CCR 110: The Geocentric Principle with Rick DeLano


ARE YOU AND I INSIGNIFICANT PRODUCTS OF TIME + MATTER + CHANCE IN THIS EVER EXPANDING UNIVERSE? Are we just meaningless flesh bags in a world that cares not about human purpose or destiny? Is the future miserable? Or are these ideas a product of bad theories built on faulty premises that ignore the raw data we have about the universe? In the controversial film called THE PRINCIPLE produced by Rick DeLano, world renown physicists like Michio Kaku and Lawrence Krauss admit that their cosmological theories simply do not work when compared to the raw experimental data. But rather than change their approach, modern cosmologists and physicists have come up with countless theories to attempts to explain this chasm between theory and experiment. Things like the multiverse, big bang cosmology, dark matter and dark energy are all part of this attempt. But there seems to be a much simpler approach that hearkens back to more traditionally held views about the cosmos.

The Message of Modern Science (Hopelessness)

Under Copernicus, the earth is just another small rock floating in the vastness of space. This has lead to philosophical dispositions that reject human purpose. The idea that the earth is at the center of the universe (geocentric earth), and that man is center stage in this cosmic drama, is one that makes science uncomfortable because it points to a Creator. Rejecting a Creator and with it, a geocentric model, leads to alarming conclusions. As Krauss admits in THE PRINCIPLE, the main tenants of the modern cosmological theory says that “We are more insignificant than we thought before…and the future is miserable.” This nihilistic conclusion is only natural for a physicist who puts materialism at the heart of his philosophy of science. But such a conclusion is not only unnecessary, but more importantly, untrue!

Axis of Evil?

The film features, among many intelligent folks, Max Tegmark, a professor at MIT who discovered what’s been labelled the “Axis of Evil.” While the name sounds haunting, in reality, the “Axis of Evil” is a pattern of spherical harmonics found in the background radiation of the universe. It shows that galaxies seem to cluster at 250 light year intervals, outward from the earth. While the scientific community has tried to say that this was a product of some kind of algorithmic or data gathering error, the multiple level tests conducted searching for the “Axis of Evil” have undeniably confirmed its existence. But this would imply something very unusual that Max Tegmark, admits is bizarre and astonishing. The concentric spheres spreads out in uniform with the earth at the center. In other words, the pattern only works given earth is in the middle. It would mean that the earth is at the center of the universe!

Rick DeLano

Rick DeLano is the producer and writer for the documentary film, THE PRINCIPLE. The film challenges conventional cosmological theory concerning gravity and the universe. It includes exclusive interviews from Catholic theologian Robert Sungenis, who wrote โ€œGalileo was Wrong,โ€ Max Tegmark, a physics professor at MIT, and many other thought leaders from mainstream and alternative science. Rick DeLano has received criticism for THE PRINCIPLE from the established scientific community, as well as religious institutions who want to maintain the Copernican model of the universe.



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  1. 144 Ky

    Finally I hear somebody else say that if everything is moving away from us, it puts Earth in the center.

    1. 144 Ky

      I think the explanation they give/gave for this is pretty much belief, actually many things of the so called “science” are pretty much based on belief.

  2. Al Dhi

    Another great guest, another great episode. Very thought-provoking as well!

  3. jeff Riensche

    I think we are at the center of a sin quarantine not the center of the universe. Also flat earth is a psyop.

  4. Amy

    Really nice interview. If Earth is God’s footstool, I have to wonder if He likes it moving around constantly! If it were me, I’d want a stationary one! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. 144 Ky

      That is a smart way of seeing it, in my opinion.

  5. Sam

    Wow guys, after a while, a really, really good episode that I’ll go back and listen to again, hopefully after having watched the film. You guys are really good when you do what you do best, interviews that are fun but also stimulating and thought provoking. Keep up the good work and God Bless!

  6. Tia

    Guys…. I believe in flat earth. I’ve believed in the heliocentric Earth for years before I even discovered it. I’m not one of those people who would fight you over it, because I don’t believe it’s a salvation issue.

    HOWEVER…. I just really wish people would not be so patronizing to those of us who do believe this. I believe there’s evidence supporting flat Earth. But I also see why for some, it’s not enough evidence. I’m an intelligent person and trust me, I didn’t jump to this view blindly. Not saying i’m definitely right… but it’s a journey for everyone. Who knows, you all could feel differently next year.

    I don’t think it’s on purpose, but you know…. just how I feel, maybe I’m being sensitive. Good interview though. Definitely going to watch the video.

    1. Jon Wilburn

      Tia – I agree with you. I would say that I’m a flat earther in the sense, that I think its more of a snow globe, kind of like the Truman Show. My thing is why can’t Geocentric and Flat Earth go together? I think they can and do. I also think a Hollow Earth jives together as well. I think all 3 sync and completely explains our senses.

      I’m sure Rick is smart and well studied, in fact I have no doubt, but he was quick to dismiss the idea that a Geocentric view and flat earth could sync together.

