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CCR 111: The Gnostic Conspiracy with Gary Wayne

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CCR 111: The Gnostic Conspiracy with Gary Wayne


A CONSPIRACY IS DEFINED AS “…a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.” In the case of the alert and watchful Christian, the word of God reveals the biggest conspiracy of all. An ancient class of divine beings who rebelled against their Creator have conspired to work against the Will of God and His people. Such struggles define the problem inherent in humanity; sin. Through this vessel of sin, the fallen ones have been able to infiltrate, control, and construct a civilization that reflects their evil nature. This process was recorded in the early chapters of the book of Genesis. First, the fall of man brought Adam and Eve down from their(our) designed status in Creation. Second, under this fallen condition, the rebellious divine beings were able to supplant their proper habitation (spiritual dimension) and enter our human domain. The results were devastating, as it resulted in the flood of Noah. Third, almost immediately after the flood, another rebellion took place in the form of the Tower of Babel. This once again resulted in the deconstruction of it’s progress via God. Thus, the three rebellions are clear. We see the helplessness of man without God in the fall, the vulnerability of our physical condition with the Nephilim account, and the hubris of the human heart with building the Tower of Babel. These rebellions are the effects. The cause is the great spiritual conspiracy against humanity. An unseen war that has been waging since before the beginning of our physical Creation. The spillover of this war into our human world has produced nothing but trouble. That which we call “evil” has a reason for its sense of foreignness. It is not part of our original design in both Spirit, body, and soul.

At the fall of man, humanity was separated from the Spirit. In Genesis 6, we read how our physical make up was corrupted by the fallen ones. And at the Tower of Babel, where everything imagined by man could be done, sin was on full display, tainting the light that shines from the human soul. These corrupt conditions have been behind the religion of man, gnosticism. Gnostic philosophies permeate all of spiritual path’s that are apart from the true message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Humanity needed reconciliation in the wake of the destruction these fallen rebellious divine beings brought upon the world. And no human trapped in this current condition could ever solve the issue.

Hence the one who is called Emmanuel, our Messiah, Jesus Christ. The many promises that God makes throughout the Biblical narrative is fulfilled through this man, who was also God. By appearing in the flesh, He was able to demonstrate the reversal of the effects of sin. By performing miracles, healing the damaged and sick, and ultimately defeating death, the One who was born of a virgin was able to show what this restoration would look like. This also solved the issue of the separation with the Spirit, as the Holy Spirit is open to all who believe in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. And finally, as a result, our souls are released from the bondage of sin. Thus, we see why Jesus’ ministry was so important. By seeing these deeper truths, we can understand the true definition of “salvation” and why it’s necessary for mankind.

Going full circle back to the conspiracy, the entire purpose and reason for the Gospel would not have been necessary if the angelic rebellion hadn’t occurred. Thus, we have been tasked to expose the secret plans by this group of rebellious divine beings (who operate through deceiving men and women) desiring to destroy humanity. But to understand this war against non-corporeal entities, we must grasp our own identities in Jesus Christ, who demonstrated victory over them.

In this episode, we explore these deeper ideas found in the often ignored Biblical narrative that begins in the carnal sense, at Genesis 6. To helps us grasp these ideas is author Gary Wayne.

Gary Wayne, is a Christian contrarian who has maintained a lifelong love affair with biblical prophecy, history and mythology. His extensive study has encompassed the Bible and Gnostic scriptures, the Qur’an, the Bhagavad Gita, Gilgamesh and other ancient epics, language etymology, and secret society publications. He is the author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Mankind, which details the role of modern-day Nephilim in Satan’s plan to install the Antichrist at the End of Days.