CCR 117: Scientism Exposed with Robbie Davidson

SCIENCE GOES BONKERS! The March for Science showed that many Americans blindly support “science” without thinking clearly about what it is and what it’s not. With priests like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Neil DeGrass Tyson, Richard Dawkins and many others, Science is preached as ultimate truth rather than a method of inquiry; hence Scientism. However, unbeknownst to advocates, not only has the fervor become religious, but highly charged politically as a platform for Globalism and a New World Order!

Science is meant to be the practice to better understand the natural world. But when data becomes inflated, ignored, and tampered to uphold certain pillars of an established paradigm, it becomes less about what’s true about the nature of reality, and what’s beneficial to the controllers. To help us explore these ideas and concepts, we spoke to Robbie Davidson of the Celebrate Truth YouTube Channel. His goal for the channel is, “To promote God’s Truth and expose the world’s lies.” The premise by which he explores truth is affirming the question, “What if everything that NASA & Science has taught you about the earth, sun, moon, stars & space was a lie?”

While such possibilities seem wild and impossible, we have to remember that our knowledge is limited and finite. We truly are at the whim of the scientific dictatorship who feed us our modern cosmology. Anyone who challenges the status quo is deemed mad, yet, the advocates for the establishment are continuing to reveal weaknesses in philosophical and metaphysical coherence. It is why the Word of God must always be our guiding foundation for all knowledge and wisdom. Only through it, can we experience the joy of the Lord as we rejoice in His creation and His love for us demonstrated through the work on the cross!


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  1. Daniel Erline

    great stuff glad to hear it getting out in the public .. SCIENTISM HATES THE ONE TRUE GOD ABOVE THE FIRMAMENT


    AND SUPPORT ROBBIE = Become a patron

    NASA Astronaut Don Pettit “We Can’t Go Back To The Moon, That Technology Was Destroyed”

  2. epic

    Why would nasa lie about the space? I mean no one is watching their youtube channel and their website. No one really care what they discover , if it’s not something big. but what would it even profit them to lie. that’s my question.

  3. Stephen DeNagy

    Arrrgh! I am SO SAD at the wacky people you are interviewing! I was SOOO hoping this would have been edifying. Scientism is a faith, it is a religion, and it is absolutely true that ideas like evolution, and such are matters of faith. There needs to be careful, sober discussions of this. Your intro was so encouraging. I was settling down to enjoy a logical discussion of the shortcomings of scientism. Instead, you have a wild assertion-heavy non-specialist saying nothing in terms of proof, or logic, and almost all assertion. In essence, his argument as I understand it is based on Biblical geocentrism and the flat earth. Really? Again? See this week’s The Mind Renewed on a debunking of the flat earth.

    An example of his childish “experiments.” He must have spent 15 or more minutes on the so-called cold light of the moon. Well, does he have any idea what his $10 IR thermometer measures? How about the temperature of the air? People, think, and go to school! The moisture content of the atmosphere is the overwhelming signal in the infrared spectrum. I fully expect the outdoor sky to measure cool at night and the interior space to be warmer. Think! The structure (of necessity to be “interior”) has been absorbing heat all day from the air and the sun. At night, the structure is radiating ff that excess heat to establish local equilibrium. Indoors or under cover will ALWAYS be warmer! If you block the sensor from the moonlight instead of going inside, the thermometer will then measure the latent heat of the shutter you have used. This so-called simple experiment is actually extremely difficult to perform. And, does Mr. Davidson understand optics? The angle of acceptance? The fact is that the angle of acceptance of the typical infrared thermometer is between 1:10 to 1:50. That means that the spot size at 12 inches away is 1 inch when the ratio is 1:12. Soooo…The Moon is 239,000 miles (approximately). With the BEST IR thermometer (1:50), the spot measured at the moon is 4780 miles, and the moon is 2159 miles, the areas being 143 million square miles vs. 29 million square miles. The area of the moon’s reflection is 20% of the measured area. The “science” he is using unmasks his utterly naive approach to this entire matter. Mr. Davidson is completely ignorant of the physics. Partly because he picks and chooses which attributes of the universe he accepts at that time.

