CCR 109: New World Order Theory for Students with Dr. Darrell Hamamoto


WHAT IS THE ROLE OF ASIAN NATIONS IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER? According to UC Davis Professor Dr. Darrell Hamamoto, it’s the same ole’ same ole’. Familiar agenda’s from the Jesuit run Vatican, the corrupt governments on the modern nation state of Israel and the U.S., and the globalists who aim to rule all of society under a totalitarian dictatorship. Many internet websites, podcasts, and films have recycled information about the New World Order and its many conspiratorial tentacles. But few have made the hard connection to the role of Eastern nations. Countries like China and Japan have been heavily infiltrated in the past century by the globalists and Jesuits, and are now in full force to held bridge the New World Order from East to West.

Another huge proponent of the New World Order, is the University system. Specifically, the University of California (UC) school system. Most Universities (Yes, even Christian ones) are Jesuit run operations, acting as gatekeepers of knowledge and information about our true history. Furthermore, the influence of the New World Order is so engrained in the University system, that very few within the ranks have been able to point out the depth of its controlling mechanisms. That is, until Dr. Darrell Hamamoto, professor at UC Davis, began to see the blatant corruption and lies propagated therein.

While the idea of “east meets west” has been at the forefront of popular American culture for the last century, the full effect are yet to be seen. It is why he encourages us to keep an eye on the gaming, film and fashion industries. As a UC professor, Dr. Hamamoto hopes to awaken a youth culture who are blindly walking right into the teeth of this Satanic global agenda. And while some consider Dr. Hamamoto as crazy, his most convincing evidence may just be the way in which his authorities (UC System) are responding to him.

In this episode, we discuss the New World Order, its influence on popular youth culture, its tentacles in the Asian nations, and what we can do about it as citizens of earth.

Guest Bio: Dr. Darrell Hamamoto

Darrell Hamamoto is a Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis. Hamamoto is best known for his views on the desexualization of Asian American males in the media. He also studied at CSU Long Beach, Bowling Green State University and UC Irvine. Dr. Hamamoto is the author of several books. Most pertinent to this conversation is: “Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America,” where he discusses the Asian Elite and their role in the New World Order system. He is also currently working on a book with a tentative sub-title, “New World Order Theory for Students.”


Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America by Dr. Darrell Hamamoto

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  1. paladinss

    Regarding gaming platforms, I am platform agnostic but I’m on Xbox One. Start with the Deus Ex game series, it is rife with Illuminist agenda, imagery etc. Also has a difficulty mode that will forgive gaming inexperience.

    1. Debra

      KUDOS…This man should be applauded and supported for laying out the fraud and the layered hypocrisy and corruption in the higher acedamia system. One other note don’t fall for the “Christianese” beating over the head, “ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN? question to find out if someone is a believer. God knows there are people who say they are and who do not have a relationship or believe in Jesus Christ who are milking that platform for the sake of lining their own pockets….I We will know who is with the Jesus by their fruits and only THE LORD can know someone heart! Welcome back and what a refreshing guest.

    2. Darrell Y Hamamoto, PhD

      Thanks for the information. I’ll count this as one vote for Xbox One. And “Deus Ex” seems an appropriate entry point into the world of gaming. I hope that I can emerge from it with my sanity and humanity intact. I wonder whether Bill and Melinda Gates allow their spawn to Xbox it. More likely their idea of family entertainment is watching the human population struggle for survival through the Windows of their operating system.