    2. Ray

      Great interview! I enjoy Canary Cry so very much!

      I too tend to lean toward the flat earth theory, however. Mr. DeLano was quite dismissive about Flat Earth and not to mention, using the same exact tactics scientists have used to support the heliocentric model. A very rude and dismissive demeanor. Could the flat earth theory be a psy-op? I guess anything is possible but our government could put the whole question to rest by simply taking a picture from space of the “globe” in its entirety. Even he does not know and must use his senses to draw up a possible solution. What would it take to get a credible picture from space? Please, END THIS DEBATE! ๐Ÿ™‚ I do like the fact that Mr. DeLano even claimed to have circumstantial evidence about the globe model but the flat earth theory raises many questions!
      I have no problem with the Catholic faith at all. In fact, two of my great friends are Catholic, however. Catholicism is in DIRECT opposition to the sacrifice of Jesus. I will never question ones faith but the sacrifice of Christ puts the Catholic faith in a tough spot especially when it comes to the remission of sins. You know?

    3. Edward

      You are correct in that it is nothing that should divide us and in the end we all will know the Truth. It is important to remember the hypothesis is proven true when it can not be proven false, not false when it can not be proven true. Unfortunately for the flat earth model, the movement of the stars in the sky does prove the theory false despite the other observations that support it. The truly scientific mind must remove all personal desire and belief, and look at all the evidence before coming to a conclusion of thought on a matter. If we are not open minded to accept the empirical data for what it says we are no better than the scientist that oppress the truth to conform to their atheist beliefs.

  7. Aaron

    This is a great one, guys! One of my favourites. But there is only one thing that concerns me, and that is how the world powers will prepare to curb the biblical worldview once the scientific community has to go public with this, and that is the ancient aliens agenda they’ve been pushing all this time.

    “Oh, Earth is the centre of the universe? Don’t worry, it’s not because of God or anything, it’s because our alien saviours made it that way when they were making our universe and incubated the Earth with our ancestors! And now they’ve come back to check up on how we’ve been doing so we can ascend to their level!”

    That’s what worries me, because I know that the evil forces of this world are not going to let go of the heliocentric model without planting another deception to occupy the public mind instead.

  8. If this guy is not a Jesuit, then he should be. He basically said he was in so many words if you listen closely.
    He is amazing well spoken but the 40 second dismissal of flat earth is not in any way convincing to me.

    Is flat earth a psyOp to discredit geocentrism, or is geocentrism a psyOp to discredit flat earth?

    His dogmatism has me concerned: Follow the man who seeks the truth; run from the man who has found it.

    1. Suzy R

      I’m in agreement here. Very interesting interview regardless the patronizing attitude this guy dishes out. Ego, ego, ego kept repeating through my mind while listening, then had that “aha” moment when he proclaimed the Catholic Church being the one true faith while mocking the absurd notions of potentialJesuit ties from other associates he deems worthy. Seems like he’s the psyop.

  9. Ethlyn Seymour

    Well i guess in As In The Days Of Noah no blacks made it

  10. Niecey

    I don’t know what he really looks like, but I can’t help but imagine him as the dinosaur from Toy Story through the whole interview.

  11. Hector Arriaga

    Really there’s different constellations around the south pole? That’s interesting. What about proving the curvature? As far as we know there is absolutely no curvature …. is there?

    1. Jerry Stauffer

      A way to prove curvature is to find a tower. (someone once did this with a ride at Cedar Point Ohio but he only did it from the South and Ohio rises as you go South and so he misunderstood his data) Ideally the tower should be in Kansas or some other pancake flat area. Go out from the tower in all 4 directions (it may be 70 miles) and it will eventually disappear below the horizon. Earth has topography so only one direction may give a false reading. Ever picture I’ve seen trying to prove flat Earth grossly underrepresents the size of the Earth.
      The constellations being different is well known and has been used in literature for centuries as a way of saying how far from home the travelers are. (Also the song “Southern Cross”)

  12. TDough

    Interesting interview. I find his quick and absolute dismissal of a biblical flat earth fascinating. Hes a researcher that believes geocentrism and no flat earth. Im a geologist who believes flat earth and geocentrism. Delano.. lets talk.

  13. Bob Wiles

    Geocentrism means that the earth is the centre of creation and stationary with the sun moving around the earth which is congruent with flat earthers. However geocentrism stops short of denying the globe and declaring that the earth is flat.
    So we are all in agreement about utterly refuting heliocentrism (earth moving around the sun) and accepting the earth being stationary which is proven by the scientific method.
    Nobody has provided a photo of a globe earth. Has it been suggested that this is because we cannot travel beyond the dome / firmament? I am bothered by the contention that the flat earth might be a psyop to discredit geocentrism. For sure, the leading flat earth commentators are currently controlled opposition (cointelpro).

  14. Anders Erichsen

    I must say all 3 documentaries are interesting for sure filled with information – but they can keep there false cookie Jesus!!!

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