CCR *Special* : Canary Cry News Talk “Quantum Lochte” – 8.22.2016

CANARY CRY NEWS TALK is a show that brings frequent updates on news and events happening around the world from an Alt. Christian worldview. Through the CANARY CRY RADIO podcast, we’ve explored many fringe and alternative topics through the lens of Scripture. We’ve found that Bible Prophecy, and thus the Gospel,  has tremendous explanatory power for the rapidly accelerating and changing world. Our job here at CANARY CRY NEWS TALK is to continue examining current events and issues, while holding strong to the authority of the Word of God. Come investigate the world through the lens of Scripture, and join us as we THINK OUTSIDE THE CAGE! Make sure to go to iTunes, or Stitcher and subscribe to the dedicated feed for CCNT.


CFR promo is so full of lies

Tiny Neural Implants reality!

Facebook app for high school kids causes privacy concerns

China Launches Quantum Satellite

Ryan Lochte is Not so smart

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  1. Erica

    Oh man, I am smiling hard. I just listened to your podcast, watched the CFR video and am midway through the comments. Oh the joy! One guy wrote “The New World Order is Gross” AHAHAHHHAHA – that’s so Josh Peck. Anyway, great show and great news finds Basil and Gonz. Looking forward to more.

  2. 144Ky

    I would like to say that if you search “Lochte” on Google, you get his height, which is 1.88 and his weight, which is 88, that is double 88, a number that is believed to be used by the occult.

    1. 144Ky

      Oh, he is from 1984 too.

  3. Joey

    Oh man, make another one! that was good. lot’s of fun. it’s been a week you owe us! 😀

  4. Mathew

    Not sure about this “newcast” format maybe stick to interviews?

  5. dan

    thanks for the Truthfull and proofrich news, because these other one’s (mainstreamerinis) are so Fakefull.

    now i can know what’s going on, without having a heavy head afterwards:)

    All the Love of God for you both (tru the Son of God).

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