    So, what is my beef? We need credible apologists that are thoughtful critics of scientism. Mr. Davidson’s approach is anti-logical, anti-intellectual, and takes none of the original Biblical language into account through his hyper-literal approach to the text. He does not seem to accept that the Bible is fundamentally not a science text, and that the discussion of the sun rising, moving mirrors what 21st century man uses every day. He takes none of the real science into account. A skeptic/seeker/non-believer will be repelled by his presentation. And if somehow a person is converted to his radical views, their Biblical faith will be shaken when the physical reality is revealed. Which is sad, because the original thesis has merit. His is the Christian tribe that has no toes for having shot himself in the foot too much. Please, push back more, and be more of a skeptic. Both of you guys are so nice, you will not push back, even a little bit. Thus the result of your position is that you both are Geocentric, flat earth and uber-literal Biblicists. Really?

    1. Apparently in your zeal to scoff at Robbie’s presentation you failed to catch that he was talking about measuring the temperature of moonlight OUTSIDE, both in direct moonlit objects, and in shade. Not indoors. How foolish. The experiments being done in this realm of investigation go far beyond what you comprehend. There is no measurable curvature. Period. No curve = No globe.

      1. Christie

        I agree with some of the comments, Gonz I’ve been seeing you leaning more towards apologetics and it’s the natural direction for this show to go in because it deals with the Christian responses to all the craziness out there that you deal with. There is some great apologists out there that I would think would love to be on your show, I can even put you in touch with a few, that would deal with something like scientism in a very concise manner that can greatly enrich the listeners.

        The primary focus and primary responsibility in spiritual warfare is not dealing with supernatural evil, the real focus and responsibility in spiritual warfare is specified in 2 Cor 10 :3- 5. “For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. 4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” What we ought to be doing is defeating speculations (false ideas), using logical arguments and evidence.

        Defending the faith is not just preaching the gospel. “Demolishing” an argument requires understanding arguments: premises, conclusions, the laws of logic and to back it up a good theological understanding.
        People in church won’t engage the culture unless they have reasons and evidence to believe Christianity is true. Therefore good apologetics. We need a balance of both piety and intellectual engagement.
        We need to make our evangelism rooted in the intellect in order to have an influence and there is some very good apologists out there that will blow your audiences away with the intellectual case for Christianity.

        Thanks for a great show, I’m a big fan.

  4. I think at the beginning Robbie makes a good point about the scale of critical thought – from moon landing skepticism to Nephilim. May make conversations about deep spiritual things a little easier to first get an idea of how deep into the cultural mindset the person is.

  5. Joey
  6. Frans Meyer

    CCR 076. Interview with Josh Peck at the 30 min mark. Christian scientist talking about taking the bible literally to prove science.

  7. Ed

    Hey Gonz,

    Tell Basil, when searching for The Joyspiracy Theory on Patreon: The Joyspiracy Theory does come up in search of you type in the whole name. Not very intuitive. If you search via Basil… he comes up right away…
    Kinda neat to hear your comment, though I may not have been the only one to mention it.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. J1967

    pure tripe. flat earthers are completely delussional. To say that the earth is fixed in space is nonsense. The Bible never says that. totally taken out of context. its foundations are fixed – knowable. look up the dang hebrew word meanings. to say that we did not go to the moon is also pure tripe. the earth is a globe , hence the polar progression. its measurable against the constellations and other luminations. An airplane doesnt have to adjust alttitude becasuse of gravity. It can not simply fly off the planet because the earth is round. There is an equal force on all sides of the aircraft genius. Its so upsetting to listen to this, it makes all christians look like dark age fools.

  9. Please be done with flat earthers! It’s so painful to listen to. It’s like drinking from a fire hose of circular reasoning, poor logic, and self denial.

    Perhaps I’m alone on this, but as soon as I discover someone thinks the earth is flat, I immediately dismiss them as unreasonable and illogical. It destroys any credibility they may have in any area because it demonstrates they are unable to think critically.


