CCR 114: Occult Apocalypse with William Ramsey


DID AMERICA JUST GO THROUGH AN OCCULT APOCALYPSE?! Apocalypse means “revealing” or “unveiling,” while Occult means “hidden.” The hidden world of satanism and Luciferianism amongst the political elite has been known by researchers into the New World Order for decades. The nefarious activity of those who do deplorable things behind closed doors are the same ones who control our banking system, education, religious institutions, and the governments of the world. The systematic plan for a global takeover have been exposed for many decades, yet the masses remained mostly asleep. That is until the 2016 Elections. As this wild election year progressed, the Wikileaks emails of the Democratic party campaign chairman, John Podesta, became the center of controversy revealing much about the kinds of things our political leaders are into. To no one’s surprise in the community of truth, it was blatant satanism. The dark twisted satanic activity that ties the Podesta brothers into the Clintons, and thus into the greater New World Order structure, all came to public view in 2016. And hence why this episode is called, “Occult Apocalypse,” as a revealing, or unveiling of the hidden satanic evil that is present in our world today. As Christians, it is our duty to be salt and light; salt to slow down the decay, and light to expose the darkness. In such times as these, where blatant open satanism is practiced, preached, and even encouraged, the church must raise up, be vigilant, sober minded, prayerful, watchful, being as wise as serpents and innocent as doves. And look up, because the apocalypse of Jesus Christ is near.

Author and researcher William Ramsey returns as he discusses how the current events have verified the years of research he had put into exposing the occult practices of folks behind everything from Hollywood, to the banks.



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  1. Jeff Pearce

    Maybe only anecdotal, however it occurred to me shortly after the “fake news” meme got to its feet, that PizzaGate was the the nexus. Clinton Foundation criminality. DNC rigging the vote from Sanders in favor of Clinton. Haiti relief fraud. State Dept under Clinton lost $6 billion? Fakestream media reported all the above. As did social media and the so many other channels on youtube. We never heard it was fakenews. Then comes along PizzaGate. B-O-O-M!!! SHUT IT DOWN!!!! SHUT IT DOWN!!!

  2. 144 Ky

    I would like to say that, if I recall correctly, the movie “Forrest Gump” has a “tale” about how the “main character” was an “avid” “ping-pong player” and if I remember “he” even “plays ping-pong in China”.

  3. Scotty

    Hey! Can’t be the only one that finds the topic draining right? Not only that, but at this point it seems kind of circular. I’ve left this episode with nothing new, just more of the same. I do have to remember, I’m pretty immersed in this realm with Youtube, other podcasters, books, etc. Also, you all share each others information which adds to this pool of just stagnant knowledge on something horrible.
    I think the draining part comes in when the gospel is not there at all. Not asking for an alter call, when you mention boots on the ground, lets talk about that! I’m sure a lot of listeners are ready to jump into ministry/their own callings/their own personal battles/heart issues etc.. and really combat the darkness, ready to submit our will to His because we surely don’t have the answer.
    The church has a lot of intricate things going on as well, empowered by the Holy Spirit! We have been giving so much credit and attention to the wickedness. There are Gideons, Rahabs, Tamars, Noah’s,..etc being called in this day and age. This shouldn’t be shocking compared to what they witnessed in history. OPEN children sacrifice at temples, completely corrupt societies, unfair, etc. Nothing new under the sun.
    We can’t be outraged or surprised all the way to the end.. we KNOW what’s coming, WE KNOW THIS IS WHAT MEN BECOME FROM ANCIENT DAYS! Hence our Savior. Lets talk about the correlation of the old testament and now as far as society goes, lets talk about Sodom and gorrorah, and Moab. Lets talk about it. I’m asking..
    It feels so separate the episode and our reality. Bleak, without hope (which I know is not the intention) I know yall are in your Word, lets empower the body, and not just add a bunch of information without application. I’m telling this to myself too. Actually mostly to myself. Its also a cry for help, because you have so many young people on fire (I see how that fire gets smothered too), were the church Gonz and basil, yall are evangelicals, not reporters.. you have a insight unmatched. How are you all edifying yourselves on a daily basis? What are you reading? Gonz how are you going to teach your little one about this world with what resources? (I live with 3 that I see being completely sucked into the matrix, and enjoying it). I can do nothing but pray.
    There’s a yearning for something more.

    A question: basil, you mentioned a book about the fruits of the spirit in a podcast with Josh Peck. What is the title of that book?

  4. 144 Ky

    WARNING: I do not recommend watching the series “Black Mirror”, I believe no episode is safe, “Netflix” series tend to push agendas that can harm your mind and make you take bad decisions, unless you know what you are doing or you have to do it to expose them, but I do not recommend watching it for pure entertainment (if you do, I recommend prayer and fasting).

    The “smiley face” of “Black Mirror” could be a reference to the first episode of the third season, which the “main character” takes a bite at a cookie, I guess, then takes a picture of it (the “cookie” becomes without an “eye”), the point seems to be supposed to represent how people don’t really like the food they take pictures of, but say they do.

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