CCR 112: Revising Reality with Doug Woodward & Anthony Patch


RUSSIA THIS! RUSSIA THAT! WHY IS RUSSIA SUCH A HACK! No really. Why are the Russians being blamed for everything by the United States? Because reality in politics is not real at all. The 2016 election cycle has given us clear evidence that our politicians in Washington D.C. favor their own global agenda, ignoring the needs of Americans and general citizens of the world.  Yet, millions of people remain entranced in a deception believing the chosen leader by the global criminal cabal is the best option for President of the United States. Reality for them, is elusive. But how deep does the deception go? While we might be wide awake to the dealings of political and geopolitical matters, how much of the creation around us do we actually understand? And how might these insights bring change in perspectives to all the dealing we have in our lives?

In this episode of Canary Cry Radio, Basil and Gonz are joined by S. Douglas Woodward, and Anthony Patch to talk about the co-authored book, Revising Reality: A Biblical Look at the Cosmos Volume 1.

Snippet from Chapter 1 of Revising Reality

OVER THE PAST DECADE OR TWO, THOSE WHO HAVE FOLLOWED BIBLE PROPHECY HAVE BEEN INUNDATED WITH A WHOLE NEW STRAIN OF FAR-OUT INFORMATION, SO STRANGE IN FACT THAT THOSE WHO might have dared tout it two decades ago would have been assigned to the loony bin. Not today. Topics like UFOs, extraterrestrial visitation to our planet, alien abductions, alien breeders, “the watchers”, and fallen angels breeding with human beings creating a hybrid race called “the Nephilim” all have become common conversations in circles where eschatology is taken seriously. In fact, interest in these oddities has become so intense, it has almost overwhelmed the traditional study of futurist eschatology. Most Bible prophecy scholars now include these esoteric subjects as a key part of the story of biblical history and as an explanation for the paranormal phenomenon so much a part of our “pop” culture.

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  1. reallycoolaliasa

    So good guys, as per always.
    Thanks for another episode.

  2. George Brewer

    Outstanding! Hope I can get to Amazon before the elites crash the Web.

  3. Chris

    Great show brothers.
    I look at reality through a UK lens.
    You really bring to those that seek that which they do, encore x

  4. cackotopia

    You guys are great, keep going!
    God bless from Italy

  5. Great Interview/Show well done, its your turn on the other end of an interview Gonz, I tweeted you my email.

  6. Joe

    Does the first guy really think kgb putin isn’t in with the nwo? Does he know the history of russia?

  7. Nguyen Nguyen

    Hello Gonz and Basil,
    Thank you for hosting this podcast over the years. I have recently tuned into this community 3 months ago and have had my horizon lifted just that much more and I thank you for the opportunity to brainstorm with you guys. This show has helped me find my heart back in Christ. (Trying not to be awed by magnitude of the turbulence) There is much work to be done and you guys are doing a kick ass job!!!
    Ive watched a documentary called (Before The Flood Leonardo DiCaprio) recently, it is about global warming. When I become distracted or complacent with my daily life I forget to gage or be conscious of this issuse. A lot of the time when I’m listening to you guys brainstorming, (and because I am only one person); the topics we discuss seem so much of the spiritual and intangible. I feel while we are here, since we have influence over that of the physical realm we should reach out and influence tangible avenues that are within our grasps of influence in additions to critically thinking of the spiritual side of this clash. Since the biology of planet earth envelops everything that is our lives, I feel this foundational fore front topic should be continually be reviewed so momentum can gain traction.
    This topic is very much tangible in the sense that we are experiencing current day change in climate from results of our modern day life style (production of commercial farming, fossil fuels, production on metals and plastics etc.) I am asking for you to do an episode about modern-day civilization and how it has brought us to this point ( earth’s biological status )

    p.s. Also have you heard of the ice man Wim hof? My heart tells me his mission is true and just. He advocates empowering the people through re-humbling ourselves to real stress. To calibrate our bodies so that we can deal with (first world problems) I feel his goal is to help people find foundational stability through belief and faith (strength, happiness, health) Like the movie the (ThePrincipal Rick Delano) Wim Hof is using the scientific method to checkmate the textbooks

    Nguyen Nguyen

  8. Ed

    Hello, hello, hello is there anybody out there…?

  9. Bagel boy

    I find the whole “secret nazi cabal” thing to be hilarious as well as ridiculous given that if you look at whose behind every major institutional power you will find a Jew….. I fought the cognitive dissonance associated with this uncomfortable reality for a long time but there is simply no way around the fact that the Jew’s have been at war with the gentile since the days of Rome and believe it is their divine right to exterminate us. And they are clearly carrying that agenda out, undermining the Christian west at every turn, when looked at through this lens things start to make a whole lot more sense….. So to say “nazis” are behind everything seems funny to me givin that social conditioning and programming have made the “nazi” the ultimate pariah…… The signs lost rebellious thing one can do this day and age is claim to be a “nazi” lol or even just stand up for white western Christian values, be the gentile.

    1. Bagel boy

      One last thing. Look at why they hate Putin and the Russians so much. He stands up for his CHRISTIAN nation, he stands for traditional family values, he does not take part in the mass immigration being pushed so blatantly right now, and MOST OF ALL he opposes Israelis agenda in the Middle East. He will not allow Assad to be overthrown for israels benefit like the US does and has done for the past couple decades. Unfortunately these things cannot be ignored.

    2. 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

      Doing the research you will find that those creating all the trouble are not true Jews. Interlopers of the Jewish faith far to the NE of the Levant (modern day Khazakstan, interestingly enough the purported home for the NWO) are the precursors of todays global bankers and global elites. The true jews or average citizens of Israel have no relation to these or for the most part NO common ancestors. Look up Khazars.

      1. dwayne

        2Ti 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  Religion would want you to work harder. It is saying study yourself to see if Christ is working there to rightly dividing the word of truth. The only way not to be ashamed is for Christ to account you righteous with His righteousness.

  10. Edward

    Great podcast! Love the subjects you explore and the pursuit of truth. Thought Mr. Patch made a great point at the end, that we must remember we are slaves of the Lord and truth is revealed in his time frame. Also important to remember, this world has been allowed, by God, to follow the course set by man. We are not fighting to control this world, to fix it. We are fighting for the hearts and minds of our fellow man, to expose them to the truth and set them free of the lies. The evil we have seen throughout the history of mankind has born witness to the righteousness of God. Now we live in a world where Satan and his demons, having been cast out of the heavenly realm and down to earth, are working hand in hand with a powerful few of mankind to bring in an era of peace. They are first increasing the fear so mankind willingly gives them the authority to control society. Then the peace they bring in will seem good to many and they will no longer hope in God and the promise of His Kingdom, which will be established on earth after. We know that Satan is looking to draw them away from the original love, God. How better to capture their hearts, then giving them what we all want, a life of peace and security? The question of vital importance has never been, “could mankind live without God?”. The question is, “should mankind live without God?”, it’s not about what’s possible, it’s about what’s righteous. When we recognize that we are children of God and we see that God is our father, we have to ask ourselves, “is it loving to want to live without God in our life?” God is love. Life is the proof of that love. If we remember what life was intended to be before the rebellion, we see how wonderful it will be again, when all of this ugliness is over. May the peace of God be with you my brothers.

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