      1. Al Dhi

        First off, thank you for the great interview, Mr. Hamamoto. It was a great episode, the topic of university indoctrination is way too overlooked in our circles, probably because it’s not “out there” enough. I fled the university system a few years ago. After trying to study social anthropology for two semesters, my blue-eyed faith in the academic community was shattered, leaving me emotionally broken as well. You know, amidst SJWs, hardcore marxists, moral relativism, gender here, gender there, elitism (“Academic knowledge is not for the general public, that’s why we teach you the scientific language that they don’t understand.”), new age nonsense (“Witchcraft is very logical, in fact more logical than western religions!”), compromising (“You know, we’re not here to rectify these preconceived notions that some of you are carrying with you. If you think what the GMO companies are doing in India is wrong, we simply can’t help you.”), almost no lecture was actually about the cultures of this earth. I was just way too softskinned to deal with it all at once, and I could still go on and on about it 😀
        And the worst part: There were so many people of my age, completely uncritical of anything, who just gobbled it all up! I couldn’t believe it!

        But here we go…

        Just like with movies, there are many games ripe with programming and traumatization of the unsuspecting recipient. You seem like a hardboiled fellow able to filter programming out of media, but teens and children are not. These artsy story-based games, along with animes and broken families, are the place where young minds are confused and otakus are made. I myself am rather young, so I’ve seen this play out a couple of times. It works almost better than psychotropics.
        Often the writers of these games are themselves heavily confused millennials, who don’t necessarily mean to harm anyone, but keep, knowingly or unknowingly, perpetuating occult philosophy and symbology, that they were being fed throughout their teenage years. Sometimes they’re just outright occultists.

        Just last year for example an interactive highschool drama called Life is Strange made waves among teenagers here in Germany. The player experiences (and, to a degree, influences) the mindshattering journey of kind-hearted yet insecure photography student Maxine Caulfield who gets sucked into a thickening plot of rape, drugs, the supernatural, and more. Throughout the course of the game he is prompted with numerous hard decisions, determinating the life and wellbeing of many tragic characters in the game. Fittingly, the vortex and the butterfly are two omnipresent symbols in this game, among many others like the unavoidable pyramid with an eye. Here’s a nicely done trailer:
        It’s a well-written story with believable characters and a lot of teenage angst, which is why it had such a deep impact on many, but the amount of mindfuck unfolding is imo simply too much for some of the already hurt young minds who seek refuge in the virtual worlds.

        The developer of Life is Strange, a French studio by the name of DONTNOD Entertainment, debuted in 2013 with their game Remember Me, the symbolism of which is wonderfully broken down in this video:
        The channel also has other breakdowns of video games. It’s the only one dedicated to that on YouTube that I know off.

        Deus Ex would be a good starting point, as it’s one of the so-called “0451” games, which are all created by former employees of Looking Glass Studios. This studio was known throughout the 90s as one of the companies that elevated video games into an artform, often embedding deep storylines with philosophical undertones and, of course, loads of occult symbology into their games. Their employees went on to make games at all kinds of other companies, though always inserting the number “0451” into them like a sort of hidden trademark. I’ve often wondered wether there is a deeper meaning to this 451 number. Who knows, maybe it’s the number of a lodge, like the infamous Lodge 322 that became Skull & Bones. Maybe it’s just an inside joke.
        Here’s a quote from concerning these games:

        “Looking Glass Studios – 451

        The code “0451”, used to open the first locked door in BioShock (and the only one that can’t be hacked), is a reference that has been used in several games made by previous employees of Looking Glass Studios since the creation of the System Shock game series, considered as the spiritual predecessor of BioShock. The number itself is a reference to the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, in which it represents the temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns, though its use by game developers symbolizes creativity.

        In System Shock (released in 1994) the first locked door in the first level had 451 for combination.
        In its sequel System Shock 2 (released in 1999 and on which Ken Levine participated), the first locked door encountered in the first level had for code 451000.
        In Deus Ex (released in 2000 and made by Ion Storm, a company with several previous employees of Looking Glass Studios such as Warren Spector and Harvey Smith), 0451 was a code to open a locked armory in the first level and could only be obtained with a specific choice. The code is featured twice afterward, to unlock a van and a door later in the game.
        In its sequel Deus Ex: Invisible War (released in 2003), though the number does not appear as a code it is used as the room number of the first unlockable door of the game.