    Squirrel! I really wish you guys would have reined this guy while he was going off on tangents.
    Basil asked a question about his assertion that the moon generates its own light and how that lines up with the obvious problem of moon phases. The guest said that Rob Skiba has a toy moon… Hmmm, OK, then he veered off uninterrupted (more like avoided the question) for just over 15 minutes. Then Gonz asked him about the electronic universe theory and once again, a 10-15 minute non-answer.
    A few months back you guys interviewed Rick Delano, who debunked the flat earth theory in one simple 2 minute explanation. Why wasn’t that brought up? Even if you agree you should have interjected with that.
    This interview reminded me of the Matthew Miller interview from a few years back. Wild subject after unchallenged wild subject.
    I can’t recommend people listen to this show or even admit to friends that I listen to it when guests like this are allowed to ramble from one questionable subject to another without being questioned.

  11. Phill

    Even snipers making long range shots have to account for the Coriolis effect. You can see demonstrated here.

    1. Dave

      Those indoctrinated in the cult of heliocentricism (falsely named, btw, since helios is on central to our supposed “solar system”) will rely on all sorts of “proofs,” but actually use your mind and consider the alleged Coriolis effect — so it changes the area of impact on bullets on several second flight paths but has no impact on a hot air balloon, planes, hovering helicopters or drones? What a selective physical “effect” that is? One would be hard-pressed to come up with a demonstration of any physical law that displays such a level of cognitive dissonance when deciding which bodies in motion it impacts… a fact which should easily lead to the realization this concept is just fantasy.

  12. 144 Ky

    (Probably unrelated to this particular episode)

    I would like to ask you guys to do an episode with you two talking deeper about a topic more often, it could be just talking about Scripture, maybe reading Scripture then connecting with what is happening in the world or could happen, instead of looking what is happening first then connecting, this way you don’t get stuck in the same things.

    As much as it is nice knowing what other people think and having guests, it seems difficult to go deep into topics without only one person talking, because if there are three people talking, there probably isn’t enough time for all to share their thoughts. It seems like it takes more time to be able to do a episode with guests too.

    I believe you cannot go wrong learning more about Scripture, you could get any part of the Bible and it wouldn’t be a waste of time, but there are some events and some topics that have a great potential of being a waste of time.

    Then again, I have been wrong before and I don’t really help you in anyway other than messages, so I would understand if you guys just ignore this.

    1. 144 Ky

      I think an important topic would be about the Law, there are people that seem to ignore Galatians 3, even people you may know, making YouTube videos that could put a dangerous burden on people.

      There are things that seem to be a more immediate danger than what people outside the Faith believe.


      “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” Hosea 4:6

      Note: Hosea was written before Jesus died for our sins.

  13. Dave D

    Isn’t it hilariously ironic that, in order to try to make religion look bad, fundie halfwits try to falsely equate it with… religion?

    And yet, that still goes completely over their heads.
    Poor little guys.

  14. David Richardson


    You should receive an award for deceptive advertising. Scientism is the exclusive claim that only truth derived through the scientific method may legitimately lay claim to that title. It is characterized by a materialistic model that admits only natural explanations and confines itself to the investigation of the things and forces of this empirical world, for there are no others. Its major weakness is that neither the scientific method nor materialism may be confirmed as true by the scientific method. This is what your show should have been about. Pity you have missed the point.

    Unfortunately, you permitted a looney tune character to afflict your audience with utter drivel. This might have been acceptable had you held the program on a rented jet capable of flying around the world. You only suggested this idea weakly as a possible way of confirming or disconfirming your guest’s claim. You should have been a bit more pro-active. It would have been interesting to compare the pre-flight and post-flight discussions. But I am sure your guest would have disregarded the evidence, as he disregards all of the other evidence that makes his claim rediculous.

    Limited budget? Try a Go-Fund Me Page to pay for the jet. That would have been better than insulting the intelligence of your audience. Such programs as this give the impression that Christians drag their knuckles along the ground and grunt unintelligible praises during worship services.

    When may we expect a program arguing an alternative to the medical explanation for infectious disease, which attributes the causes of such maladies as leprosy, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and polio, to bacteria and viruses? I am sure you can find someone to claim that the medical explanation is merely a clever deception that blames harmless viruses and bacteria for the direct activity of malicious demons. By all means, proceed to discredit all the sciences as you work feverishly to completely miss the point about scientism.


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