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CCR 114: Occult Apocalypse with William Ramsey

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CCR 114: Occult Apocalypse with William Ramsey


DID AMERICA JUST GO THROUGH AN OCCULT APOCALYPSE?! Apocalypse means “revealing” or “unveiling,” while Occult means “hidden.” The hidden world of satanism and Luciferianism amongst the political elite has been known by researchers into the New World Order for decades. The nefarious activity of those who do deplorable things behind closed doors are the same ones who control our banking system, education, religious institutions, and the governments of the world. The systematic plan for a global takeover have been exposed for many decades, yet the masses remained mostly asleep. That is until the 2016 Elections. As this wild election year progressed, the Wikileaks emails of the Democratic party campaign chairman, John Podesta, became the center of controversy revealing much about the kinds of things our political leaders are into. To no one’s surprise in the community of truth, it was blatant satanism. The dark twisted satanic activity that ties the Podesta brothers into the Clintons, and thus into the greater New World Order structure, all came to public view in 2016. And hence why this episode is called, “Occult Apocalypse,” as a revealing, or unveiling of the hidden satanic evil that is present in our world today. As Christians, it is our duty to be salt and light; salt to slow down the decay, and light to expose the darkness. In such times as these, where blatant open satanism is practiced, preached, and even encouraged, the church must raise up, be vigilant, sober minded, prayerful, watchful, being as wise as serpents and innocent as doves. And look up, because the apocalypse of Jesus Christ is near.

Author and researcher William Ramsey returns as he discusses how the current events have verified the years of research he had put into exposing the occult practices of folks behind everything from Hollywood, to the banks.