        The reference has then be perpetuated in the later games of the Deus Ex and BioShock series, but also through other games whose developers worked on both of them:

        In BioShock 2 (released in 2010), the code 1540 (0451 reversed) opens the first locked door in the first level.
        In Deus Ex: Human Revolution (released in 2011), the code 0451 was the first to appear in the game and was needed to access an elevator. It is used again as the first code of the game’s add-on The Missing Link. Also, a direct reference to Fahrenheit 451 author Ray Bradbury is made through an announcer, asking for “detective Bradbury in office 451.”
        In Dishonored (released in 2012 by Arkane Studios), the first safe combination in the first mission is 451. It is worth noting that its co-creative director, Harvey Smith, also worked on System Shock and the first two Deus Ex games.
        In BioShock Infinite (released in March 2013), the first and only code required in the game to open a locked door is 0451.
        In Gone Home, (released in August 2013 by The Fullbright Company, a video game studio founded by Steve Gaynor and other former members of 2K Marin), the first code to be found is 0451, which unlocks the top drawer of a file cabinet.
        In The Novelist (released in December 2013 by Kent Hudson, who worked at Ion Storm on Deus Ex: The Conspiracy and Deus Ex: Invisible War, as well as at 2K Marin on BioShock 2), the location of the house is 451 Torrington Road.”

        I’d say all of them are worth playing just for the entertainment value, even the older ones, but since you’ll be probably more interested in researching the symbolism, take a deep and long look at BioShock and BioShock Infinite; especially the latter. The seven stages of Mithraic initiation, Columbia worship, Antichrist symbolism, the Hegelian dialectic, the New World Order, the secret destiny of America… It’s all there, openly or covertly. And so much more. There’s no way to list it all, without writing a book about it. This game has to be played first-hand. Here’s a somewhat acceptable trailer for it that display an ounce of the topics explored in the game: (Notice the logo of the game as well!)

        This would be my input concerning video games. There’s a lot more of course, like Beyond: Two Souls, the entire Final Fantasy series plus its offshoot Kingdom Hearts (Otaku-alarm is through the roof with this one, though!), Assassin’s Creed, and I don’t even know… Good luck wading through that beast of a topic! 😀

    3. 144Ky

      There is a recent game called Oxenfree, but then again I don’t know what exactly he wants to see, if it is symbolism that game is filled with it, but I am not so sure about agendas, Grand Theft Auto has agendas in it, I guess, Far Cry maybe, Devil May Cry maybe, Assassin’s Creed maybe, Uncharted 3 maybe, Watch Dogs maybe, Twisted Metal: black maybe (this one is old school), but they are all maybes, because I guess I don’t know his reasons.

  2. 144Ky

    I would like to say that I am very happy with this episode coming relatively quickly, but don’t feel too pressured, I can say that I will be around even if it takes a long time for the next episode. Do it at the pace that you think is the right one.

  3. Margaret McClure

    Would love to hear Dr. Hamamoto again soon! Amazing!

  4. 144Ky

    I personally think the real research comes from the Holy Spirit, so I advise this man to get baptized and seek the Lord.

  5. Jesse

    Dr hamamoto sounds amazing. and in regards to the spirit realm he sounds like he needs to talk to Dr Heiser on his ideas of texts and knowledge of the unseen realm stuff.
    Look into the Video Game

    Metal Gear Solid, by Hideo Komija of Konami.
    it is loaded with new world order, brave new world, and even possession, plus its the biggest thing from japan to a lot of americans who are separate from the anime community and other cultures of asia.

    Thank you again

  6. Tremaine Melonson

    Mind blowing episode with “Dr D” looking forward to the next episode. Xbox one they even have arcade games

  7. Douglas Evangelista de Souza

    I would like to draw a evangelical mangá, Gons. We can talk about that, maybe its a way to evangelize japanese?

