CCR 123: Alien Intrusion w/ Gary Bates

ARE THERE REALLY ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE? Science in its purity (pursuit of knowledge about God’s creation) has been infiltrated by nefarious institutions who became evangelists for the doctrine of evolution. This doctrine has built a fortress of intellectual confinement that now restricts the worldview of many intelligent people. While the understanding of where we are in relationship to who we are has shifted and changed over the years, the question remains: Are we alone in this universe as the only sentient and intelligent entities? Or are there other intelligences out there? As a Bible believing Christian, the answer has always been quite clear. We are NOT alone, but not in the way modern science tells us. The Bible speaks of many different forms of intelligences apart from humans. For example, the Sons of God are mentioned mating with human women to produce a race of giants called Nephilim in Genesis 6. Two angels were lusted after by the men in the town of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. Watchers are mentioned in the book of Daniel chapter 4. And demons appear in the New Testament with the ability to possess human bodies in various ways, as well as communicate with the likes of Jesus Himself. And in fact, God is considered the highest possible intelligence there can be, since He is the author of this world! So the bottom line is that according to the Bible, there are MANY different intelligent entities apart from humans alone.

However, the modern scientific doctrine of evolution dominates the interpretive methods of the data (philosophy of science) gathered by scientists resulting in a very biased, and what we are arguing, a very wrong view of WHO the alleged Aliens are. To help us understand the nuances of this intellectual stronghold, we are grateful for men like Gary Bates! Gary has been speaking on the creation/evolution issue since 1990. He served as the CEO of Creation Ministries International for many years. And more recently, he’s been involved in projects like co-writing and producing an award-winning documentary Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels. His most recent work comes in the form of a very informative documentary titled ALIEN INTRUSION: Unmasking a Deception. 


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  1. George Brewer

    Good show. Thanks for having Gary Bates. God Bless.

  2. Rudy Guerrero

    I lengthened my walk today to listen to the entire podcast—well done, gentlemen. Mr. Bates communicated his ideas with ease and left me feeling hopeful.

    He’s so correct; the alien/UFO phenomenon provides a perfect means for evangelizing to young people. I also appreciated what he said about listening to people’s stories and empathy. Before I found Jesus, I worked in a few bars—people just really wanna share their stories.

    I can personally confirm that my love for Jesus and faith in him was not sown in a brick and mortar church. I found him on my own with help from people like you two, so thanks for the good work!

  3. Jeralynn

    Great interview! Looking forward to the movie tomorrow! 👽🤔

  4. Honey17

    Nice one ❤️🌈🕊

  5. CSci-Fi

    One of the best guests yet! Great job guys. 👍

  6. Shawn Hampson

    Great stuff!

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