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CCR 112: Revising Reality with Doug Woodward & Anthony Patch

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CCR 112: Revising Reality with Doug Woodward & Anthony Patch


RUSSIA THIS! RUSSIA THAT! WHY IS RUSSIA SUCH A HACK! No really. Why are the Russians being blamed for everything by the United States? Because reality in politics is not real at all. The 2016 election cycle has given us clear evidence that our politicians in Washington D.C. favor their own global agenda, ignoring the needs of Americans and general citizens of the world.  Yet, millions of people remain entranced in a deception believing the chosen leader by the global criminal cabal is the best option for President of the United States. Reality for them, is elusive. But how deep does the deception go? While we might be wide awake to the dealings of political and geopolitical matters, how much of the creation around us do we actually understand? And how might these insights bring change in perspectives to all the dealing we have in our lives?

In this episode of Canary Cry Radio, Basil and Gonz are joined by S. Douglas Woodward, and Anthony Patch to talk about the co-authored book, Revising Reality: A Biblical Look at the Cosmos Volume 1.

Snippet from Chapter 1 of Revising Reality

OVER THE PAST DECADE OR TWO, THOSE WHO HAVE FOLLOWED BIBLE PROPHECY HAVE BEEN INUNDATED WITH A WHOLE NEW STRAIN OF FAR-OUT INFORMATION, SO STRANGE IN FACT THAT THOSE WHO might have dared tout it two decades ago would have been assigned to the loony bin. Not today. Topics like UFOs, extraterrestrial visitation to our planet, alien abductions, alien breeders, “the watchers”, and fallen angels breeding with human beings creating a hybrid race called “the Nephilim” all have become common conversations in circles where eschatology is taken seriously. In fact, interest in these oddities has become so intense, it has almost overwhelmed the traditional study of futurist eschatology. Most Bible prophecy scholars now include these esoteric subjects as a key part of the story of biblical history and as an explanation for the paranormal phenomenon so much a part of our “pop” culture.

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