CCNT *Special* “Paranoid Fringe-Type” Part 1 – 8.29.2016

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A “Christian Terrorist” is indicted


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  1. J

    Ironically, this type of person would have to be labeled as a Non Fundamentalist Christian terrorist….because killing and harming people goes specifically against the words of Jesus Christ. Not sure how any person proclaiming Jesus as their savior cannot see that fact and attempt this type of idiocy.

    On some level I think we have to look at the Christian prepper movement and the Christian dominionist movement. I think many Christians have been taught awful theology and they see what is happening and so rather than place their trust in Jesus Christ, they feel like they need to fight fire with fire. Which again, is the complete opposite of what Christ taught.

  2. geofbrewer

    Sounds like somebody offered a warm bed and three meals in exchange for a ‘rent-a-rant’. Based on the repetitive nature of the article, it’s like the laws of learning for the cognitively impaired.

  3. Lukas Williams

    Hi guys, fist of all appreciate every episode you guys have posted especially the one with Josh peck makes me laugh. Anyways, first I found Alex Jones on YouTube second xandrius and fisherofmen, then scarestmovieever. That being said, I think we can all agree not to take Alex and fisherofmen’s ideologies at 100%. however they were both helpful in exposing the luciferian matrix system we all seemed to be in. I actually watched the video in question of fisherofmen drunkenly brandishing an “ar15” type rifle when it came out. First video I somehow watched from him in over a year. My personal thoughts on it are, I don’t want to be labelled with Christian terrorism and I think this is what the mainstream wants to paint us as because of the opposition towards a now and beast system. what I do want to be associated with is finding truth or at in the very least being a free thinking citizen questioning things.

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