believe in the pre Trib Rapture”, and then you all try and tear it down by saying that it is unbiblical and not found in Scripture. I just want to say this. The most learned men in Scripture, to a man, including the likes of Chick Missler, Dave Reagan, Ken Johnson, Gary Stearman, LA Marzulli, and many, many others understand why the Rapture is pre Trib and why it cannot be any other place in the prophetic timeline. Do you tell these men, most of whom you personally know, how ignorant they are? Because at some point if you look at the different views, and study them, which I have in depth, you see that the pre Trib Rapture is the only Biblical point of view.

    I hear over and over you all and your group of internet “experts” like Peck, Heiser, etc teach false ideas about the Rapture, never referencing any of the teachings from Stearman, Missler, etc, who show plainly why it is the only correct view. it is like this weird little group of Christian podcasters who are patting themselves on the back about being right, rather than actually discussing the teachings of each view and coming to a conclusion. I mean, really, let Gary Stearman come on and teach his views, he has been defending the pre Trib rapture on his show for the last year.

    Not trying to be rude, I do enjoy listening and you guys are always entertaining. I just feel like you don’t utlize the amazing connections you all have and their knowledge at times.

    1. John kemp


  9. Irving Daniel

    Best show ever!!! I have listened to every show from the beginning and this by far was the best one yet. It was free flowing, honest, direct and not bogged down with “PC”. It’s hard to be a real Christian without offending someone , somewhere, somehow. God bless you guys! This will be hard to top

  10. David

    I think it could be both… a false rapture and then Aliens coming to explain this rapture and say they did it.. or some variation of that.

    It’s getting ugly. Times are getting very ugly!

  11. dave

    the locust army will look like aliens but are fallen angels n satan will be the ultimate antichrist placing his foot where it ought not be on mt. zion, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, posing as CHRIST.The lamb with the voice of a dragon speaking blasphemies.

  12. Justin

    Love you guys’ work. Frankly though I thought the charismatic discussion here was a bit of a mess. I’ll mention just one thing as food for thought: the miracle on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 wasn’t that the disciples were actually speaking in the other languages of the people, but that the people were HEARING them in their own languages. Check out the wording there. God bless.

  13. G.T.

    Fantastic show: could have listened to this for another three hours.

    Get him back on soon!

  14. Al Dhi

    Sorry for the off-topic comment, but I don’t get what kind of problem YouTube’s spam filter has with me. Think I’m gonna refrain from commenting on Gonz’s videos from now on, since half of it just gets lost in digital equilibrium on some Google server anyway.
    This is a message on Gonz’s 100k subs special / album release:

    “I can only imagine how many people God might have saved through your work, Gonz. In the cluster of information presented in Age of Deceit and the many hours of Canary Cry interviews I was presented with a world view that both made sense and allowed the Bible to make sense. It touched me on a very deep, post-emotional (Think I just made that word up) level and opened up ways that had been collapsed long ago. Ways into the depth of my wicked heart, ways into the height of God’s eternal grace and wisdom, concurrently, consecutively, constantly. So I was able to see Jesus Christ and accept Him as my Lord and Saviour.

    It was the Holy Spirit reaching me through these outlets. Thank you for smoothing this path; His path! Our Lord be blessed eternally and you be blessed in him! Also, I’ve been waiting for your music to release 😉

    Let’s all shine His light into this dark, lonely world. It denies it as desperately as it needs it.”

  15. MAC

    Got this while perusing Ken Johnson material. So far just heard about some guy’s broken hands. Not sure what the radio / audio is like – yet. End of part about hands: I write devotionals for the National Prayer Bank and recently did one wherein the marvel of the fingers God gave us are sort of “selah” so to speak.
    I scanned the printed material above here made me say at last someone who sees the real details and is reality oriented enough to be as concerned as I am! Seems like nobody around me gets it! No one to talk to about THE TRUTH! Thank you!

  16. Chev

    Epic… make a part 2

    Can u make an archive to download all the episodes ?

  17. Bobby

    Reviewing the Madella Effect or Quantum Computer Effect. Very interesting information, I am taking back on the JFK assassination, According to my memory there was four people in the car and I have ask several people who live through his death, they also remember four. According to today world, there were six people in the car.

    I do believe the KJV bible has been change, the word mentions unicorns and matrix words. Please explain this ?


  18. terry

    Sorry about the demise of the canary. RIP

  19. Theresa

    My husband mentioned that Justen Faull was selling t-shirts that say Michael Heiser is my home boy. I would like to purchase one for him but can not find this information. Can you tell me if this is still available& how I can get one ASAP?

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