    1. Aaron

      I was interested in the matter as well, though generally as the anime-manga style regardless of the medium. There’s so much occultism in the staple and popular Japanese anime/manga that to have one that has its foundations in a biblical worldview would be something very valuable indeed, not only to touch the Japanese people, but the countless people – youth especially – who are becoming fans of the genre by each day as Japanese media becomes more popular.

      Would like to talk a little more with you about it, if just to exchange opinions and thoughts on this. 🙂

  8. Mike

    There are tons of video games with Illuminati / New World Order / occult themes, imagery, ideas, and plots. Most of the large video game publishers and developers are involved in making games of all genres that are filled with their agenda and predictive programming.

    Some people already named the 2 game series that are the most blatant: Metal Gear Solid and Deus Ex. Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Auto, Dark / Demon Souls, Devil May Cry, Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, are all extremely popular video game franchises that are also packed with occultism.

    The problem with someone like Dr. Hamamoto trying to study these games is that they all require some gaming skills and experience, as well as a ton of time, money, and patience to play through them all and record all of the imagery and themes they push onto the players. Good luck on your endeavor, Dr. Hamamoto.

  9. Jim

    Kudos for having Darrell Hamamoto on . They guy is not only great and insightful , an original thinker ( rare ) , but in context of the subjects discussed – and they are frightening , depressing , to an I’ve-had-enough-of-this degree – he brings levity , wit , determination , and the man is cool . I hope he will be on again many times . Two Japanese bouncing off each other – I like that too .
    Pleased to have come across you . We are indeed in a spiritual war – not just a geopolitical grand chessboard game .

  10. Andrew Rodriguez

    I concur re Deus Ex. You need to see their promos on YouTube for their new game Mankind Divided. It is pushing the transhuman agenda to the top of conversations to the point that people are asking if they can chop off their appendages to get augmented appendages. Also, see the first Human by Design: Conference where there will be experts on augments, implants, psychologists & doctors who will debate the ethics of selective augmentation whether it is like plastic surgery or a psychological defect. All their promos & the game itself are chilling insights into the direction we’re moving as a society. Great interview also!

  11. miriam

    Nice interview. What struck me about it is how closely this narrative parallels the narrative of Jewish immigrants. I am second generation; my parents were born here (we reckon it differently). But the ‘this is what you do to survive and excel’ story is very similar. And of course, the persecution.
    I do not myself play video games and I’m sure there is a lot of cultural insight to be gleaned from kinds and styles, but regardless of brand, they are all highly addictive because, I believe, of reaction of the pleasure centers in the brain. Any computer, or TV for that matter, consumption leads to a fantasy world in the brain because of the digital nature of the medium. So Dr. Hamamoto should be advised to enter the world of video gaming very cautiously.
    And also, fyi, gibborim is a plural noun, as is elohim and cherubim. One person can only become a gibor, if he knows the process of achieving that. It does not always have a negative connotation either. It just means mighty and is used to refer to YH himself and to such men as Boaz.

  12. jenan

    Loved this podcast

  13. V-Town NorCal

    Great episode! I live in the Bay Area so it hit close to home. Also have a daughter who’s, I guess a 3rd generation Asian decent who currently is going to UCLA. Dr. Hamamoto’s work is great. I’ve also listened to his work with Lauren Moret who also did some great work and might be a good guest as well. Definitely an episode I’ll listen to a couple times for sure!

  14. David

    I play games on PC, but regardless where you play…you all should look at the Half-Life series. The protagonist works at a secret facility that opens a portal to a new world…

    There is some really deep stuff that happens in that game series and its amazing when you look at it when compared CERN.

    If you have a PC try out Black Mesa (its a re-make) on steam. You wont regret it and it will get your wheels turning!

  15. Lasers inthejungle

    Excellent show guys!

    For Darrell, a question.

    Which skills can we learn to have a way to provide for ourselves and others when the robots take over?

    Thank you for your time.

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